Thursday, January 16, 2014

All Nigerian Recipes cookbook

I was surprised to see this on my sister's instagram this evening. She is such a huge fan of Aunt Flo and I laughed when she asked me if i had heard of All Nigerian Recipes, sometime last year. I told her yes and that I leave comments on her youtube and she has even commented on my blog (see famzing in action). LOL. We are both huge fans. I just shared her stew video with another sister who was on my neck about writing stew recipe for her. Seriously, I think she is a great teacher and anyone can learn to cook from her videos.

People are already asking my sister on facebook where to get the book, so i did a little research. You can get it on Amazon for $39.85. For all other information about the cookbook, go HERE on her website.

You are welcome


  1. A Nigerian cookbook? Fantastic idea. It'd be nice to learn about the various assortment of Nigerian dishes. I used to think that we don't really have lots of varieties as far as our food choice. Unfortunately, I'm not a great cook neither do I like to cook.

  2. Am so putting this among my 'cart-list'. ..gat to improve on my cooking- nitel skills....ahaha......visited her blog....liked the layout and presentation of her recipes....please can you send the y-tube link to my box? thanks.

    1. lol...@nitel skills. Will send you the link.

    2. Dawn thank you! I coded the static side of the site from scratch while the blog side uses the Prose theme which I customized till it fainted :)))

      I asked you what this "nitel skill" is all about but you have refused to tell me. lol

    3. Ha! I didn't know you asked me o...ahaha...why I no go tell you ehn? I was still waiting for my comment to be approved in your blog sef.
      lol @ till you your humour....worth all the pain huh?

      You know how Nitel used to behave in Nigeria then before the coming of GSM? On and off? Plenty resources pumped into it, but little results to show for it? my cooking skills is like that oo! Some days, I would surprise myself and everybody at home with a delicious sumptuous meal, the next day, I would present a disastrous menu!..eheheheehee....I don't understand oo...because it is the same procedure I use in cooking.....ahahaahaa..

      The truth is that, I really don't have the passion....I like quick simple meals... I can prepare our native soups and pound yam for the whole family....but all these fantastic combo you come up with, is out of my scope, and it happens that is what my hubby likes. So all the traditional skills imbibed in
      me does not work in this 'jet age now, I want to boil yam and eat it with blended crayfish and onions fried in g/nut love the and aroma see how lazy I am to come up with creative ideas?...ahahhahaa....nice talking to you sistah.

    4. Ah thanks for explaining to your sister! Now I get LOL

      I don't believe you :P per the plenty resources and no result. If you can make soups which are the most challenging Naija meals to prepare, you can cook anything jare.

      And who dash me fantastic combo?? That would be Shakirat (9jafoodie). She is our Madam at the Top for pimped up, artistic Naija food. I only do grassroots, traditional methods. :D

      We both fainted o (me and the blog) lol. Sorry dear, I set it to approval first because that's the only way I get notifications when someone comments, set it to ordinarily send me notifications but the baby no send anything. Still looking for the proper way to do it without the need for approvals. :)

  3. Awww Doc! It's official, I will never be able to repay you and your sister for all these acolades. Thank you for your kind words. Tell sis that I'm glad she likes the cookbook. :))

  4. Hey! what happened to my long comment?
    Oh! me-hn! Ok! I would re-type it! *server take your time o!*

    I didn't know you asked me o! Why won't I reply? Being expecting you to approve my comment in your blog sef. Lol@ your sense of was worth it at the end of he day huh? Congratulations on your recipe book.

    You know how Nitel used to behave before the coming of GSM?
    They were on and off? They had resources at their disposal but little result?
    So is my cooking I would surprise myself by preparing a delicious meal.....tomorrow, a disaster! But I used the same procedure o!..ahahahha.

    The truth is that, I don't have that passion and patience to be in the kitchen cooking creative meals.....I like simple fast meals....but I can cook our native soups and pound yam for the whole family, which is 'old school'. So all these fantastic combo you cook up is out of my scope, which happens to be what hubby likes.

    Right now, I am about to prepare boiled yam for lunch to be eaten with blended crayfish and onions fried in g/ love the aroma and taste....see where my creativity ends....ahahhaha..I could have rolled the boiled yam in egg white and fry or eat with butter, or prepare corned beef or sardine sauce with it.....but am just to lazy to stay in the kitchen!...only have the idea in my head oo...ahahhaha..nice talking to you sistah.

  5. After approval?? Sting!!!!! You made me re-type my comment?...I didn't see this earlier o! Ok! post the 2 comments then 3! *side-eyes* :)


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