Wednesday, December 31, 2014

1000th blog post!

 Bow down bitches

I'm going to end the year and commemorate my 1000th by telling you guys 5 things you probably didn't know about me

  • I talk to myself a lot. This all started in med school when i would go days without seeing or speaking to anyone, all in the name of studying. Those brutal almost daily 14 hour study sessions are over, but that habit seems to be here to stay.
  • My internal scream sounds like Tom's scream in Tom and Jerry. I know, i know, i know. There's just no explanation for that. 
  • I wrote my first story when i was in Primary 5.
  • I spent junior secondary school in a boarding school located in a little quiet village. A very peaceful place.
  • I'm one of those people who have two active names. I say active because most Nigerians have at least 3-4 names, but only use one. I have 5 names (Edo, Igbo, Arabic, English (middle name), English (baptismal name)). My two active names are my Edo and Igbo names. Edo with family, Igbo with everyone else. I am my Edo name.
Day 365/365 - I made it. We made it. Rest in peace to the departed. May the good lord bless and keep us in 2015. Happy New Year to those of you who are already in 2015. I dey come.

Tuesday, December 30, 2014


Very few people have had the title of best friend in my life. We could be very close and i still wouldn't think or refer to you as my best friend. I'm not typically a best friend kind of person especially with females. Haven attended two all girls secondary schools, by the time i was done I was one of those chics who didn't/wouldn't/couldn't have close female friends. My close friends were 98% guys. Back then i would never dream of confiding in a chic. That changed as i got older and some of my close like family friends have been female.

In the last few years I have "lost" a good number of my guy friends. As soon as they enter into serious relationships i start to give them space, once they are married, in my mind the friendship is pretty much over. This is just my personal stance on it. It's just out of respect for myself and my friend's wife. I no want married people wahala at all.

When my closest guy friend in America got engaged his fiancee decided to go crazy and eliminate all real or perceived threats. My blood still dey hot those days and they got me on a day where I was not in the mood so i wasn't very diplomatic in my approach to the madness. She got exactly what she wanted which is for him not to have anything to do with me. My friendship with this guy was a million percent innocent, i never set eyes on him the whole time he was in america before he met her. I was very cool with his ex who is an actual human being and not the devil's incarnate.  I knew when he met, toasted, bought an engagement ring and even gave him ideas on how to propose to the witch. I guess, trying to prove to her our friendship was platonic/innocent, he set me up where he put her on the phone without my knowlegde and asked me if i would ever date him. I said no and he insisted on knowing why i couldn't date him, I said because he was like my brother which was the truth. I had never viewed him as an option to date. That was still not enough for the chic. She got on the phone and told me she felt disrespected. See confusion. I had never spoken to this chic prior to that day. Where and how did this disrespect occur?

Apparently, i called him one day and yelled at him and she was there and that was me disrespecting her because that's her fiance and i don't have the right to demand that he should have let me know when he got back into the country. LOL. It's funny now, but back then i was so pissed. I had an exam the next week and the whole scenario was ridiculous and was the last thing i needed to be dealing with because it was so baseless. The conversation she was referring to was a 2 min conversation conducted in pidgin english where i called to make sure he was back safely from Nigeria. This was 3 days after he was supposed to be back and i called him 3 days prior and never heard back. So that evening i remembered i still hadn't heard from him, called him and asked if he didn't see i called him, why didn't he call back to let me know he got back safely. He said he had been busy, i said okay i just wanted to make sure he was back and went back to studying.

How this got turned into me disrespecting a rat that would probably not be bold enough to come speak to me in real life, i will never know. Am i psychic to know she was sitting next to him while he took my 2 minute call? She had never liked that i would comment on his pictures in pidgin (she's a non-pidgin english speaking hispanic) and i was always teasing him about something (back when i was still on facebook). She knew we were very close friends and even started her tirade by saying that she knows i am his closest friend in America. Long story short, after the dust from that madness had settled, my dear friend cut me off o, like completely. Radio silence. I wasn't kidding when i said he was like my brother. It took two years for me to start feeling hurt because for the first two i was so mad at him for being a punk.

