Friday, August 31, 2018

First day

I became a full fledged practicing board certified, licensed physician today. It felt like first day of residency all over for like the first 2 minutes, then it was business as usual. Like riding a bike, only this time a brand new bike you aren't used to. Even though I have used EPIC for years, every EPIC system is set up differently, so even though i knew what i was looking for, they were not were i was used to finding them. 

Everyone is so excited I'm here, mostly because they have been swamped with patients and they need another provider. Residency prepared me for this but it doesn't mean that i am looking forward to it. Thankfully, I have the weekend and labor day off, then Tuesday is my day off, so I don't go back to work until Wednesday. I should be fully situated by then. 

Welcome to the real world! 

Sunday, August 5, 2018

All time low

I can't believe I blogged a total of 5 times in 2017 and my first post of 2018 is in August.

I' m trying to come up with my practice philosophy for my new job (they need it for marketing) and I ended up here...because procrastination.

So what has happened since my last post?

  1. I was too burnt out to care about jobs so I interviewed at with one health care system, two locations and was done with that. I picked the location with a more clinic feel and no Saturday obligation. Not the advice I would give to anyone, but that's what I did. Whether i will regret not interviewing properly remains to be seen. I was just like what the heck, I interviewed at 19 programs for residency, ranked the program i ended up in number one because my spirit was like this is the best program for me blah blah!!! Lies! Big mistake!! Everyone puts their best foot forward during interviews. Unlike med school where the interview is mostly you trying to convince them to pick you, residency interviews are almost the opposite. They are trying to convince you to rank them for the most part also. Job interviews are even worse, they want you so they are definitely all out to try to get you. I figured it was a crapshoot and i'll get what I get. I can't pick my coworkers or patients. There are a million other things that go into picking a job, but like i said burn out is a bastard. I still think i did pretty decent with picking a job. It's interesting how pay was not part of my top three criteria for picking a job... I could have gotten way m0re money at other jobs or even same health system but different location, but certain things become more important in life. Like trying to get away from racism... 
  2. I took boards, passed and became board certified
  3. I finished residency
  4. Survived a malignant residency program.
  5. My weak ass program director who shall forever go down in history as fucktard puppet tried me on my very last day. He got exactly what he asked for. Punk! Those people will break you if you let them. Freaking con artists. You go for an interview and they put on a good show, bamboozle you into thinking they are a great program and then start to show themselves as soon as you get comfortable. I had to go above the program director and I told the director of graduate medical education that they shouldn't take black residents if they are not going to learn how to be culturally sensitive/competent. Those were my exact words. On May 1st 2018, they had their first cultural sensitivity training! I did that!! They won't forget me in a hurry in that program. I was not a trouble maker but I refused to roll over and God blessed me that the director of GMEC was my mentor in med school, otherwise those undercover racists were working overtime to frustrate me and make me quit or kick me out. 
  6. June 29th 2018 could not come fast enough. I'm so glad to be done with those people. My co-residents in my class were Aces (minus one), that's that only reason I survived plus my "clanging balls of steel". LOL. One of my co residents told me I had clanging balls of steel. He kept saying I was his favorite residents, mostly because I said what everyone was thinking but too scared to say. We both got into "trouble" on June 29th, our very last day. He was my favorite resident also but I had to light some fire under his ass to start to speak up about stuff even though given his white male privilege which he initially tried to deny, he hardly ever got in trouble. Just because something doesn't directly affect you, doesn't mean you should turn a blind eye when other people are being mistreated. 
  7. I bought a house. 
  8. I got my dog back. A coresident had to keep him because my apartment did not allow dogs and my fiance bought him for me as a christmas gift, so I didn't want to give him away and the fiance couldn't keep him also. 
  9. I have been enjoying my time off work. Slept for 1 week straight right after residency ended. I was so exhausted. I got sick of staying in bed all day on week 2, but really the whole month of July was spend doing nothing. I did end up making it to Atlanta the last week of July. Visited the in laws in Tennessee and Indiana. Will be going to California and Vegas to visit more in laws in a couple of weeks. 
  10. I will be signing a piece of paper and not changing my last name sometime soon. 
What have you been up to? 
Hey guys, welcome to my blog. Sit back, relax, grab a cup of coffee and enjoy!

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