Friday, February 25, 2011

Snapshots of a depraved mind

People, pls I'm using God to beg you. If you see me on blogger, chase me with a cutlass or a machete, u can use a broom too, just chase me. I'm playing with my life o! I have been studying but not with as much dedication as i need to. So I'm placing a self imposed ban on myself until March 10th. If i comment on ur blog, ask me why i am not studying, If i put up a post, ask me questions. As you can see, Physiology is telling its secrets and it's juicy. Really it is. This block deals with renal physiology and it's been really interesting so far, i hope it stays that way.

Ok o! I don jogodo.

P.S. If you recognize me from these pictures, sharrap! You don't know me, it's not me :)

Quick and Easy Guide to Picking Your Specialty

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Igbo-English names

Since you guys seemed to be so tickled by my first crush's name - Barnabas (trust me, you were not the only ones), I hearby present to you other Igbo-English names i have encountered over the years. Sugabelly, abeg no vex. I know u r the igbo advocate on blogsville, but you know i'm speaking the truth on this one. Igbo people have a penchant for naming their kids some funny, funny names like
  • Polycarp
  • Ignatius (usually called ignay)
  • Romanus
  • Donatus or Dona!
  • Linus
  • Camillus
  • Boniface
  • Mattias
  • Cletus
  • Magnus
  • Aloysius fondly called Aloy
  • Amaryllis
  • Philo
  • Apollonus
  • Festus
  • Justus
  • Bartholomew (Bartho!)
  • Vitalis
There are many more that i can't think of right now. Feel free to add yours.

P.S. Raise your hand if you used to consider "Angelina" a razz name before you knew Angeline Jolie. My hands (both) are raised way high.

My life is Wonderful

Today will be the first time i have left my apartment since Friday and that's only because i have a mandatory class to attend and an appt with someone in school. This is a usual occurrence for me. Thank God i'm not an extroverted person who has a need to see or be around people. I would probably go mad or get depressed, as 25% percent of med students are. I'm not surprised about that stat at all. I see how one can become depressed dealing with this madness. Med school can be pretty isolative.

Not saying that there are no extroverted people in med school cos there are. A lot! Those are the ones who feel the need for a change of scenery, so they go to coffee shops, to school or other libraries, barnes and nobles or wherever they feel the need to go to. I don't have that need. My apartment is the best place for me to study. The temp is set to my comfort level, I'm in sweatpants and t-shirts, i can roll in and roll out of my couch for power naps at will, it's perfect for my purposes.

When i first started med school, i was ALWAYS in some nerd room in school. I had a blanket, space heater, food for the whole day, the only thing that was missing was for me to put up curtains and a rug, i never stayed in my apartment. I even slept in school one time, it was a mess. Funny how that was my most unproductive time in med school till date. I'm still learning the best way to navigate this mine-field called med school. I so do not have it down at all. It will be a modern day miracle if i graduate :) Okay, that's an exaggeration but you get my point. There's no fool-proof method on how to do well or study, it's a constant trial and error process. It's stressful and overwhelming most times. Sometimes, it's more endurance than ability (actually most times).....let's see who can cram 48hrs in 24hrs cos there's really not enough hours in the day for the amount of stuff they expect you to learn.

I tire. It's 4.30am. I'm not half done with the agenda i had for tonight, but i give up. I'm going to bed.

Saturday, February 19, 2011


I'm still trying to decide what i need right now. A house husband, a boy-boy (lol) or just a plain ol' boyfriend. Hmmmm.....I'm thinking.

I feel like i'm chained to this chair and there are all these things i need to do, like earlier today i needed to adjust my thermostat (or the knob that passes for a thermostat in these parts) and it was at the other end of the room and i didn't want to walk all 10 steps away to go do that and i kept eyeing the knob and wishing and thinking thots. So i settled for taking off my socks and rolling my sweat pants up. Some people would call it laziness but what do they know.

Now i'm hungry after eating like what.....3 hours ago? and snacking on some crackers right before i passed out on my "power nap" which was supposed to last 30 minutes but lasted 1 hour, which coincidentally turned out to be the best sleep i've had this year o_O. Anyhoodle, i'm hungry! I had a salad for lunch and now i want some potatoes and curried chicken, an original recipe (I'm a chef!). There's no way i'm getting up to cook which brings me to my original dilemma, what would serve me well right now?

Let's not even waste time, X out plain old boyfriend. Those "things" are more headache than they are worth. He'll probably be waiting for me to cook for him.

House husband? I don't know about this one. Looks good on paper but i don't think it will translate well for me in real life. First of all, i like my space. Second of all, i like my space. So it will get old after a while.

Boy-boy (lol)...the word just makes me laugh. So technically, a boy-boy is someone who is given to an established business man as an apprentice. The Igbo traders do this a lot. Correct me if i'm wrong. Confession first crush when i was in JSS2 was a boy-boy. I still remember his name, Barnabas. Jesus Christ. How i remember such things, i don't know. He was a FINE boy. E don tey wey i like fine boys and they are still plaguing my life till today.  Now seeing how i'm not a business man and the only one thing i'm into- medicine- i haven't even mastered not to talk to training someone, if i get a boy-boy he would just be a plain old house-boy and that's not cute.