Anyway, since then once my guy friends get engaged or married the friendship is over in my head. I don't even want to be hi hello friends with them. It's different with my married female friends. Our friendship stays pretty much the same. Not very close.

 There are two guys in the history of my life who i consider my best friends and vice versa. One i've known since 1996 and the other since 2000/2001. These are my ride or die people. Two weeks ago i got a whatsapp message in the middle of the night from one of my best friends in Nigeria, the one person besides my brother who knows how to handle my anger (especially back in the day when my crase was at its peak). Rain or shine, he's someone i can 100% say will do anything in his power just to make me happy. This is one person who i know has my back 24/7. The text message read "I'm getting married Dec 26th". I just looked at the message and went back to sleep. I thought i was dreaming. The next evening i remembered the  message and checked and saw that this guy really sent me a text. I re-read it and got pissed! Like, stupidly, pissed in a way that made no sense.

First time I heard of this chic was on October 29th, my birthday. He was sharing the news of him dating someone. I was like cool. He was supposed to get married last year but things didn't work and he was messed up for a while. He said he didn't think he would ever get married after that. Story for the gods. We haven't talked since my birthday and the next thing i'm hearing is that he is getting married. Color me confused and shocked. Na so dem dey marry for naija? I was just mad, upset, angry, mad and mad at him. He even got his dad to talk to me because i was mad at him and after the dad told me they approved of the chic and he thinks he made a right choice, compared to the disaster of last year (his words not mine) i sort of calmed down but that didn't last. I just get angry thinking about the way he told me and how fast everything went.What kind of crappy friend tells their so called "best friend" that they are getting married less than 2 weeks before. I'm sitting here thinking when did you meet this one? When did it became marriage serious and why am i getting informed through a stupid text message?

No, she's not pregnant (time will tell). He said it started like a joke, then he ran with it and he didn't know how to tell me. The wedding was even supposed to be earlier than the 26th because his dad wanted that but he pushed it back. Talk true. I guess he would have told me the day of or after the fact. Dem they see like that. I am very angry. On his wedding day, being the devil that i am, i sent him a text saying merry christmas, happy married life, happy new year and happy birthday (his birthday is right after new years). Have a nice life, our friendship is officially over. (paraphrased)

Am i being ridiculous? Yes......
Am i being irrational? Maybe yes.......
Am i being immature? Very much so.....

But i'm just angry in a way i can't fully understand or even articulate. No, i don't want him for myself. If i did we would have been married years and years ago.  I feel like he didn't give me enough warning to prepare myself for the end of our friendship as i know it. This is someone i could call any time of the day or night. I can't do that anymore because that would be disrespectful to his wife and i like to respect myself. I needed more time to adjust to this change because it is a huge one for me. No one respects marriage more than me (which is why i would never enter into it lightly if at all), so personally don't think i should continue to be his best friend after he is someone else's husband. Plus if i am really his best friend like he says, i would have known about this blossoming relationship as it was happening and not just be blindsided by a wedding date 2 weeks prior. He called me yesterday and i didn't answer. I feel like i'm being immature but i just can't help myself. Besides, isn't he supposed to be on his honeymoon, what is he calling me for? Mscheeewww!

I answered him today because i was trying to stop being a bitch about the whole thing, but I'm in full bitch mode already and I just couldn't snap out of it. He gained a wife and I lost a best friend without proper warning. I am allowed to be in my feelings. My other best friend called me today randomly and i made sure to warn not to try that madness. He was like, we already talked about this, I bring her to you to vet and approve before anything can happen. I was like eh hen, you still have sense. LOL. I'm just a fool.

To all those of u winches thinking I should go and find my own husband, I say NO!  Wetin consign u? Besides, it would take a miracle for me to find a man I would want to marry. Miracle! Most men are animals. To make matters worse, most Nigerian men are wild animals. Quote me!

