Friday, November 28, 2008

Holla my pple

Happy belated thanksgiving! I spent the whole day working. 7am - 11.30pm. Yeah! The fucking hospital decided to serve the worst prisonesque meal i have ever seen them make since i started working there. They had a thin slice of turkey or ham, sweet potatoes, dressing, greens and a bread roll for lunch (disgusting looking). For dinner, they just took away the turkey option and replaced that with chicken dumplings and the rest of the meal was the same as lunch. In fact, the pple on my unit who are not allowed to go to the cafeteria, did not even have the chicken dumpling option. They basically had the same meal for lunch and dinner with the exact same bootleg piece of cake they had for lunch. I was glad when it was time to go home. My gastritis (which is inflammation of the stomach lining and has nothing to do with gas, as the name might imply (to the lay man)) was acting up really bad and i was in severe pain. So 11.30pm did not come soon enough.

I got a call from the hospital at 4.51am to come in, and i said hell nah! I'm working 16hrs saturday and 8hrs sunday. Let's not talk about the lab that i go to Monday to Friday. I'm flesh and blood oh! I need the money but i have to be alive to make it, so i'm cutting down. Once i pay off all my credit card debt and save $5,000, i'm quitting one job until it's time for med school. Having that goal helps me stay focused and not spend unneccessarily like i have been doing.

Enough of blogging. I'm going to eat then i'm going back to bed! I earned it.

P.S. I'm not talking about relationship issues anymore. Yawn! Boring! People (including me) are so complicated. When i "acquire" a guy i will let u know in a tiny subscript.

Thanks to everyone who is team Sting. It's very much appreciated.

P.P.S. I'm thankful for my little doggie Lenie, for my mom, brother, sisters and for the progress that is being made with regards to my future.

Hopefully b4 Christmas i'll have wonderful news to share.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

It continues

Remember this guy? He sent me a message this morning and i don't know what to say, think or do.

I want u to know that i never stopped thinking of you and i still want you to be my girl.
when i was at home my dad asked a vital question about me and u that got me thinking....why should i give up on you????
i should still keep hope alive cos its clear i love you and i want to spend a very long time with you,like eternity.
Sting,i want u pls
sorry, i told my dad we are still on cos of the way he sounded.
he wants me to marry u when we are both ready
pls i cant leave you
i am willing to be patient
i've missed you dear

The main problem is there's nothing in me that wants to embark on a long distance relationship. Someone needs to just arrange a marriage for me and let all this be over with. As for Mr. Don't fall in love with me, i haven't done anything about that yet. After receiving this email, i am going to have talk with him, so i can figure out what the hell to do. Maybe i should go be a nun even though i'm not catholic. What do u think?

Thursday, November 20, 2008

I need to think

I need to think, seriously. I'm freaking exhausted. I'm so tired i can't even get my thots in order. Thanks for the advice/suggestions i got on my previous post. I especially "enjoyed" Vera telling me to LIE! I haven't done anything about the situation. I did try to mention to New guy that there might be someone else, but that didn't play out very well.

As for Mr. Don't fall in love with me, i think i might just be setting myself up for future heart break. That dude doesn't know what he wants or maybe he does. He might just want to eat his cake and have it. He says he's with me (as in, we are together) yet, he doesn't do the boyfriend/girlfriend thing. He thinks that label is too juvenile. He would rather say he's dating then eventually deal with a mother-in-law (he's words). So i'm like what's the difference between saying u r dating, and saying the chic is ur girlfriend?!!! I don't get it. It sounds like throat and neck to me.

That's not even the problem. This dude has determined that he wants to be with me but the relationship is going to end after i go to medical school. Why? Cos, he doesn't think a long distance relationship will work out. We'll grow apart, blah blah! So if u can already see into the future, why are u messing with me then? That's just setting me up for heart break and emotional stress right as i start med school. So i ask him, since u have determined that we don't have a future together, if i meet another dude that i like before i start med school, it will be cool with you if i start talking to him. He's like yeah, as long as you are not intimate with him cos that would be cheating. That's when i said, oh, you want to eat ur cake and have it. You want me until i go away. So i should ignore someone who likes me enough to want a relationship with me regardless of how far away i am in favor of u who has already seen the end of our relatiosnhip before we even start.

