Saturday, September 29, 2012

Bad parents

If you let your already overweight/obese 7 yr old eat 4 slices of pizza and a mountain dew for breakfast, then i'm happy to tell you, you are a bad mother. So what he ate a banana, oya clap for yourself. You are still a bad parent. I can understand if he has been so sick they are trying to get him to eat anything, but no, he has asthma.

It's sickening.

I don't think little kids should be fat especially since they don't buy the food. You should be able to control what goes in your kids mouths. If you don't buy it, usually they won't eat it. What is cute about a kid with oversized cheeks at 7? *rolls eyes*

I really don't enjoy peds for many reasons.

My initial post was my pure unadulterated thoughts. I realize that it could be offensive to some so let me try to be politically correct and clarify a bit. This post is not necessarily referring to chubby kids or parents of chubby kids. Not everyone is meant to be slim/skinny and i understand that. I am talking to parents of overweight/obese kids who make no effort to promote healthy eating in their kids. I think that you are setting that child up for lot of future health problems when you continue to feed them crap. A LOT of health problems are linked to obesity

Kids will eat what is available to them. My nephew and niece at one time claimed that didn't/couldn't/wouldn't drink water. That could only fly because they had juice, soda and what not available to them. If they only had water at home, would they have mouth to say they don't drink water? If you as an adult is obese, then that's fine. You are making that choice to keep eating what you are eating to remain that way. You will be dealing with the consequences sooner or later, but at least make an effort to get your kids to eat better. You owe it to them.

4 slices of pizza and mountain dew for breakfast will never be okay in my book.

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Some people should be sterilized

I saw the most heart breaking case i have seen since i started peds. 
11 month old with kwashiokor and sepsis. 
Kwashiokor in America? 
In a child born in America to American parents? 
I was shocked, but that's the good part
This kid looks like he suffered 3rd degree burns, but he didn't. 
He had a skin rash that his genius parents decided to treat with baking soda. 
Baking freaking soda? 
Baby ended up with bicarbonate intoxication, plus a host of other things and became septic. 
Huge open wounds all over his legs, belly, hand, top of one of his fingers is necrosed and they are waiting for it to fall off. 

Unfortunately, we rounded on him when they were changing his dressing. 
Now i totally get it when mothers say they know what different cries mean. 
I have never in my entire life heard a baby cry like that. 
He was in pain!!!
The cries went straight to my heart. 
The attending closed her eyes for a while and started asking what the baby had for pain. 
Then after rounds she insisted he needed something else for pain management during dressing changes. 
It took everything in me not to start crying. 
Everything single ounce of will power. 
Still i couldn't help it, 
my eyes filled with tears and if it wouldn't have looked totally awkward and unprofessional, i would have left that room. 
In fact, i turned to leave but i had to pull myself together. 
It was a horrible, horrible, horrible sight. 

Baby was so malnourished, he had cortical atrophy. 
His mom said she was feeding him mashed potatoes and veggies AND she was diluting her breast milk? 
Baby hadn't gained a single pound since May. 
He was edematous when he came in which means, he most likely weighed less.
His parents are not allowed to see him
Some people really need to be sterilized. 
Just because you have the equipment doesn't mean you should use it.
We were told her other kids were taken also.
Our attending pretty much said she would do anything to ensure the mother never sees that child again. 

Instead of preparing for rounds......

If you are going to give up, you might as well roll over and die--- Madame Sting the pseudo wise medicine woman.

We ALL have things to deal with in life that are not so pleasant or we wish we didn't have to deal with. Most of us are not living a charmed but you would be a fool to envy someone else because you have no clue what their cross is. You have to keep your head up and keep it moving people. Life has the tendency to suck sometimes and deviate from our well thought out plans. Oftentimes, the life we live is not the life we pictured for ourselves. You have to pull yourselves up by the bootstraps and get with the program.

I needed  to tell myself this. Positive speak is always a good thing. Encourage yourself.

