Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Mind your language

Back in 2009, I was "kicked" out of an ex's house because his younger brother was around and I had used a swear word. I thought he was overreacting. My use of swear words, believe it or not has actually improved. It's a habit I'm trying to kick (although not completely) but I was reminded recently that I might need to speed things up.

My 4 yr old niece seems to have skipped the asking "why" phase  and instead wants to know what every word means. So when I kindly told someone to go to hell, of course she wanted to know what hell means. Strike one. Then it was what does damn mean, what does crap mean, what does freaking mean? I say, see me see wahala, must you hear everything? All these questions come as soon as she hears me say the words (thank God, she also asked what other words, like escape, magic, completely etc meant)

My response to the questions about the swear words? Don't worry about that. I don't want to be the one corrupting their vocabulary. I never used swear words until my 20's. I spent years in this country without uttering a swear word. Now, I'm this mess. I need Jesus.

I guess I will be minding my language around the kids from now on. Freaking sponges. My niece though.....that child, pure genius and I'm not just saying it because she's my niece. She's smart, that one.


  1. ha ha ha you have to watch it... my niece is just 16 months old and she repeats everything she hears...i'm stunned. So I am careful what i say around her.

  2. I curse like a drunk sailor regularly but i never do so around anyone that is kin to me nor at work. My code-switching game is ON POINT! lol

  3. Told my mom to be mindful of what she says around my youngest bro. He picks up everything!!!!!

  4. Lool funny but very necessary something. These kids actually help put us in check

  5. Kids are like Xerox machines!
    I use the F word when pissed off.
    Kids pick up these words from schools and movies also.


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