Matter go hard o! I'm taking suggestions.

Shey the time i used to type this nonsense, i should have gone to cook. I'm just a mad woman.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

My View

Original art and penmanship by Madame Sting :o)
This is my "view" when i study. Only the strong survive.

P.S. You've seen my handwriting. Never say i haven't done anything for you. I know, i'm nice like that :) You can thank me later. I will accept thanks in cash ONLY!!!!
P.P.S. To the person who sent me that message on formspring, you are sweet. Thank you. I appreciate the support. You made my day.

#Okbye! Physiology is calling my name.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Getting my house in order

I just deactivated my facebook account for the 1 million and 30th time (make sense of that number :) I'm the 2nd week of block two (my semester is in 4 blocks) and i still haven't found my studying groove yet and i'm officially worried. So i'm cutting down on all the frivolities. I'm so used to blogging and miss it when i don't but these days i'm too busy to even write about the things i really want to write about and when i do write, it's not even relaxing cos i all i think about is the million other things i have to do.

So i've decided to cut the crap as my friend would say. Everything is going to take a back seat to school. I really don't want to get kicked out of med school and if you know anything about the school i attend, you would know that that's not such a hard thing to happen. So i'm off to go get on my P's and Q's. If i find time to blog i will, if not, oh well.

Friday, February 11, 2011

Under-G relationships

At the rate i'm going, i will not be able to put up a non-school related blog post until i go home for spring break. I am busy, busy, busy and in the midst of my "busi ness" (ha ha, new word), i have had high school drama. Literally. I mean, literally. OMG! I tire.

Trying to do research this summer, deadline for research proposal is Feb 15th and i haven't written a word of it and this is something that requires serious work. Plus, i just spent an hour and half today interviewing 2 senior citizens for a 5 page (not straight forward) paper i have to write before Wednesday. Let's not talk about school work. I am tired.

Anyway, so something i have been meaning to talk about, what is God's name is the deal with under-g relationships? I was talking with a friend and he said in passing "not unless they are in an under-g relationship". I was like, hold up? Why would anyone want to be in an under-g relationship? For the uninformed, under-g relationships which literally means underground relationships, are relationships that are kept on the down low or a SECRET!!! I've heard chics say "oh, we are together, but he said i should keep it a secret". To which i say, fool oshi! I don't see how a guy with clean hands and nothing to hide would ask someone to be in a secret relationship with them. That is so shady and some girls are stupid enough to fall for that crap.

"Oh, it's still early, i don't want anyone to know yet"
"Our relationship is so special, let's just keep it to ourselves"
"I just broke up with my ex... i need time" Time to do what? It's been 6 months.

I call BULL!!!! Those guys are cheating. I feel if you agree to be with a guy, he should be on cloud nine that he's with you and want to show you off. How can i be with someone who wants to keep me a secret? I understand under-g relationships if someone is married and is cheating and the person he is cheating with knows he's a married man, or you are with someone your parents don't approve of and you want to keep in on the down low so you don't get in trouble. I might excuse those (a little), but not some grown ass unattached (supposedly) guy telling you to keep your relationship a secret. Your question should be why, why, why? Any reason he gives you should be followed by "why?", no explanation or reason should be good enough because i strongly believe anyone who is requesting for an under-g relationship has something to hide and anyone who agrees to be in an under-g relationship for whatever reason is a MUMU!

This brings me to facebook and declaration of relationship status. I'm one of those people who won't put any indication of my relationship status on face. Whether it's to declare my status or to put pictures of the significant other that clearly indicates we are together. Firstly, unless you are engaged i don't think it's necessary. Do you want people to be counting your broken relationships after you? You know facebook is really amebobook. I know people who have had some dude all over their profile, dem no even dey let person see road with all the PDA. All of a sudden, you go on their pages and all their million and one pictures with their significant other has disappeared. That's where the speculation begins. So unnecessary! You not only have to deal with the break up in private, you have to deal with it on facebook.

What about those idiots that change their status from "in a relationship" to "it's complicated" to "single" back to "it's complicated" all within a week. What the fuck is wrong with you? We don't fucking care. Why do we have to know you are having relationship problems? I have had to delete someone like that from my page. I didn't bother hiding her feed, she annoyed me to the point i didn't want to see her on my friend's list. Stupidity at it's finest.

With that being said, and i know it's a contradiction but i have a problem with guys who are in a pretty serious relationship and there is absolutely no indication that they are in a relationship, not even a single picture anywhere out of their ten thousand profile pictures of their girl. In fact, they have the audacity to put "single" as their relationship status. Why any girl will put up with that, i will never understand. What explanation could he possibly give me that would make it okay for him to have "single" as his status?