Have a great day people, I plan to.

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Dr. Sushi

See the big butcher knife. I don't play. LOL

Black forest cake and milk--- Quite sinful. Half of that cake was demolished in less than 30 mins.

Oya, brethren and children of men, wish Dr. Sushi a happy birthday. She is working a 28 hour shift on her birthday. From 7am Friday to 11am Saturday. Which is why we started the party early. Med school is a beast of burden.

This is my 700th post by the way.
What's my prize? 

Don't love again..........

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Rock, Paper, Scissors

It's the little things.....

I've never played rock, paper, scissors before. Which is not surprising given the fact i was bred and buttered in good old naij. I didn't even understand what it was until last summer when one of my nieces explained it to me. Fast forward to today, my partner and i had to choose between a kid with asthma exacerbation and one with new onset seizures and he suggested we rock, paper, scissors for the seizure kid. I was like, errmmm....I've never played it before and he showed me. I won and got the seizure kid, but i eventually ended up with the asthma kid cos i had told my intern yesterday that i wanted to manage an asthma kid (cos even though they are the bread and butter of peds especially around this time, i have never gotten to present one).

Anyhoo, we had lecture this afternoon after my team presented a Crohns patient for integration rounds (where they make the other students come up with the differential and then final diagnosis based on the chief complaints), we had another lecture on dehydration. During the lecture, there were questions we could answer on our iClickers that recorded points for our teams. At the end of the lecture, my team was second to last. Then we had a jeopardy round where we managed a dehydrated patient . At the end, we wagered all our points and we ended up tying for first place even after the bonus questions. So to break the tie, the Dr. was like we had to rock, paper, scissors for it. Of course, i ended up being nominated to go in front of everyone and play rock, paper, scissors. 2nd time in my life. It was fun!!! I lost of course, but i got my high fives from my team members.

Like i said, it's the little things.

My presentations are getting better. I got a "good job" from my intern today and my new senior told me during my mid course evaluation that he liked my presentations. That was my greatest weak point, cos i would get visibly nervous and my voice would be shaky. If na for house now, i get mouth to shout cos u know i'm a local champion. Oya, come and present your patient in front of at least 15 people, mouth no go let me open. I still get really nervous but i'm learning to project confidence and not let anyone see me sweat. It's hard sha. I should have joined toastmasters last year like i wanted to. I would have been a rock star right now.

Our gunner is still gunning away. Today i teased him about never wanted to leave even though our team usually stays longer than the other team and he got really defensive and was like, it's all about patient care. If there's something that need to be done for my patient, i would stay until it's done. Isn't that what they have night team for? Yesterday, he stayed later than the call person. The only thing that needed to be done for his patient was update the parents, and one of the interns was going to do it. Then he asked the intern if he could be around while she talked to the parents, mind you, this was already around 6pm o! Intern was like sure, but it's going to be awhile. As soon as sign out was done, i was like sayonara, people. The call person (who had to stay late) was like aren't we going to talk about the case we are presenting, i said, tomorrow during lunch. Wetin, is 12+ hrs everyday not enough for you people. I no do o.

I was on call today which means i have to go back after lectures, but i didn''t go back. I feel kinda bad, but i will be on call 4 times next week, and i'm not with my main intern this week so i can always feign ignorance. Her main JMS went back and he's pretty cool so i can ask him if she said anything. No be me kill Jesus o. I don tire. I slept 8 whole hours yesterday. Went to bed before 8.30pm. It was all kinds of awesome.

I got my hair braided over the weekend. Thank God for growth and maturity. I amazed myself. All i can say is Africans need a special convention on customer services. This woman was yelling at me after cheating me. WWJD? I had to channel Jesus. Thank you, Jesus. 

Now that i have updated u guys on all the boring stuff that's going on in my life, it's your turn. Kilon popping? Who's getting married, pregnant, gotten a new job, ditched a sucker, gotten promoted, married an alhaji, gotten a sugar daddy or a sugar boy? Tell me, i wanna know.