Of course he back pedals and says i'm misunderstanding him and he shouldn't have said it that way. He's with me and no one else and i have nothing to worry about on that level. He needs me to give it time and let's see how things go. Do i call bullshit on that one? I don't know. I told him i had a problem with him predicting the end of the relationship. The relationship might end tomorrow or b4 the start of next yr. Who knows. But for him to say we are going to grow apart after i get into med school, is saying he doesn't view this relationship as a potentially permanent thing. I did the dating for fun thing once, didn't work out too well for me. I would like someone who would be serious.

Way b4 we started have these types of discussions, one of my friends already told me not to get a boyfriend until i start med school cos there's no point. Then when i started talking to this dude, he told me to have fun and not try to put any label on it or make it a permanent thing. I think he has a point, but unfortunately for me, i'm already liking this dude. However, the good news i don't think i'm at the point of no return. I feel like withdrawing from this dude and not getting comfortable enough to become attached to him. I just can't let myself start thinking i'm in any sort of "serious" relationship. I've been down that road b4, and it's a disaster waiting to happen.

Friday, November 14, 2008


I'm about to get myself in trouble. There is a love triangle in the making and i have no idea how to extricate myself from this mess delicately. See, with Mr. Don't fall in love with me, i knew i liked him and wanted to be with him. With this other guy whom i've known since 2006 but on a hi-hello basis, i just want to be friends.

Me and my big mouth has basically been hounding New Guy and trying to force him out of his shell. It's easy to interpret that as me being interested in him. I never mentioned that i have a boyfriend which i didn't and i still don't as Mr. Don't fall in love with me hasn't proclaimed to me and to the world that he wants me to be his girl. Never mind that it's obvious that he does, he acts like he does but has refused to say the words.

Now, New Guy is interested. That's who i went to the aquarium with in case u were wondering. He got me this time piece thingy from one of the Harry Potter books (that he said is not a gift) because i said time is arbitrary or some bullshit like that. Then today he called to say he wanted to come down to where i was at work to say hey. We talked for a little bit, where he asked if i wanted to hang out at little 5 points sometime. After we finished talking, about an hour later he called the lab to say he was going to starbucks and he wanted to know if i wanted something from there. We've been talking since i got out of work. Problem is, i like him as a friend but i think he might be kind of interested in me. Which kind wahala be this?

How do i get out of this delicately. As far as he knows, there's no special guy in my life. I can't tell him i have a boyfriend because technically i don't but not so technically, i kind of do. I don't even know if i'm making sense. But to be honest, even if there was no Mr. Don't fall in love with me, i still wouldn't look at him that way cos i'm not attracted to him. He would make an awesome friend and i'm wondering how to let him know that that's all i want.

Monday, November 10, 2008


I like him. A LOT! I got my first hickey to show for it. Ha ha!

So Mr. Don't fall in love with me, has become Mr. I'm going to make you fall in love with me. He is a mess and i have told him so. All those mouth he was making initially was just for show. He told me a couple of days ago that he feels like i'm the female version of himself. What's funny is that i had noticed that we had very similar or identical views on a lot of things. I just put it down to us being Scorpios. He is very blunt and it can be uncomfortable hearing someone give u straight talk. Now i know how my friends feel when they say i'm too blunt.

We have the same type of sense of humor. Funny enough, the things he would say when i first met him that got me offended are things i usually say to guys. I know i'm joking but you have to know me really well to know that i'm not serious about what i'm saying and because of that a number of guys think i'm an arrogant snob. I have been accused of thinking i am too pretty, just cos some of the nonsense i say. Now that i know Mr. Don't fall in love with me a little better i totally get his sense of humor and i call him out on it. He doesn't talk a lot of crap any more and i think it's because he has gotten comfortable with me so he doesn't need all that cover up talk.

