Friday, January 31, 2014

Tips for Throwing the Neighborhood's Best Super Bowl Party

The Superbowl is around the corner. To be honest, i still don't understand American football after 11+ years of living here but i know the Superbowl is a big deal. So for those of you who want to host a party, this post is perfect for you. First guest post of the year! Boop!

Guest Post by Quinn

In homes across the country, preparations are underway for the biggest party of the year.  It's not Christmas or New Year's Eve or even the 4th of July.  Super Bowl Sunday is right around the corner and that means free-flowing beer, plates stacked high with chicken wings and meatballs and rooms full of people cheering on their favorite team.  
For some people, the game is not even the most important part of the party.  Enjoying the company of family and friends, enjoying good food and having a relaxing evening can appeal to almost anyone, whether you are interested in the game or not.  The following five ideas can help you host a Super Bowl party that your friends and family will be talking about long after the final touchdown is scored.

Set the Scene
I’ve hosted our family Super Bowl party for the past several years.  My husband’s always had a great time, and one year after the party, he gave me a beautiful wooden tray and dip set from here to show his appreciation for the hours of planning that went into the party.  We use the tray almost monthly for entertaining friends and family.  It’s so versatile that it can hold a cheese ball and crackers for the Christmas party, melted chocolate and strawberries for a backyard BBQ and chips and dip for the Super Bowl party. Having a special serving dish or centerpiece can help set the scene for your party.
Have Some Unique Appetizers
Chips, dip and chicken wings are staples for almost every Super Bowl party.  This year, try adding a unique new appetizer to the traditional favorites.  Every year, I make bacon-wrapped meatballs.  It’s always a hit with everyone and we have friends asking us for the recipe every year.  I use the recipe from this site.
Serve Up Memorable Cocktails
While beer and soft drinks are Super Bowl party favorites, I’ve found that serving delicious cocktails makes the party unique and unforgettable.  One of my favorites is Winter Sangria.  This sweet drink is a favorite among the females that attend the party, but the sweet flavor even appeals to the men as well! This recipe is sure to become one of your new favorites
Don’t Forget the Beer!
Even with the Winter Sangria, beer is still an important part of your Super Bowl party.  Serving the beer in a cooler can be far from memorable though…
Instead, try holding a blind beer tasting.  Select five different types of beer and put each bottle into a separate brown paper bag.  Label each bag from one to five.  Offer small tasting glasses full for each type of beer.  Have guests try to guess what type of beer it is, as well as choose their least and most favorite from the five available types.  Everyone may be surprised at the results!
Have Fun with the Commercials
The Super Bowl is the one time that commercials don’t mean automatically flipping to a new station.  To keep your guests entertained during game day breaks, host a game of commercial bingo.  Before your guests arrive, create bingo cards full of big name advertisers.  During the party, have guests mark their bingo cards according to the commercials that air.  First person to get a bingo wins a prize!

Planning a fun and enjoyable Super Bowl party can take a lot of hard work.  However, with these five tips, your party will be the talk of the town for weeks to come!  Although a word of caution: Your guests may have so much fun that you will be in charge of hosting the party every year!

Monday, January 27, 2014

Because I'm nice like that

I just found out my 4 pack Greek yogurt which i bought for $3+ has been expired for 6 days. Ha! O ti o!!! We are in a recession (are we still in a recession?). I can't let almost $4 go to waste like that. So i befriended google to figure out if i can still eat it and I can. Yay!

You are welcome.

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Advice of the Day

Stop waiting for Prince Charming. 
Get up and find him,
The poor idiot may be stuck in a tree or something.
as seen on pinterest

Monday, January 20, 2014

Sex - Is it a conquest or a give and take?


I am aware that a double standard exists when it comes to sex. Girls who have multiple partners are seen as sluts while guys who are the equivalent of 10 kobo prostitutes are hailed as studs. Fine. Whatever. That's not what this post is about. There's something that i have always been aware of but has become so rampant in recent times thanks to social media,  i can no longer ignore it mostly because it's starting to piss me off.

It's a certain attitude. When it's exhibited by males, i look at them as ignorant, immature boys but when females express those same sentiments i can't stand it. I have seen so many women complain of being with their boyfriends for so long, they fucked him morning and night (their words, not mine) and now he doesn't want to marry them, or females in monogamous relationships who say "to fuck na free?" (once again, their words not mine), to justify why they are materialistic in relationships. If you are not a prostitute and are in a committed, monogamous relationship, then i would say, yes, to fuck na free because it's something that both of you are getting pleasure from, or is it only men that enjoy sex? Are we still in the 16th century where women just lay there for men to jerk off on, hating every second of it? Therefore they have to be heavily compensated for allowing themselves to be subjected to such barbaric acts. A lot of Nigerian women seem to have that attitude although i bet they are not lying there like wooden planks when the deed is being done. I bet they are willing and full participants of the act but God forbid they act like they enjoyed it.