*Post 999* Pat on the back, Sis!

Tomorrow's post on  Dec 31st would be the 1000th post of this blog. Epic things. 

Monday, December 29, 2014


I'm currently reading Back to Joy, Little reminders that help up through tough times by June Cotner. It is a compilation of poems and quotes which i highly recommend. There's a poem in the book that really cracked me up. I read it while i was on the plane on my way home and I had to stop myself from bursting out laughing so people don't think i'm crazy. It has a quirky humor that i wasn't expecting from this kind of book. The writer of this poem is so my kind of person. I found her website too. You can click on the title to link to her website

Bad things are going to happen.
Your tomatoes will grow a fungus
and your cat will get run over.
Someone will leave the bag with the ice cream
melting in the car and throw
your blue cashmere sweater in the drier.
Your husband will sleep
with a girl your daughter’s age, her breasts spilling
out of her blouse. Or your wife
will remember she’s a lesbian
and leave you for the woman next door. The other cat–
the one you never really liked–will contract a disease
that requires you to pry open its feverish mouth
every four hours. Your parents will die.
No matter how many vitamins you take,
how much Pilates, you’ll lose your keys,
your hair and your memory. If your daughter
doesn’t plug her heart
into every live socket she passes,
you’ll come home to find your son has emptied
the refrigerator, dragged it to the curb,
and called the used appliance store for a pick up–drug money.
There’s a Buddhist story of a woman chased by a tiger.
When she comes to a cliff, she sees a sturdy vine
and climbs half way down. But there’s also a tiger below.
And two mice–one white, one black–scurry out
and begin to gnaw at the vine. At this point
she notices a wild strawberry growing from a crevice.
She looks up, down, at the mice.
Then she eats the strawberry.
So here’s the view, the breeze, the pulse
in your throat. Your wallet will be stolen, you’ll get fat,
slip on the bathroom tiles of a foreign hotel
and crack your hip. You’ll be lonely.
Oh taste how sweet and tart
the red juice is, how the tiny seeds
crunch between your teeth.

- Ellen Bass

Sunday, December 28, 2014

You are crazy.......

Me - No i'm not
You - You are mentally unstable
Me- No, i'm not
You - You have mental health issues
Me- ummmm, maybe

Friend- Why would you write about being depressed on a public blog? You shouldn't have done that. Nigerians are very judgmental people. They will see you as defective and crazy and will look down on you.

I know someone who refused to go see a psychologist to assess his need for anger management and would rather go to jail, all because if he went to see one, it meant they thought he was mad and he wasn't mad. Of course, said person is a Nigerian. I know how the average nigerian views mental health issues. But that's not my problem. The reason i wrote about my experience was to let anyone who might be going through the same thing  know that they are not alone and they can and should get help. I don't care if that means narrow minded faceless people on the internet now think less of me and have ammunition to use to insult me. The people who the post was meant for would appreciate it and that's all that matters.

25% of all med students become depressed. 1 in 4, that's a lot and it's mostly situational depression. Med schools are getting better at identifying and providing resources. My school is pretty good about it, actually very good. We get random emails about it, secure online services and they are very good at getting you what you need,. I heard about 2 interns who killed themselves in August after a month of internship. Medicine can be brutal. 300-400 doctors kill themselves every year. We can't bury our heads in the sand and pretty this does not happen. People who are not depressed don't kill themselves. This is why I am so careful about guarding myself these days. My happiness comes before anything. I will not tolerate any threat to it, either in the form of persons, places or things. If anyone is as much as subtracting from my life, they are gone in a second. I am working really hard to achieve a balance and have a life outside of medicine.

I personally think the worst person is a fellow med student or physician who tries to minimize another med student/physicians experience because they have been through the same thing, so assume they know it all. So what if there is nothing new under the sun, like i was told, that doesn't mean we react to the same things the same way or that because we are both in medicine our experiences are exactly the same. You might have had more social support that the next med student/physician or they might have health issues that you don't have. I hate when people do that. Just shut up and focus on yourself. Your oversabi is not appreciated especially if you are not bringing any positive thing to the table. Face front.

