Friday, February 27, 2009


I feel like i'm about to have a nervous breakdown @ the young age of 20 something :-) Working 7 days a week is no longer working for me, cos i'm this close to becoming a patient at the mental hospital. It took the natural restraint that comes with being me, for me not to grab my car keys and walk out that hospital at 1.00am this morning. With every fiber of my being, i did not want to be there. The fact that the idiot scheduler had scheduled me to work Thursday to Sunday every single weekend in March, and this is in addition to my regular 9-5 job at the lab, and she knows i have a full time job is not helping my state of mind at all. When i complained, she got defensive and asked me if i was not the one that put in i was available for those hours. Well, i didn't expect her to give me all the hours i said i was available for cos they never have in the past. The previous scheduler had common sense and used her church mind to know that somebody still needs to rest.

Check out my thursday-friday schedule. So i worked at the lab during the day on thursday, left early around 4ish, got to the hospital and worked from 11pm-7am Friday morning. I'm supposed to be at the lab between 9am-10am and work until 5ish, and then show up again at the hospital at 7pm until 7am. What in the world was i thinking. I've done this same schedule before, except i had to be at the hospital at 11pm instead of 7pm, so that gave me a few hours to sleep.

I no do again, i don tire. I don't even see the money or even have time to spend the one that i see. For the first time in the history of Sting, i have been late paying my bills, credit card, utilities, everything. This has been going on for months. The money is in my account oh, but to remember to pay it, is another thing. It doesn't help that i pay a lot of my bills online, so i always forget the due date these days and that never used to happen. I have email reminders. I see the emails, and still forget. I ended up losing the 0% APR i had on my credit card with the largest balance cos i was less than 24hrs late and all i needed to do was transfer money from one account to the other. I'm so pissed at myself.

I'm stressed and overwhelmed. I don't think this is worth my sanity cos i feel like i'm losing my damn mind. So i've decided to show up at the lab 1.30pm just for lab meeting, and call the hospital and tell them i'm not coming in until 11pm, make person no go die because e dey find money. This lady at my job asked me y i was working so hard, what bills do i have to pay cos i look so young. First of all, don't let the baby face deceive you. Secondly, it's my fucking teeth! I spent almost $10,000 on these yellowish bastards, and guess where it all went........ damn credit cards!

Now, that my rant is over, i'm going to go see if i can sleep.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

I've been a bad Mommy!

Nigerian Bloggers Award has taken over my life. The little free time i have is spent on there. I'm not complaining cos i'm enjoying myself so far but my baby definitely is complaining. Usually, the first thing (okay, second) i do every morning is take Lenie out to pee. Before (and after) i got him, the (real) first thing i did was get on my computer. I don't wake up and run to the bathroom (at least not every morning), neither do i wake up and pray, nooooooo........ i wake up and the first thing i do is turn on my computer. Then, i take Lenie out.

Now, i wake up, turn on my computer and sit there for the next hour without moving. Today, I had to keep reminding myself to get off and get ready for work. All this while, Lenie is standing patiently with his little self beside my chair. He gets tired and lays down, then gets up again. By this time, i had forgotten about him. When i finally tear myself from the computer to go take a shower, i look down and see my poor little doggie. If u see the speed he used to race out when i opened the door. Usually, i have to say "go potty" a minimum of 10 times but today, i didn't need to remind him of our purpose for being out in the cold in the first place.

He needs a bath cos he stinks. Those doggie body sprays are not doing the trick and he's turning into an itch ball. OMG! It just clicked that i'm sitting here writing about my dog. I'm becoming one of them. I need to go get a life!

Nah! I love my doggie. Oh, u guys will not believe the Nigerian name this dog actually answers to. It started as a joke. My mom would call him this konk Edo name, that means, I lean on God. I can't even spell it cos i've never heard that name in my life before and i have no idea how to spell it. It's sounds something like Regbenien(osa). Now, this dude will not only answer Lenie, he will also come running when he hears that name. We tried calling different names to see if he's answering that name specifically and what do u know...... he is! It was the funniest thing ever.

My little Puppy!

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Naija Bloggers Award 2009

Monday, February 23rd naija bloggers award 09 commences. The theme of this year's award is Who you be? Yes oh! Citizens of blogsville, we wan know who una be. Come and represent yourselves.

Meet me there!!!


Here............. I will be waiting.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

My boyfriend gave me AIDS

Seriously, what comes to your mind when u hear the words HIV/AIDS? How do u feel? That shit scares me. I can't imagine living with such a disease as it is something akin to a death sentence (in my mind). It is this mythical yet so real disease with such a horrible stigma attached to it. I refuse to think it can happen to me, after all I've hardly ever met any real life person with the disease.