Some chic posted this, I'm going to quote word for word, so i take no responsibility for the grammatical errors. 
"I almost committed suside (suicide)!!! It's painful when someone you love, never loved you in return! I cooked, washed his boxers, he fucked me morning and night! Now i'm dumped. Life goes on sha! "

Or this joke, which i actually thought was funny.

"He has dated you for almost 5 years, wasted your time, slept with you countless times, hurt you.....He's the reason you got sagged breasts, he has made your "watever" wide.....but he has refused to Marry You....SWEETHEART....poison him.....God will understand"

Now this is what is getting me annoyed. These women are acting like when they were having sex with the men, it was a one sided thing. I thought sex was a "participant sport" where two people  (or three or four depending on what rocks your boat) equally get something out of the interaction. Unless it's rape, if he is fucking you, aren't you fucking him also? Have I been in America too long and i can no longer see this clearly?! Someone help me out here.

If your vagina was so precious to you, why are you giving it out so freely? When he's fucking you morning and night like you are complaining, so he's the only one getting pleasure out of it? I just want to understand this mind set that a lot of Nigerian women seem to have. Or are you some sort of undercover prostitute where instead of selling your body for cash, you are prostituting yourself for the promise of marriage or the material things you can get out of the relationship?

I'm not even going to waste my time addressing men who feel that after sleeping with a woman that they took something from her. Just as you "took" from her, she took from you too. Both of you equally smashed each other. Yes, society might support the stupid notion of the male conquest, but the reality of it remains that when you stick your penis into that vagina, it becomes a 50:50 thing. Two, my friends has become one, unless you are raping her, then you can call it a "conquest" because it was against her will.

The whole attitude of men feeling like they took or conquered something when they sleep with a woman, and women feeling like they are owed something for having CONSENSUAL SEX with their boyfriends, irks the hell out of me. Let's not talk about stupid people referring to women as if they are objects that become used and worn out because they were in a relationship with one guy for years or because they are sexually active. When did sex start causing people to have sagging breasts or widened vagina? IS it the same vagina that can deliver a baby and snap back? Do you think God did not know what he was doing when he designed it that way, or is the average man's penis as big as a 6lb baby? People need to get the fuck out of here with that bullshit. If your breast is sagging, it probably would have ended up sagging anyway, blame your genes for that, or simple aging.

 "Oh, so after dating her for 10 years, he doesn't want to marry her, when he has used her, free sex, she's now second hand. Who will want that one again?" So which is better, the girl who has a long term relationship with only one person for 10 years or the one who has 6-7 boyfriends in 10 years? When they said Toke and Maje broke up this last time, the comments were off the chain. Nigerians and their stupid comments drive me crazy sometimes. They are just horrible with they way they view women and sex and relationships and the women are not helping matters with their attitudes. If your body is so precious to you, like i said earlier by all means do not give it indiscriminately. You can say no to premarital sex!!! It's an option.

I don't want to be hearing all the sob stories of someone fucking and dumping you because as far as i am concerned, as much as he was fucking you, you were fucking him also.

What i watched this morning

This is what my presentation on Wednesday is going to be on, Lymph node and Thyroid Exam.

All blogging, na blogging. No vex. LOL

Sunday, January 19, 2014

Does stress in womb raise chances of baby growing up to be gay?

Women who suffer stress during pregnancy increase the chance of their child being gay, according to a controversial new book. The lifestyle of pregnant mothers affects the sexuality of their unborn child, altering their hormones and the formation of their brains, it claims. Smoking or taking drugs can also result in a child who grows up to be gay, according to the book by Dutch neuroscientist Dick Swaab, which is yet another chapter in the debate about the origins and causes of homosexuality.

Read the rest over at The DailyMail.

Whenever i hear people say homosexuality is a choice, i think back to my human development class taken in my first year of med school. What this Neuroscientist is saying makes a lot of sense to me. Different things happen during development that make us who we are. Child birth/pregnancy from conception to delivery is a You have no clue what you are fighting sometimes. Kneel down and thank God when you come out of it unscathed with your new baby and everything is as it should be.