Anyway, I just think some chics need to stop being stupid. There's no excuse to be in an under-g relationship. If any man asks you to be in one (unless he has made it clear that he is cheating on his wife or girlfriend and you willingly agree to participate), then he is probably cheating on you and you are the side piece or something. I think anyone should be happy and proud to be with you and shouldn't hide it.


P.S. You know the worst thing that has happened to Nigerian girls?
Lace front weaves!!!!
It's not by force. It's not by force o!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Luke 12:3

"What you have said in the dark will be heard in the daylight, and what you have whispered in the ear in the inner rooms will be proclaimed from the roofs."

Life sha! Na wa! I strongly believe that at the end of the day, when all is said and done, my life will be a testimony of the goodness of God. If something doesn't happen to you, you won't have stories to tell. Talk about me. Deliver low blows. Take my situation and rub it in my face. I will hurt for a moment, I might even shed a tear, but it will only serve to motivate me. Watch my life, see what happens. God is faithful, he does not lie.

I thank God for true friends
I thank God for second chances.
God has blessed me
Thank you God.

Monday, February 7, 2011

Awesomeness in a bottle

Olive Oil Replenishing conditioner
I'm going to keep it short and sweet. This conditioner is AWESOME, like seriously awesome. My hair is soft and silky just like when i go to the saloon to pay $50-75 to get it done. I am so impressed. So if you are like me (a broke med student) and can't afford to go wash your hair at the saloon every week like i used to back the in the day when i still had a job, get this conditioner and you would love it. As soon as my shampoo finishes, i will be trying their shampoo also. In fact, maybe i will switch to all their products.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

As if i don't have exams tomorrow......

We have some really bad weather in these parts and our exam that was scheduled for 8.30am this morning was re-scheduled to Thursday morning. That should tell u how bad the weather is. We haven't seen this kind of weather in 11yrs. I looked out the window and can no longer see the hedges that were at least a good 6 inches off the ground. The snow is bumper high. Ope o! I don't know how i would have made it to school if they didn't reschedule the exam. My school never ever does that. I guess they feel as physicians, you should learn to risk your life to get to the hospital at all costs. Oti o!

Anyhoodle, that is not what brought me here. So you know the video i mentioned in my previous post about those lesbians who were caught. It has been bothering me. For some reason, i can't get it out of my head and the crazy thing is that i didn't watch all of it. I probably watched like 3 mins out of 13 mins. I clicked from the beginning, to the middle and then the end cos it was just too brutal. The first night after i watched it i couldn't sleep cos it kept replaying in my head. When i told my friend, he asked me if i was a lesbian. Funny. You don't to be a lesbian to have issues with such madness. Facebook and youtube took the video down. But i did some googling and come to find out it has been on naijapals since December. It seems it happened early december or late November in Ekosodin. Funny enough, when i showed another friend the video, he knew at once that the dudes who did that were cultists (which i suspected from jump) and it was in Ekosodin. Anyway, his assumption was correct according to what i have been reading on naijapals.

The problem now is people are not sure if these girls are really lesbians or they were just being forced by these blackaxe members to do this. Maybe one of them toasted one of the girls and she didn't agree. Who knows. There's a debate about that. The crazy thing is that the people who are against homosexuality and say how bad it is, think what the boys did was even worse. People who were in support when they heard the gist, quickly changed their minds after they saw the video. That is someone's daughter, sister, that was just assaulted (both physically and sexually)and humiliated. I am appalled.  Even if they are lesbians as accused, they did not deserve what those boys did. This is crazy!!!! It makes so much sense now that these dudes are cultists cos they are the only ones who would be bold enough to do such in broad day light. That's how bad it is and to think they there were people around while this was been done, but fear no let anybody talk put for the matter before dem naked you join. Nigeria no dey hungry me go again o!  So here i am, instead of studying for my exam that i'm not ready for, i'm on the net searching for that video and trying to find out anything i can about it.

A comment i found interesting....the typos are not mine :)
"my fellows that video is been done under false act.......the guy that put on the master planner...he lives in that same hostel with them...he has been trying to sleep 1 of the girl that owns the room the rest are her friend....those guy's are cultist..(AXE MEN) they actually slept with those girls before taking that video clips...THOSE GIRLS WERE HUMILIATED they are not lesbians...during that incidence they ask them not to shout...if they du raise their voice they will cut off their breast...I FELT SO SORRY FOR THEM.....PLEASE FELLOWS HELP ME RENDER COURSE ON THEM............THEY WILL NEVER SEE THE MERCY OF GOD.....THEY SHALL DIE A MISERABLE DEATH.....those girls are innocent....may god help them in their carrier"

I finally found it here.
The topic on Naijapal is Ekosodin (Edo State) Lesbians Get Punished By Concerned Naijapals Members 

Watch it and tell me what you think. One of my friends said she threw  up after watching it, so watch at your own risk. I warned you.
Hey guys, welcome to my blog. Sit back, relax, grab a cup of coffee and enjoy!

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