Fortunately, or unfortunately ever since i started working at the mental hospital, i have met a quite a few people who were HIV +ve. For such a small population of patients (at that particular hospital) there seems to a large percentage of them with this disease. I can no longer pretend that this disease is a modern day myth, not that i ever thot it was but still it was something that was kind of surreal.

What gets me is the stigma that is still attached to it. I've noticed that whenever we have an HIV +ve patient, staff tend to spread that around, in a be careful conspiratory kind of manner. It's almost like everyone is afraid of the disease. I understand that we've had malicious HIV +ve patients who have thrown urine on staff, spat or tried to scratch people just because, but still i can't help thinking if sometimes staff who pass this information around in this manner are scared, especially if it's a non violent patient.

One thing that scared the shit of of me initially was how healthy/normal these people looked. It scared me because besides getting tested or being told there is absolutely no way of telling if these people are HIV +ve just by looking at them, which is a good and a bad thing. It's a good thing because then they can carry on their normal lives without being stigmatized and it's bad because how many sexually active people can say that they go out and get tested with their boyfriends (or whatevers) BEFORE they ever have sex? Many have sex, THEN get tested, maybe when it's time to get married or something like that. That is scary.

Last weekend, we had a 20yr old on the unit who had tried to kill himself. I didn't know why he was at the hospital at first, but cos he had a unique name and i had nothing better to do at the time i decided to look in his charts (we are allowed to). I was really shocked and saddened to see he was HIV +Ve and had just found out 5 days prior. The next day, we were chatting, he happens to be a very good looking, talktative, attention seeking young man, and he mentioned something about his boyfriend. He doesn't look or act stereotypically gay (forgive me for stereotyping), and i was like "your boyfriend?" Thinking i misunderstood. He tell proceeds to tell me he's gay and then tells me his boyfriend's name: first, middle, second middle and last name.
Then he's like, "he's very cute, he's the one who gave me AIDS and i tried to kill myself that's why i'm here" He said it so cooly like it wasn't a big deal.
Me: "Did you know he was HIV +ve when you first started dating?"
Him: "Yeah"
Me: "So why did you sleep with him without a condom?"
Him: "We stopped using protection almost a year after we started dating"
Me: "WHY?!"
Him: "I thought i would not catch it"

If he was my brother, i would have slapped him upside the head for that statement. My mouth mentally dropped at the ignorance of that statement, and i had already sucked in my breath to start lecturing him, but i realise there's no need cos he already has the disease and learned the hard way anyway. I tried to encourage him and tell him he shouldn't try to kill himself and he'll be fine. I even talked about Magic Johnson blah blah. He's a really cool kid, even though he spent the better part of the day arguing that we were the same age or i was younger than him for that matter. I guess looking at him being his crazy self, being funny and being a pain in the ass at the same time, i somehow got over my fear of the disease.

Just the way working at the hospital has helped me put a face to mental illness, seeing him and other patients who have it, has also helped me put a face to the disease. They are regular people like me and you, with people who love them. Watching him call his great grandmother and sing to her over the phone (did i mention he loves attention), touched me and made me aware that regardless of his HIV status, he's always going to have people in his life who love him.

Funny enough, the 33yr old lady whom i watched that day one on one, was also HIV +ve, and the main reason she was on a 1:1 was cos she wanted to have sex with anyone who would let her. She was having a good day that day, meaning she didn't give me a hard time esp with my apparent "young age" (according to her). She told me she had had 2 miscarriages, and was hoping to still have a child in the future. Her parents and sibling came to see her and she cried when they left. I guess all these little experiences have helped me get over my fear and negative associations of HIV.

Seriously though, u guys need to go get tested. It's never too late or too soon. No unprotected sex also, that's so not cool. Do better. Use a condom. 1-30mins of pleasure is not worth a lifetime of pain.

I done tell una oh. I've done my christian duty for the day. (Not that i'm much of a christian, but that's another story).


Friday, February 13, 2009


While blogsville is busy going crazie about Valentines day, let's talk about food. I'm being interviewed for a class presentation thingy and i was given a few questions to answer. I've decided to include u guys in the interview because i love u guys so much (read, i'm too lazy to do it).

Here are the questions. Please help a sister out. PUHLEASE!!!!!! It's not easy being the only "native African" in my lab.
  1. What are the staple foods in Nigeria (i.e. bread, rice, etc.)?
  2. Does Nigeria have foods that are unique to festivals or other celebratory events? If so, please give a brief description of the food(s) and the festival(s) that incorporate these food(s).
  3. Please provide a sample menu for 1 day if you were to consume a diet consisting mostly of foods that are commonly or traditionally found in Nigeria.
  4. Do the food and/or eating practices of Nigeria differ from other African countries? If so, how?
  5. What are your favorite dishes from your country? Please give a brief description of at least 1 of your favorite dishes.
  6. What are some dishes you dislike?