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Tips on how to find a wifey

Let's not pretend that men don't find women. They like to act as if we are a dime a dozen (which is kind of true and vice versa), but after they have finished playing and want to settle down, they start to look for wifey material. So being the saint that i am and since i am sick of reading "Tips on how to find a man" or "Why you are not married yet?" etc etc, i have decided to help you guys out. What are my credentials? Well, i'm not married, neither am i a rapper or a divorcee, but i would like to consider myself "wifey material". Yes, i said it. Thank you very much. Now, shut up and read.

  1. You must know how to cook! Any man that doesn't know how to cook is a liability. Plain and simple. Some guys don't even know how to boil rice, even if it's noodles, you should be able to feed yourself. It's both for you own good and the good of the marriage. 
  2. Know what you want, say what you want and mean what you say. Why does the chic always have to ask, "So where is this going?"  Be clear about your purpose and stop playing chics.
  3. Don't be an arrogant jerk. 9 times out of 10, you are probably not God's gift to women, so no need to act like one. 
  4. Be ambitious. Complacence and mediocrity are unattractive. 
  5. Stop looking for virgins. You have done your fair share of depopulating the earth of virgins, so why do you now want to marry one. 
  6. It's okay to still party and go clubbing once in a while but that should not be your weekly tonic. Dem dey grow pass something. 
  7. Gender roles exist, I know. I would get rid of them if I could. Don't be that guy who thinks because he is a man he can't lift a finger to help out around the house. Una no dey forbid to change diapers, get up in d night to help with the baby or  do dishes. Women are not machines.
  8. Have something in that pangolo you call your head. Be able to carry on an intellectual conversation that doesn't revolve around sex, especially if you just met the girl. 
  9. After a certain age, you should not be having roommates, especially if you all have the reputation of being players. It lets us know you are still growing up. You never ready. 
  10. Above all, be honest and consistent. I know that's asking a lot but try. 

Happy Sunday

Guess who this is? You have the rest of the day. Winner takes
Only hint i can give is that she is a former blogger. 
And she is a chipmunk in real life. 
Oya, go. 
There is a prize. 

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

How I ended up with Gunners

.....I'm not exactly sure but what i do know is that i  have gunners on my team. I was SO pissed off today, i had to go to the bathroom for 10 mins to readjust my attitude. It's all about hiding your feelings and smiling regardless of how you really feel inside. I'm not trying to earn myself a bad grade. Inpatient peds is 40% of our peds grades so i'm on my best behavior. Every wednesday we have lectures, unless you are on call, you don't go back except if the lecture ends at 2 or something like that cos we are technically supposed to be there until 5pm (we have only ever left at 5pm once, thanks to a resident who God will bless abundantly. 6-6.30 is more like it. ). Anyway, lecture ends at 3.40pm today, all the other teams head on home except those on call. what did my team decide to do? They all wanted to go back for no good reason. One said, we will look bad if we don't go back, another one (my partner cos we have the same intern) said our intern wanted to go over her progress notes with her (I heard the intern tell her she will email feedback to us, unless we finish early then she can talk about it), then she also said what if they are swamped and need our help. Only one other guy was on my side, but as majority rules, i sucked it up and went back with them.

I really was pissed sha. So we get back and only one intern was in the team room. We pretty much sat there for an hour and half doing NOTHING. When my intern eventually came into the room an hour later, she completely ignored us cos she was busy. Then the senior resident (Same one who let us leave at 5pm yesterday) on nights came in and eventually asked what we were doing there and my intern was like nothing, that we came back after lecture (very unappreciative of that fact by the way by the way she responded). It was past 5 by this time, then the senior resident asked us to pack our jigida and leave. 5.30pm! I could have been home 2 hours ago. None of us did anything except sit there. They didn't even expect us to come back. When i pointed this out to my team and said we should all agree on what to do for next week, they still insisted they would like to play it by ear and go back in case other teams go back. No other team went back except us. Besides other teams are on other floors in the hospital, how d hell will our resident know what other teams are doing? The SMS on our team last month explicitly told me no one goes back after lectures or pathways cos there no need for that. I'm just done with them but i don't have a choice but to go with the majority.