Let us continue to learn not to judge what we have no personal experience of. He who wears the shoes, knows where it pinches. m'kay?

Thursday, January 16, 2014

All Nigerian Recipes cookbook

I was surprised to see this on my sister's instagram this evening. She is such a huge fan of Aunt Flo and I laughed when she asked me if i had heard of All Nigerian Recipes, sometime last year. I told her yes and that I leave comments on her youtube and she has even commented on my blog (see famzing in action). LOL. We are both huge fans. I just shared her stew video with another sister who was on my neck about writing stew recipe for her. Seriously, I think she is a great teacher and anyone can learn to cook from her videos.

People are already asking my sister on facebook where to get the book, so i did a little research. You can get it on Amazon for $39.85. For all other information about the cookbook, go HERE on her website.

You are welcome

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Gay Marriage Ban in Nigeria abi na Anti-Gay bill?

So I'm guessing there are no other pressing issues in Nigeria right now besides Gay marriage?

 As it stands right now, IMHO, marriage is a joke! A huge joke!
There's no respect for the sanctity of marriage
Married men thinking it's their God given right to cheat
domestic violence is the other of the day
Those who are lucky enough to not be physically abused are emotionally abused daily
Happy marriages have become the exception rather than the norm
People divorcing all willy nilly
These American celebrities in the public eye are not helping matter
It makes me wonder why get married in the first place?
Why bother yourself if in less than a year you are out?
What a joke.

The Nigerian government has bigger issues to address
They need to stop playing

P.S Apparently it's not about Gay Marriage but an Anti-Gay bill. That's to tell you how much attention i paid to it. As far as i'm concerned, all na throat and neck.
We have more pressing issues. 

Sunday, January 12, 2014

Long throat tinz

Ok, i think i'm officially bored with candy crush now. I didn't play today until this afternoon. I'm now on level 95 and i'm sick of it. I don't know how people keep on playing non-stop. It has served its purpose and it's a good time waster like The Sims. I used to love that game, but haven't played it in a couple of years.

I've been avoiding weighing myself since i came back. Talk about a total lack of discipline and self control when i went home. My mom is a food pusher which is just as bad as a drug pusher in my opinion. LOL. Me, being me, with a non-existent willpower, i easily give in. She doesn't even eat like that o. She is in the 120s and now wants to start strength training, so i gave her a book "101 ways to use weights" so she can work out at home. Back to my latent gluttony, one day i ate so much (not all at once) throughout the whole day that at night after shoving down some jollof rice that my long throat did not allow me to overlook, i became nauseous and actually threw up. My stomach is just not used to that quantity of food. I can never binge eat because i get full easily, but my mouth just would not close that day. LOL. There's a saying in my language which means "Food will kill you". Yep! That's for people like me.

My pants were tight on my way back so i decided to give myself a week before weighing myself. Last time i checked at home, i was 148 and after screaming and wailing about gaining weight, i kept on eating. Let's not talk about all the meat pies i consumed. My mom was shocked one time. She was like "you really ate all that". I said yes. It's gone. I need you to make more so i can take back. LOL.  I checked in a 49lbs bag filled with cooked food - Jollof rice, fried rice, stew, egusi soup, baked fish, chicken, turkey neck, gizzard, beef, meat pie, bread, this is not including the box of plantain chips (48 bags) which i stuffed in my carry on. My mom even wanted to give me uncooked beans. I was like haba! I didn't even know what exactly she put in my bag until i got home and started unpacking. I love my mother though, i was just smiling as i saw all the food. I was like this woman! Undercover agent. She didn't tell me all she was packing because when i went home for thanksgiving i refused everything she wanted me to take back expect the baked chicken. This time she just packed it, put it in the bag and said, here.

Anyway, my pants feel normal now after a week, but i don't trust that measurement and i am still so scared to weigh myself. I'm not completely back to my normal way of eating since i brought all these food from home. Thankfully, i have a little common sense and i put most of it in the freezer, but the meat pies are gone, the fried rice is gone, one ziploc full of meat is gone, i've started on the baked fish and of course my daily bag of plantain chips. Plus, there's the apple cranberry raisin bread i brought back which i eat daily although i usually don't eat bread.

So as you can see, i am doing a great job of sabotaging myself. Happy new year fattie. Way to get fit.

But hey! We only live once. I'll let you know how much damage i've done to myself when i finally grow some balls and weigh myself.