Interviewer- Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
Me: I want to be writer who is a doctor

Medicine will never be all my life is about. That's a recipe for disaster. I've had a taste of that and never again

The future looks so much brighter. I feel so blessed because the negatives turned out to be positive.
A classic case of a blessing in disguised. This is what happens when you hang in there and get the help that you need. Sooner or later, it stops raining and the sun starts to shine again.

 P.S. I hate it when people go on and on about how they haven't heard from me when they themselves haven't contacted me at all. The last time i checked, it takes two to stay in contact. It's one thing if they tried to reach me and i know that bad as i am, i am pretty good at responding to people. Some of my friends need to be reset as they are forgetting themselves especially the ones with wives. SMH.

Saturday, December 27, 2014

I weighed myself....

...two days ago. 
It's not pretty. 
I asked my mom if she was sure the scale was not broken. 
It's not. 
Going by the scale it means in exactly a year i have gained 32lbs 
This is the heaviest i have ever been in my entire 50 years on earth. 
Okay, i'm not yet 50 but i'm getting there swiftly.

I need Jesus.

Friday, December 26, 2014

Tell me about yourself

I'm very surprised at not only how much i miss the interview trail but that i miss it at all. I miss the travelling, new places, experiences, feeling like a hotel hopper ( i stayed in about 14 different hotels since october), meeting new people and the actual interviews. I wouldn't say i am an interviewing pro but I got very comfortable with it. The secret is being yourself and not worrying about having rehearsed answers. That's what worked for me. Well, worked in terms of getting through the process with as little stress as possible. I haven't matched yet and if i end up matching into my 17th choice, then we would know that was a stupid strategy. Anyway, after being nervous for the first couple of interviews, I was just like this is not sustainable. Being myself is the easiest thing to do and I just went with it.

While i still hate the tell me about yourself question more than anything, it's a very predictable question and an easy one to prepare for. Guess who refused to do that? Me! I had a different answer each time i was asked. It all depended on which way the wind was blowing that day. Some i've started off talking about how i like to draw. I know the expected answer is to sell yourself and highlight why would you be a great resident.  No one is going to say I'm not a team player and i hate talking to patients. It's easy to sit there and list off all my supposed good qualities but how many people are just saying what they think the interviewer wants to hear.

I can't say my strategy didn't bite me in the butt because i found myself saying things that were not necessary to say like being Nigerian and where i went to for undergrad. LOL. All those things are not new information to the interviewer and that's what what they are asking. I guess a little rehearsal doesn't hurt anyone.

The biggest thing I learnt through this process is that I actually am funny/witty. I would say i made more then 70% of the people who interviewed me either laugh, chuckle or at least crack a smile. I had interview coordinatiors cracking up. One of them refused to give me a handshake when i was leaving, she wanted a hug. Like i said, if i match at my God forbid choices then i know i just interviewed like a bumbling idiot. I told a second year resident who was interviewing me that he was scaring me because his face was just straight and expressionless. LOL. I kid you not. He wasn't expecting that. At the end of the interview when he was walking me out, he told me he liked my personality. I've had a straight faced interviewer (a female resident) at the different program. She just made me so uncomfortable. I didn't joke with her o cos she seemed stuck up and I wasn't feeling the program. But i could joke with the male resident because we walked together after noon report and talked on the way back so when he switched into interviewer mode, I was comfortable joking with him.

It was a good interview season. I have some pretty decent options and i would be happy matching in any of my top 5 or even top 10 program. But i still have to spend time figuring out my rank order and that's hard work. I can't faff my way through that.

P.S. I like this poem. It helped me answer the Tell me about your question.