Then one of them pissed me off the other day, telling me how to do stuff for my patient in front of the attending. Stuff i already knew and did but he was correcting me unnecessarily. He just tagged along o, but on our way there he was walking so fast (as the residents and attending like to do) and i could barely keep up. There was nothing urgent to do. I just needed to make sure we had a spanish interpreter available for discharge and pull the discharge papers from the chart, yet this guy was sprinting, almost making me run to keep up with him, when it was my patient and he was tagging along with me. I just said fuck it and let him go. He ended up being at least 6 steps ahead of me. I don't have power for all that paparazzi. When we go for intern morning report, he takes over and starts answering questions. I thought he was a Junior med student, not an intern. I don't think it's wrong to chime in, but usually we let the interns answer the questions and if they want to involve the med students, they open it up.

Anyway, na look i dey. I don't think i like peds. Too much walking around and talking. I can't wait to be an attending. I'm over all this.

Monday, September 10, 2012

Kicked in the Jaw

Ehen......So i have to threaten you people before you say hi to me abi? No be so o...  Today was an eventful day. It's 8pm and my bed is calling me. The thought of getting to lie down on my soft bed with my soft blanket is the happiest thought i have ever had in my life and yet, i'm blogging because i'm a sucker for pain.

So today, i got kicked in the jaw. This was 12 hours ago and my jaw is still aching. When i was holding this kid down so she could be put in restraints, i was like, come o, this is supposed to be peds not psych, wa gwan? The next thing i saw was a long leg straight on my jaw. I saw instant stars. On top of that, i got pinched and scratched. I worked in two different psychiatric hospitals before med school and i never once got hit. Most staff were injured or at least hit but i knew how to stand back from the fracas. No be me kill Jesus. After escaping all that, hand done meet me today. I had to fill out an incident report and all that. One of the residents (the nigerian guy) got a good laugh out of it when he heard the story. He made me laugh too so it was all good.

Thennnnnnnnnnnnn................i saw the most beautful, beautiful, beautiful man i have seen in a long long time and i was in instant crush. Gorgeousness. I first saw him yesterday and he smiled at me and said hi. Today while he was talking to my team, i didn't even respond to his hi cos i was busy trying to see his name on his white coat. Come to find out he is a Nigerian neurosurgery resident. The guy is just a fine human specimen. Some people are just blessed. It's not just fair. I found out exactly who he was this evening and i will just continue to think he is gorgeous and leave it at that. He is fineee sha.

That was just the sole purpose of this blog. I had to tell you guys about how this chic almost took out my jaw and this fine human being i saw today.

Thanks for all your comments (i enjoyed seeing new commenters, u people should stop hiding biko), i had fun reading them at the unpaid labor i called "work". As we don't go to the classroom anymore, na to say work na, but instead we pay them thousands of dollars to be tortured daily. My presentations were better today, thank God and i presented to a much larger group. I had to calm myself down and just talk.

Off to bed. You don't understand how happy that makes me. Waking up at 4.00am is not a joke. On the day i push it to 4.30a, i'm always running late and i don't like being frazzled in the morning.

Sunday, September 9, 2012

My life!!!!! Jehovah!