Now, let me say a little something about Shuga Naija.That Princess girl tear eye reach back o. She's supposed to be 18 years old abi? I know in the US an 18 year old is an adult, but Nigerians don't subscribe to that. So she comes to Lagos, her sister sends her back home, she instead goes and starts squatting with two unknown boys in their dorm room. Takes it upon herself to disvirgin what's his face and then is snooping through her sister's things and mouthing off to her about following aristos. I thought she deserved that slap. Surprise, surprise she ends up in Solomon's bed. Small child playing with fire. She think say she get sense. Tobi was right. Seriously which older man will be buying you things in Nigeria (or anywhere else) just because? Does he look like father christmas? Ode!

On that note, i bid you good day.

Saturday, January 11, 2014

Random Gist

 I'm on level 87 on candy crush right now, so decided to take a breather and do other things, like respond to comments as promised. My friend told me how to bypass asking for lives or waiting, which is to move the time on your device forward, get your full lives back and go back and change the time to the correct time before resuming play. So far, that's the only "cheat" i have used. Naijawife mentioned hacks which you can download, but the little type A that's still left me (med school killed most of it) wants to beat this game by myself. 70 was hard for me. I spent all day yesterday trying to beat it. I finally did it late in the evening, i was actually happy about that. It was so stressful.

Candy crush has been keeping me up at night. Thankfully i have the chillest rotation this month. We only have two days a week where we have to do anything. Tuesdays from 1-5pm, to facilitate history and physical sessions for second year med students (M2s) as they practice the full H&P on standardized patients, then on wednesday morning from 9am-12pm, we have core sessions. That's it! Only 8 days out of the month. Of course we have outside work, but it's minimal. We have to grade the H&P's for our students (4 each) and fill out an eval for them with comments. Then there's a book "How doctor's think" which we have to get through. Everyone gets a chapter of the book, where they have to lead the discussion. Then you also have a mini-presentation on an aspect of the physical exam to give. That's about it.

Same thing with my rotation last month. It was way chiller than this. Can't complain at all. But since i feel like i haven't really learnt anything in 4th year, my crazy self decided to sign up for a MICU elective at the more busy and intense site. Trust me, i struggled back and forth with wanting to learn a lot or just getting exposed to the MICU without being stressed out. I changed back and forth between two sites, one laid back and chill and another very intense. I finally picked the less intense site and i think i already regret it. LOL. It's too late to change it now because you can only change 30 days in advance. I'm sure if i called the registar, they can change it for me, but i think i'll suck it up and just do it, so i can learn something this year especially since my rotation in March is going to be chill. I'm taking "The Art of Medicine through the humanities". It's going to involve reading and discussing historical and literary works in a small group seminar setting. There's some writing involved. Pretty much medical humanities stuff.

Okay, i'm done talking about med school stuff. I'm stressing myself out thinking about the MICU. I really hate talking about med school.  LOL. But i promised some people to try and i am trying.

By the way, going back to this blogsville community thing. I have decided to make an effort to leave comments on blogs and respond to comments left on my blog. That's my contribution to fostering a sense of community around these parts. However!!!!!!, Due to some things that have happened in the past, i'm not as carefree as i used to be. I honestly believe that I'm not very well liked, not that i lose sleep over it, it just makes it easier to keep to my blog. I've said this before and it's the truth, but it always surprises me when people say they like my blog. I know i can be blunt and maybe abrasive sometimes but i wouldn't go out of my way to try to hurt anyone. It seems like whenever i allow anonymous comments, someone has something to say.

I'm just here being myself, but one of the comments that got to me was when my family was mentioned. 
She left the comment as an anonymous but i know who it is, which is why i blocked her on twitter. She knows herself. Saying she has been reading my blog and it seems like i come from a dysfunctional family and i need to seek help with my issues. This was all during the wives connection fiasco. She could ask me for the link to the wives connection blog to see what was going on, then turn around to leave such a stupid comment anonymously. That pretty much did it for me.

But i have decided to try again. Let's see how it goes.

P.S. My hair needs Jesus. I need to wash it today.

Friday, January 10, 2014

Will be back.....

to respond to comments on the previous posts soon. Candy crush has taken over my life.

