Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Make Up - How young?

So we are still pretending not to be in med school. Didn't go to bed until 4.30am (Like i said, i can never fall asleep the night after exams are over so i stayed up and watched 4 episodes of Downton Abbey) woke up at 9.30am. I have 2 classes this morning, but i will deal will them and the Path lectures i ignored last week later tonight.

So I have gotten YouTube crazy lately and subscribe to anything that catches my fancy. I recently subscribed to MakeupGeek, although i can't say i watch her a lot. I just subscribed for future reference. As you guys know, i just started getting interested in Make up and on a scale of 1-10, i would say my interest level is at a 3.5-4 and i am in my 20's. Since i got all those Make up, i have never used them except the eyebrow pencil a couple of times and the lip gloss once (I have my regular Victoria secret lip gloss, i use everyday). As i just wrote, my regular make up use is confined to lip gloss, anything else i'm really not interested in at the moment, nor do i think is necessary. I am very comfortable with how i look without make up and have always been. I don't believe make up makes ME look better. I know it does wonders for some people as there are people who look completely different with out. Growing up, my mom didn't use make up or she barely used make up and as i got older she didn't use it at all. Some of my sisters are interested, most are not and even the ones that are like the sister who followed me to MAC are not too big on it, like, it's not an everyday thing with her. For the record, i would like to say i have beautiful sisters. I remember as a teenager in Nigeria going to my friends house, we were just going to hang out at her house but after she took a shower she put on Make up. I asked her why and she said she wasn't comfortable without it and i won't understand because i'm pretty (her words) and i remember because even then i felt something was not right with that line of thinking. If you are not comfortable without make up as a teen just to chill at home, you definitely won't be comfortable going out of the house without it. My friend by the way is not ugly and i didn't think make up made her look any better. It was all in her head.

I saw this video yesterday on MakeupGeek, that while i thought the kid was cute, left me wondering how young is too young. Yes, i understand kids play with make up. My 2 yr old niece would take my sister's lip gloss any chance she gets. This kid is 7/8 and is already doing make up reviews and has her own channel. People are saying it's just for fun (which could be true at this point) but when does it become too much and how does it affect her perception of beauty as a whole and her own natural beauty personally. I don't think these things don't have an effect because whether you like it or not, subconsciously they do. You don't want to raise a child who doesn't think she looks her best without make up or who is self conscious without it. I don't know. I really think the little girl is cute but i just think she's too young to be this "serious" about make up even though people are saying she's just playing.

Watch the video and let me know what you think. Am i tripping? By the way, i left a comment on Myne's page a few days back about the age difference thing and some Anonymous was like, i thought you were liberal especially with the gay thing o_O, just becaus i support gay rights doesn't mean i don't have my own principles in other aspects of my life. At the end of the day being liberal is not one size fits all. I say this before someone says, but i thought you were liberal, why do u have a problem with little girls using make up. Please just stop with that nonsense. What is that?

Also, just to be clear, i DON'T have a problem with make-up or people who use make-up regularly. I think it can enhance your look, definitely and it's part of being girly. It's just not my thing just like heels are not my thing. So please don't misunderstand and crucify me. Everyone can't be interested in everything and i'm definitely not knocking people who are interested in make-up. That would be stupid.


  1. I don't think a seven year old should be wearing making seriously.

    I mean if it's playing with makeup that's fine.

    Hell if I have a son and he wants to play with makeup he can go ahead, I'll help him put on the lip gloss.

    But it's such a problem if a young child feels that her face is less than perfect unless she has makeup on.

  2. Oh my, how in heaven's name do you have time to blog in med school and keep it consistent? Wow! I'm impressed. You must have been a lot smarter then I was back in med school. You need to give me tips.

  3. LOL...u cracked me up. I wish i could say i was smarter. I'm not AT ALL. Med school is kicking my ass left,right and center. I'm not a class goer, maybe that gives me more time, plus it really never takes me more than 10 minutes to put up a post since they are usually unplanned and impromptu.

    I think the fact that writing is therapeutic for me and helps me feel better is a major reason why i keep doing this. Some people exercise or have/do (insert other extracurricular activity), i write.

  4. I think 7 is definitely too young to be buying palettes and knowing what the different colors and products are. Children around me can play with the little I have and that's it. You may graduate to lipgloss at 18, hehehe...

  5. "I don't think these things don't have an effect because whether you like it or not, subconsciously they do" <---truth! testify! LOL!

  6. What!! No 0-14 yr old daughter of mine will be touching make-up. Its just a no no.
    For all the reasons you've mentioned plus the vanity inherent in it and cause i want her to appreciate herself first before she becomes a lil girl that can't step out of her home without make-up.
    In the end, its all about the benjamins. Her folks are enjoying the fame. Hello Kitty is using her to encourage other lil girls to pester their moms to buy their products. And her humongous little girl ego is being stroked. Nothing else.

  7. i don't wear makeup, unless of course lip balm counts. my children won't be allowed to wear makeup till they graduate high school.

  8. 7 is still too young period...I still think my 14 years old cousin should not be wearing make up and she knows too well not to when i'm around....

  9. Haba 7 years doing product review? That is way too young. If it is dress-up no problem but actually using makeup, no.

    LOL @ Myne and lip gloss at 18

  10. i'm with you. i have 8-year-old and 6-year-old daughters and they're not allowed to wear makeup for a decade or so. little girls in makeup is gross. that's my two cents.


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