I didn't need to bribe that kid after all. He really did way better after he got off NPO and could eat again. Peds has been quite an interesting experience. The hours are long (6am-5pm on a good day. I stayed till 7pm the other day), and the expectations are high. They just throw u in there, and you better swim. All those months i blew off CER (where they teach us clinical skills in 2nd yr), has come back to severely bite me in the ass. I am learning the hard way that they are not joking when they say own your patient. Na so o.Today i said the kid had belly breathing, cos when i was examining her, her belly was moving really fast and hard, my intern said she didn't see the same so apparently i don't know what belly breathing looks like. Don't ask me to differentiate lung sounds or heart murmurs, you will so be on your own, but those are the skills they expect you to have. Most of the H&P practice we had was with adults, now u have to tailor it to kids. I feel like i'm under pressure all the time. Hardly ever get a chance to eat lunch cos there is no scheduled lunch unless u have a noon lecture or conference or something.

I asked my intern what's a good app to come up with differentials and she said the best app is my brain. I was like hahaha....that's a good one, but in my mind i was like idiot. If i knew the stuff would i need to still be a student. I don't blame her sha. I found a good app Diagnosarus and didn't mind paying the $1.99 for it. I shall not be dulling. I can't wait to be an attending. I need to figure out a game plan for my life that involves the least amount of stress and the most amount of happiness and enjoying my life. Medicine was a mistake so i need to turn it to my advantage and make the best of it somehow.

I got to present for the first time today and i never got a chance to go over my assessment and plan with my intern. The presentation was a mess. My voice was shaky and i was nervous and could barely get my words out. I got through it though. Have to practice for tomorrow, cos this is an everyday thing. I guess it will not be so stressful once i get used to it. Rounds are like 2-3 hours every morning. I miss Anesthesia where there was no rounding. This shit is for the birds abeg. Just when i thought we were done presenting for the day, i got a new patient and we had to staff with the night shift senior resident, i didn't even know in what format they wanted it. Thank God the other JMS (Junior medical student) went before me so i saw how she did hers. Everything is so short notice too. Too much pressure and stress for me. Maybe i will just go into Psychiatry.

As an aside: To all my friends, fans and foe alike that read this blog and don't comment, make una no let me vex o. I'm standing (yes standing) here after 12 hours, no lunch, aching feet and updating you guys so you better say something. Don't whatsapp me (you know urself lol) or text me. Comment on this post. Thank you.

Yes, i am making an effort to update so make an effort to comment. I no dey joke o. I don't know what there is to comment on this post, but say something, even if it's hi, i'm a Nigerian prince and i'm about to send you money. LOL.

Bah bye.

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Peds 101

I have a 10 yr old patient that absolutely refuses to talk to me. HA! These people are after my life. He put his hand up to cover the side of his face i was on. Explicitly told me to leave him alone. Anyone have any tips on how to win a 10 yr old kid over? I have asked all the questions imaginable, the poor kid started crying after a while. I got him tissues to wipe his nose, and he flicked it off the chair. I said Jehovah! I almost want to bring a bribe next time but i don't know what or if i'm even allowed. He is too old for stickers.

Residents and doctors in the house, help a sister out. Lollie, shey u r a third yr peds resident (so u are officially my senior resident in blogsville), what would u do? My resident can't even get him to talk to her, yet she left me there to act like a fish out of water. I like kids but i really have zero experience dealing with sick kids. I'm not a sing song, baby talk, make kiddy conversation kind of person. I guess talking to my niece on the phone aka talking to myself, prepared me a bit for today.

I will be presenting on him tomorrow during rounds as he is "officially" my patient but i've never presented before cos we didn't round in Anesthesia so I am a bit nervous. There is a Nigerian resident on my team. I think he is good looking but my friend doesn't think so. His accent is right in between american and nigerian but he still says a lot errrrmmmmm, exactly how a Nigerian would say it. Americans say ummmmm.

Okay, good night. I need to read up on my patient.

Med school makes me feel dumb(er) everyday.

Today was a good day. I was scheduled from 6am to 8pm but we got to leave at 5.30pm. 

UPDATE: I guess he was just hungry because he has been NPO but he got to eat dinner last night. This morning i met a different child, not completely out of his shell but a lot better. 

Hey guys, welcome to my blog. Sit back, relax, grab a cup of coffee and enjoy!

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