Tuesday, January 7, 2014


While I wait to get another life on candy crush, let's talk about blogsville

  1. I read @tilola's post today (for some reason my brain is registering that I wrote her name wrong) talking about blogsville. In my humble opinion, blogsville no longer exist. It's possible that it still exists and I don't see or sense it or maybe I have been excluded from it (ha ha). 
  2. Nah! It's gone. The sense of community that existed is dead. It used to be an online community of Nigerian bloggers who actually liked and supported each other. Now it's all man for themselves. 
  3. Once upon a time I would have been comfortable enough to talk candidly about my experiences in med school. I've not even mentioned one tenth of my experience yet, the first chance they got, an anonymous was quick to comment on how I constantly whine, moan and bitch about med school and I'm sure she's not the only one who feels that way. 
  4. I hardly comment on blogs and vice versa. I guess whatever inspires people to leave comments no longer exists. For me, it started off with me being busy and really not having the time to leave comments but after a comment I left on wives connection turned into a free for all which lasted for months, I just can't be bothered. Zero interest.
  5. I can't imagine something like Blogsville idol or the category B of naija bloggers award ever taking place again. We actually used to have fun. 
  6. On January 23rd, it will be 7 years since I started blogging. I remember how all the bloggers seemed to be cool with each other and feeling like an outsider when I fist started. Taureanminx used to put up a list of new bloggers she liked/found. Things were just different and more conducive for my purpose but the only constant thing in life is change. Sometimes all we can do is accept it and move on. 
  7. I'll just keep occupying my space and doing what I see fit, including but not limited to ranting, bitching, whining, moaning and occasionally talking about serious stuff, like herpes :) 
  8. Back to candy crush. I'm on level 42. Yes, I know I'm late. Blame med school. 

Mind your language

Back in 2009, I was "kicked" out of an ex's house because his younger brother was around and I had used a swear word. I thought he was overreacting. My use of swear words, believe it or not has actually improved. It's a habit I'm trying to kick (although not completely) but I was reminded recently that I might need to speed things up.

My 4 yr old niece seems to have skipped the asking "why" phase  and instead wants to know what every word means. So when I kindly told someone to go to hell, of course she wanted to know what hell means. Strike one. Then it was what does damn mean, what does crap mean, what does freaking mean? I say, see me see wahala, must you hear everything? All these questions come as soon as she hears me say the words (thank God, she also asked what other words, like escape, magic, completely etc meant)

My response to the questions about the swear words? Don't worry about that. I don't want to be the one corrupting their vocabulary. I never used swear words until my 20's. I spent years in this country without uttering a swear word. Now, I'm this mess. I need Jesus.

I guess I will be minding my language around the kids from now on. Freaking sponges. My niece though.....that child, pure genius and I'm not just saying it because she's my niece. She's smart, that one.

Thursday, January 2, 2014

Exciting announcement

What other way to bring in the new year than to share some very exciting news!
My next post was supposed to be about Herpes, but that's nowhere as exciting as this! 

SHE'S BACK!!!!!!
Guess who's back, back, back? Back, again, gain, gain
Totally made my day. 
Hey! Don't judge me. I missed her. 

So one of my favorite bloggers is back with a new blog
and some very exciting news too. 
I won't spoil her surprise
So can go see for yourself 

Congratulations, Simply mee, my Edo sis and welcome back! 

P.S. Don't dull. Click on both links which takes you to her blog. 

We can talk about the gift that keeps on giving tomorrow. 

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

January 1st, 2014

Happy New Year, 
Friends, lovers and strangers
I'm thankful to be here today. I feel blessed to have my family. 
Regardless of what is going on in my life, I remain thankful. 
Not everyday, but most days because I realize that it could always be worse. 

Thankful for this blog which remains an excellent outlet for me.
Sometimes my peace on here is threatened, 
But I always get over myself and come back because I enjoy it.
Thank you, all my faithful readers and commenters
Let's not forget the silent readers too
Sometimes, I just want to rant or mouth off in peace and you let me do that.

I would like to open this blog up so more people can comment 
But that would entail allowing anonymous comments
People tend to be bolder and nastier when they can hide under the cloak of anonymity
I don't want to deal with that
Unlike other bloggers, I have decided not to monetize my blog
So besides the satisfaction I get from writing and reading comments,
There's really no other incentive to blog
So I don't have to tolerate anything I don't want to. 
If you have anything you want to tell me anonymously
Please feel free to email me at
I don't bite, I promise. 
People who have emailed me or chatted with me can attest to that. 

Thanks to my loyal readers who for some twisted reason enjoy reading my nonsense.
You guys have issues I tell you but I love you anyway because I have issues too.
For the readers who don't particularly like me, 
You will be alright I promise. 

I wish you guys the best this year has to offer, 
Good health, peace, contentment, realization of dreams and happiness. 
Happy New Year, Booski's!
Hey guys, welcome to my blog. Sit back, relax, grab a cup of coffee and enjoy!

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