“who are you

you are not a name
 or a height, or a weight
or a gender
you are not an age
and you are not where you are from

 you are your favorite books
 and the songs stuck in your head
you are your thoughts
and what you eat for breakfast on Saturday mornings
 you are a thousand things
but everyone chooses to see the million things you are not

you are not where you are from
you are where you are going a
nd i'd like to go there too" - Madisen Kuhn

Keep Praying

I got on my sister's case for using the "just pray" platitude on her friend today. I think a lot of times when that is said, it's just bull shit because the problem needs more than just prayer. I know sometimes the only solution a person can find to a problem is to just pray because there is no other practical solution. Everything else is out of your hands and it's a way to have a bit of control over a problem. At least you are doing something by praying. I get that. What I don't get is people who expect manna to fall from heaven.

I am not the greatest friend out there. I used to be good at it but I have seen too much and really can't be bothered anymore. I will be the first to admit that I put minimal effort into friendships these days so when a friend called asking me why she hadn't heard from me and she was wondering what she did, I was like why do you have to have done something, I'm just a bad friend.My brain is not firing in the direction of reaching out to friends these days. Anyway, this friend just helped solidify why I don't have energy for friendships anymore.  I am a practical person. When I have a problem, I look for a solution and focus on fixing it. I don't just sit there and twiddle my thumbs hoping for the best. Complain if you must, but do something!
She has a problem, the desired outcome is plan A.  I have given her options for Plan B since almost 3 years ago and repeated it again today, but she would rather put all her eggs in one basket and keep whining and moaning about the same shit. I care about you but I can't be the listening ear for that especially when you have refused to look at other solutions to your problem.

Being the good friend that I am, I told her to keep praying. Just keep praying...........

I'm such a hypocrite. LOL. Nigerians love religious platitudes. SMH. Keep praying, God is in control. Hey, it helped me get out of the conversation faster and for that I am thankful.

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Throw down with NaijaScorpio

Preparations are in high gear right now over at the naijascorpio temporary kitchen site situated at thy sister's house for a massive christmas day feast.
Lies she tells.
No be only massive feast. But we are about to throw down thanks to the awesome All Nigerian Recipes cookbook by Aunt Flo of

I finally got to look through the book which has turned my sister into an overnight chef wey no dey let person hear word again.  Her food is actually good so i can't hate. The cookbook is very nicely done. The quality of the paper used for the book sef is even on point. She has step by step picture directions and I was both equally amazed and impressed at how much time and effort she obviously put into creating this book and I think it is worth every penny you pay for it. You have to be both blind and illiterate not to be able to use this book. All i need now is to find a willing purchaser of said book for me because if i steal my sister's book, I know she will look for me, she will find me and she will kill me. Aunt Flo did not send me message o. I was just very impressed with the quality of the book and had to give kudos. Anything worth doing is worth doing well and I am impressed.

It just occured to me yesterday that if i blog every day until New year's day, then my New Year's day post will be my 1000th post. How awesome is that?! So therefore brothers and sisters in the lord, you will be hearing daily from me now on. To celebrate my 1000th post, i will NOT be having a give away because broke people don't give away shit. Is there anything like a Take From? I will gladly host that!!!

Instead I have decided to ............

 ........drum roll please............

allow comments. I know! How exciting. If only it came with money, I bet people will be more excited but pray for me to win the lottery then we can celebrate appropriately. So make it worth my while people, start composing your epic comments. I really should just line up all my silent readers especially the ones with google accounts and bloggggsssss and just flog all of you. Like serious flogging.

Let's reconnect in 2015. For fellow bloggers, i can't promise to reciprocate the blog comments. You know who always used to comment on my blog even though i hardly commented  her blog.... Toinilicious. I noticed because she was one of the few bloggers who commented regardless. In this blogging world of wash me I wash you, it was commendable.

Why didn't i comment on her blog? Because I hardly read it.
Why didn't i read her blog? Because I stopped reading 99% of blogs.
I have been a fly by night blogger and was really disconnected from everything, which is why it was so easy for me to get rid of my twitter.