I'm just taking it one day at a time. My number priority is getting in med school. I just got tired of making that my only focus as that hasn't done me much good. So i'm out there getting hickeys and all that good stuff. Well, not that good stuff.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

A day in the life

I'm starting to have a little bit of fun in my life much to the horror and displeasure of my mother. She would like me to sit at home and vegetate or whatever. Why else would she freak out that i'm going out at night (7pm?!!!!). I have been paying mind to her all these years, but i have decided to put my foot down. As much as i would like to have a boyfriend, she's one of the reasons why i chose not to seriously deal with anyone. I would never get to see him or spend time with him without it becoming an issue. Despite evidence that might point to the contrary, i do like peace in my life, although some "crazy" pple would call me a drama queen, but what do they know. You and i know better :-) This post is really not about her cos if i start on that topic, we'll be here 4ver and i really need to go sleep cos i'm working overnight at the hospital today.

Would u guys believe that i fell asleep while i was working at the hospital last sunday, then i overslept and instead of taking a 30minute break it ended up being an hour. I was freaking tired. This was after working 10hrs the night b4, couldn't get any sleep the next morning cos my sister and her fiance were around and the house was bursting with activity. Lord, talk about the noisy pple i'm related to. Then when i drag my tired ass to work at 7pm that day a patient almost attacked me. We had to take him down and i ended up hurting my shoulder cos i fell to the floor when we took him down. I so wanted to cry that night. You can't even imagine.

Anyway, i went to the Georgia Aquarium and the Sun dial at the Westin yesterday. The view from the Sun dial is beautiful. It's 75 floors up and it was the prettiest thing ever to see all the lights. The aquarium was really cool and the best part for me was the Titanic exhibition. We were not allowed to take pictures of that but i have some gorgeous pictures of the fishes.


View from the Sun Dial

Yay! I found Nemo..

I got to touch/stroke these. They are the softest things ever. I couldn't even feel them at first.

Monday, November 3, 2008

Mini update

I have been busy working like a fool since my birthday. I haven't had time to reply comments (trust me when i say i reply all comments....... in my head) or do blog rounds but i'm with u in spirit. What do pple mean when they say that anyway?

Thanks for all the belated birthday wishes. Simplegal actually took time out to send me an ecard and i have to give her a shout out for that. As for ending my previous post the way i did, i don't think u guys want to know what really happened. I don't even want to know what happened sef, so let's leave that matter.

I got to drink "Nigerian" fanta for the first time in 6 yrs. People who grew up in Nigeria know what i'm talking about. The taste is completely different from the Fanta here. It's much more sweeter with none of the carbonated gas or whatever it is called. I used to LOVE fanta when i was in Nigeria. I don't think there was a day that went by that i didn't fanta yet i still weighed 110lbs. I long for those days. Anyway, i get here, of course i made a beeline for Fanta the first chance i got and i was like what in the world of fanta hell is this crap? I stopped drinking fanta after that cos the disappointment was too much. Funny enough i hated coke back in Nigeria but after i gave up Fanta i switched to coke cos at least it tasted familiar.

Nigeriandramaqueen asked if Mr. Don't fall in love with me is the same person as Mr. So sweet he'll give u a cavity. Lady, have u been reading this blog? No, they are not the same person at all.
As for Mr. Don't fall in love with me, i'm kinda neutral about the whole thing. Nothing significant to report on that end.

Do u guys watch Dr. 90210 on E? Am i the only one that thinks Dr. Rey is fruity? What's up with his clothes? I don't even know if gay pple dress that way. The man just reminds me of a dandy. Too many colors. He's just off to me.

That's all for my randomness. Happy Belated Birthday to Solomonsydelle and TK. Sorry i missed all that excitement.
Hey guys, welcome to my blog. Sit back, relax, grab a cup of coffee and enjoy!

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