I'm going to take my sleep deprived ass to bed now. Happy lovers day. Always remember to play it safe ( three patients admitted yesterday were HIV +ve, that shit is scary). Muah!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Look @ him!

Look @ my husband oh! D'banj is too razz, no amount of money can change that. I love him for that.

Love the song, love the video. Love D'banj. Timaya has been trying to steal my affections, but i no gree (for now).

By the way, Can someone please tell me the reason for this website Gossip girl naija? I linked the website o! So i'm guilty of reading it. I don't know any of the people, but every time i read it i feel so repulsed. I hate everything that site stands for. EVERYTHING! I bet it's a really young female running that site. She doesn't even have what i would consider gist plus she has to beg people to send her gist. Of course that would constitute people sending her gist of people they hate or want to get back at. It just reminds me of secondary school days. Very, very petty nonsense.

Kai! I feel bad for all the victims of that site. Everyone makes mistakes. We should be allowed to redeem ourselves (or not) and move on, instead of having some petty idiot put our business online for the whole world to see.Her latest entry has an email some chic sent to her dumbass boyfriend. I don't see what is so wrong with the email. Why does Ms. Gossip girl have to put it on her site? Today is the last day i venture on that site. The sheer pettiness and vindictiveness of it makes me sick. What a hateful person.

P.S. You guys did very good on the totori test. Like a lot of u guessed, it means to tickle or be tickled. LG was the first person to get it. She is totally my right hand lady for Pidgin. If i remember correctly she knew the meaning of Melu melu also.

Thumbs up to the 80% of you who got it right. You guys have redeemed yourselves.

P.P.S. I read some of my old posts today and i realize that i sound really razz on this blog. Very interesting to note. Let me venture to say, this is different from my real life persona. I guess i have multiple personalities. I act different at home where i'm a loud, feisty, silly goose as opposed to outside the house where i'm quiet, sweet, gentle, innocent looking, can't hurt a fly, Ms. thang. I guess i'll just add i'm razz on my blog to that list.

P.P.P.S. I finally decided on which med school i'm attending today. Yes! i had choices believe it or not. When i remember the loud, hysterical crying the day i got back my MCAT score, i can't believe how well this application cycle turned out for me. After my last interview 2 weeks ago which i drove 4 hrs to (and was scared shitless cos of the winding roads and steep mountains) i decided no more interviews. I picked a pretty awesome school which is in a place that is unlike any other place i've ever being in terms of weather (God abeg o!), people (na oyinbo full there, unlike ATL where depending on the neighborhood, u might not even see any white person), and did i already say WEATHER?! Fun times.

Friday, February 6, 2009


Thanks to the awesome people who told me how their pants are too BIG for them. Una do well plus river. Don't i wish i had that problem. So i've resorted to fighting the bulge or bulges (depends on which angle u view it from). Vera Ezimora, well done oh! I see the prediction wey u predict for me. My hand go soon meet u for that Maryland wey you dey.

So as i was driving home from work this morning after working all night and praying not to fall asleep at the wheel and woundjure/kill myself, I was listening to Faze (Orginality CD) and i heard him say a word i haven't heard in a long, long time. I wonder how many of u so called authentic Nigerians know the meaning of this word.

You all remember how u disgraced urselves when i asked the meaning of "melu melu". So let's play the game again. It's a new year, hopefully u guys will manage to redeem yourself this time.

Who can tell me the meaning of "totori" or "tautauri". It's hard to spell some pidgin words abeg. You guys can't accuse me of making up this word cos Faze used it in one of his songs on his Originality album.

Oya, redeem urself. Don't disgrace the green, white, green!!!

Tuesday, February 3, 2009


Funny but not ha ha funny! I'm frustrated!!!!!!

Question: What could be worse than having SIX new/relatively new pairs of Jeans but can only wear ONE pair (for the last two weeks) because of some unexplainable 10lb weight gain in ONE month?

Answer: Not having legs to wear them.

Fuck you! Nobody asked u to be logical or grateful that u have legs to wear jeans. This is just ridiculous. I'm not even eating anymore than usual. Water retention my ass. Which kain 10lb water retention be this?

Fuck Jeans. I'm going back to my baggy cargo pants.

As soon as i get chance to go to Kohls'. Crap!............... That might not be for a while.
I love/hate u, my only pair of jeans that fit.
Hey guys, welcome to my blog. Sit back, relax, grab a cup of coffee and enjoy!

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