I'm not promising to change in 2015 that would be a recipe for disaster but i am open.

How did this post veer into this? This was supposed to be about food!

Proposed menu includes
  • Fried Rice
  • Chin chin
  • Meat pie
  • Buns
  • Puff puff
Where is Inspector food police in all this you might ask? I'll let you know tomorrow night. I have managed to lose my appetite in the process anyway and haven't been wanting to eat as much. My evil sister told me my body looked less bloated today. SMH. 

P.S. I reserve the right to change my mind about the comments thing. My relationship with this blog still feel weird. Yes, i have issues and we all know that by now.

Rest in Peace to Bleu my Parakeet of 7 years who died today. I'm losing my Nigerianness. I screamed oh my god twice when i saw him lying dead in his cage this evening. Slap some kpako into me somebody please! His friend brother Ping died earlier this year. I got both of them in 2007.

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Crazy People

Seems like there are a lot of undiagnosed, untreated mentally ill people in this country lately. It is actually quite alarming. The news these days is a daily nightmare to the point that I have become an ostrich. I would rather bury my head in the sand, but there's just no escaping it. There used to be mental asylums in the United States but those were all closed down, laws changed and now we have a lot of lunatics roaming the streets. Their family members are unable to do anything because it's hard to commit an adult to psych just because you think they need it.

I just watched a video that scared the crap out of me. Since early October I've been driving all over for interviews. I literally drove 1000s of miles, at least 3000. On my way back from the first interview i had in December I noticed a car was tailgating me like crazy. I hate that and I don't do it to people if i can help it. I would rather just pass if i can and let you go on your merry way. Anyway, this car was tailgating me so i switched lanes to the slower lane and they switched lanes also right behind me. It was dark and I had no clue who was in the other car but i was getting uncomfortable. So i  switched back to the fast lane and they drove up beside me and were going the same speed. It was obvious whoever was driving was trying to antagonize me. I have no clue what i did but i must have done something, only Jesus knows. I deliberately decreased my speed just so this lunatic could go away. Just when i thought this person was gone, about 5 mins later they were right behind me again with their light on high beam. I almost had a heart attack because it was so unexpected. Like this person just drove right behind me and put on their high beam. I was like which kind wahala is this. I just wanted to get home in peace.

As soon as i could i switched lanes to be behind a truck and slowed down significantly because I wanted to make sure i didn't run into this mad person again. I have no interest in being in any kind of road rage. I have a friend who almost has a heart attack every time she's driving because she is such an awful road rager.
 Everything and everyone annoys her on the road and she gets really heated. I don't get it. I can't be having high blood pressure everyday because of people i don't know. She's even screamed and pushed on MY horn when i was driving her one day. I had to tell her to cool it. She's comfortable doing this because she thinks everyone is sane, until she meets a truly crazy person on the road one day. We had a rotation together and we were neighbors at the time so we rode together sometimes. It was an interesting month. I am a driving to relax kind of person. I put on my music and relax while driving. I've had a lady scream at me and flip me off before and I just grinned and blew her a kiss (it pained her!!! lol. Cos she screamed some more before driving off). I think i cut her off, but it wasn't that serious.

This all started when she flipped the lady off. I bet that chic will never flip another driver off on the road again for the rest of her life. Craze pass craze. But for real though, what's with all the crazy people in this country this days? It's become so pervasive. It's sad that at a time when they are most needed, there is a major shortage of psychiatrists in the country. 

Monday, December 22, 2014

Am I really that fat?!.....

Mom: Yessssss........!!!! (In the most dramatic way ever)
Me: Bursted out laughing almost falling into the open fridge.

Yes people, I am under siege by the chief of the food police aka my mother here in Atlanta, GA. After watching the trailer for my big fat fabulous life a few days ago, one of my bosses (my 5 year old niece), told me I was fat a little bit. Not a lot, but just a little bit. Shey u people see what long throat of free interview food has caused. I interviewed at some pretty good programs. one program took me to dinner, breakfast and lunch. Like, they sent a resident to come pick me up for breakfast, forget hotel breakfast. Most places fed me dinner and lunch and it's hard to pick healthy options when u are getting free good food. Multiply all this food with the number of interviews I've done and u can see why my mother is panicking.

Her instruction to me this morning was to weigh myself, which I didn't do. I have no clue how much I weigh, but I think it would be safe to say I've gained at least 10-15,lbs. It's obvious when I look at my face in the mirror. Thankfully, I only have one interview left at the end of January, so my free food days are over.

But for the next 10 days while I am in the presence of my mother, every food intake will be scrutinized and approved. Now I see why my sister was disciplined enough to lose all her mommy weight. My mom was nagging her after her first baby, but after boss number 2 was born it was kicked into high gear. Lol. My mom is awesome..... A very awesome wahala woman. It's easier to just tow the line than to deal with her mouth. Thankfully, I know it's from a good place, so I can't be offended but after dreaming about needing to lose weight yesterday, I know say water don pass garri.

Last night I had to sneak downstairs to get a snack. She refused to listen when I told her I can't sleep when I'm hungry. She told me to train my stomach. She eats super healthy and can out run me any day, any time. I don't blame her sha, it's all Dr. Oz's fault.

In all fairness, I have been under the weather and in the last few days developed major GI issues. I probably had an ileus or something. That's how and why she focused on my feeding habits. I ended up not going to see foxy P at Ik's cafe and grill. It's been a rough week and it sucks that I have spent a whole week feeling like boiled crap. I am starting to feel better, so hopefully my last week at home will be more productive.

Thursday, December 11, 2014

Meet and Greet?

Hey everyone,

I'm about to get a well deserved and earned break from this torture fest aka interviewing. After tomorrow, I will have one more interview left which I scheduled for the end of January.  So I have the rest of December to decompress. I had the idea of doing a meet and greet in Atlanta. Foxy P and the other Touts are going to be performing at Ike's cafe and grill, a Nigerian restaurant in Norcross. I had planned to go there anyway, but since foxy P is going to be there on the dec 21st, I want to go on that day. There's no extra charge for going on that day, you just pay for your meal like you would normally do.

Anyhoodle, I figured this was a good way to meet some of the readers of this blog and we can have dinner. That's if anyone is interested. No serial killers allowed. I will be coming with my body guards, rape whistle, pepper spray and tasers. So, don't play.

FYI: this is not some kind of indirect advertisement for Ike's cafe o! I've never been there so I can't vouch for the food, but my sister has and she liked it. As for Foxy P, I am Philo's number one fan so I can't pass up the opportunity to meet him in person.

I don't know what time the Touts are supposed to be there, so I can't give a time yet. If you are interested in the meet and greet, email me Like I said, no serial killers or any other cray crays of that nature. This is just dinner, at least on my end. We eat, gist, and I go home afterwards.

Let me know.

Time for another pre-interview dinner. I swear I have gained at least 10 lbs. It's not fun anymore. I just want to get to the hotel, relax and go to sleep. But no!!!! Some of the programs even start the interview during the dinner. You are trying to eat and some resident is questioning you. Some are so obvious and awkward about it, it makes for an unpleasant evening. Mschew.

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Relationship Enhancement :)

It's that time of year again! 
Time to pass on the savings! 
Give yourself a gift, 
Give your friends and family members a gift that shows you care :) :) 

My sister is having a sale and i'm extending this info to my blog readers because i'm nice like that. 
I don't get anything by doing this o
(Just being a good sister)

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Monday, December 1, 2014

I'm in Love....

with one smallie like this,
Kevin Ross

I heard his glade commercial and i was like who's son is that?!
Thanks to my BFF google,
I found him!!! 

This has always being my favorite time of year. I wish everyone much joy, peace and happiness. Be well.
Hey guys, welcome to my blog. Sit back, relax, grab a cup of coffee and enjoy!

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