Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Thank you, Jesus

I'm so happy today is Dec 31st, 2013. I am glad 2013 is about to be over. It was such a horrible year.

2014, please be awesome. 

Monday, December 23, 2013

Sitting Duck?

It's the end of the day/beginning of a new day and i am exhausted from doing nothing. I did manage to clean my apartment, wash dishes, pack my bags and study a little bit (someone has CS this week). Jetting off tomorrow once again, I don't particularly like flying, but hey! I spent the greater past of the last 48 hours watching shows on ID. I have scared myself to the point that i am convinced someone is coming into my apartment in my absence. I'm not even kidding. When i came back from Thanksgiving, i noticed my Lilac colored towel was missing. I was bit baffled as I live alone and i enjoy a neat and tidy environment (a little bit of OCD might be going on there), so i know exactly where things are, and if they are not there, there are not a lot of places to look before i find them. It has bothered me for the last two weeks but i put it out of my mind because it makes no sense. I have pink, black, brown, green and lilac towels and the lilac was my favorite and now it just disappeared.

I have come back home and noticed my hand soap had been moved from my kitchen sink to my bathroom. I thought i was going crazy because i have no recollection of moving it there, but i just said maybe i did move it but don't remember. Then a few weeks before thanksgiving, one of the maintenance guys who lives in the building, had come in with the manager to work on my heat. The next day evening around 9ish, there's a knock on my door, i was on my phone, asked who it was and he mentioned his name, so i continued talking as i arranged myself, told the person to hold, then opened the door. He said he just wanted to make sure the heat was working fine and didn't mean to disturb me. I thought that was a bit odd but was too upset with the conversation i was having on the phone to give it much thought. 

Now after watching all these crimes shows, i am scared and feel like a sitting duck, just waiting for life to happen or not happen with no ability to defend myself. I'm not referring to this dude, just generally. I'm like, i have to go learn how to defend myself. I don't know what situation i might find myself in the future, i would like to be able to know what to do. I think a lot of those stories might have turned out differently if those ladies had some sort of self defense training. I'm not even kidding. I have always been safety conscious ever since armed robbers came into our house and robbed us when i was in Nigeria.  That experience was a blessing in disguise because none of us were hurt and all that was lost was money and jewelry, but we learnt a lot from experience. As a young female who lives alone, i have never taken my safety for granted and i don't walk around in la la land oblivious to my surroundings. Everyday as soon as i get in my car, the first thing i do is hit lock. I never assume just because i'm in my apartment complex i'm safe, so you won't catch me going to the laundry room after dark. All this was before i watched those shows yesterday and today. This is why they shouldn't let me watch TV. I actually don't feel safe anymore. 

So i decided to write a bucket list and number 2 on my list was to become a black belt in Karate which came after becoming physically fit/strong. I need to be able to whoop some ass if need be. My friend's 10 yr old daughter is a year away from reaching the first level of a black belt in karate. I'm jealous. I'm not even kidding. I think it's awesome when girls have skills to be able to defend themselves. Bad things happen everywhere. Too many sickos given free reign to roam the earth committing crimes against poor defenseless people. I'm not watching those shows anymore. I can't live like this. 

On that note, since i might be gone for a few days from this blog I was thinking of asking you guys what you think i should keep or ditch in 2014 in regard to anything. I would have allowed anonymous comments but i think some people get unruly when they are allowed to speak anonymously. I know some readers would like that option and i did make that available but less than 24 hours after i did that, someone was already talking out the side of their face. While we are at it, i think i should speak on that. I am aware of the concept of turning the other cheek and being the bigger person and being mature and all of that good stuff which sounds good on paper, but i don't necessarily subscribe to that, especially not on my blog where i answer to no one. This blog is not a democracy. I am the alpha and omega, the president, her royal highness and the queen of nigerianscorpio.com and if you come on my space and say what i don't like, depending on the way the sun is shining that day, I might just decide to slay you. Like it or not, i run this!

Damn! I just sounded like a narcissistic bitch. LOL. But hey, you can't ever say i never entertained you. 

If I don't blog before Dec. 25th, have a Merry Christmas.
Thank you for reading my blog

Shuga Naija Episodes 3 and 4

Just caught up. OMG,OMG,OMG! I'm going to need a Shuga watching partner. The excitement is too much for me continue to watch this alone. I need to talk to someone about what i'm seeing. See me stifling screams at almost 2am. It's getting really good.

Sunday, December 22, 2013

Awoof dey run belle

I feel sick and I blame myself. I don't know which i prefer, cold or abdominal pain. I think i prefer having a cold. I went home for thanksgiving, my nieces were just recovering from colds and the 4 yr old still had a cough. I always take charge of her when i visit (the baby refused to send me this time), so i would always feed her. Well, she's a slow eater and not too into food so you have to talk, threaten and bribe her to chew and swallow, while all this is going on, of cause i think i'm invincible, forgetting everything i learned in my peds rotations about how these kids are a cesspool of germs and infection, so as i feed her, i eat also with the same spoon. Guess who got majorly sick after i left? Me! I had sore throat, lost my voice, had sinusitis, was coughing like a hag, as those symptoms improved, my nose started running like a mother. I had to travel and bought 3 little things of kleenex, in just one 2 hr flight, i had used up two. I cleaned my nose so much, underneath became red and sore and almost started to peel. As soon as i got home, it was straight to wet wipes. It was horrible. My runny nose just stopped 3 days ago. My schoolmate had a baby and i couldn't carry him until 2 days ago.

As i was leaving from going to see her, she offered me some Milk as she had a lot, new mom things. Like a lot of black people, i happen to be lactose intolerance and i have ONLY drank soy milk (only, only, only, exclusively) since 2004. She knows this about me, but she had Lactaid, which is supposed to be okay for lactose intolerant people as it does not have the lactose which our bodies can't breakdown. However, i had heard that some lactose intolerant people still had trouble with Lactaid, so i mentioned it to her and she said her husband who is also lactose intolerant, had it and was fine. Now, since i hadn't anything besides silk soymilk, i had no reason to think i would not be fine. So i drank the milk twice yesterday. I was perfectly fine. I stayed up until around 2am then woke up at 4ish with the worst abdominal pains ever. I have issues with my stomach, but not this type of pain. This was diffuse, crampy and intense. I've never had food poisoning in my life but it felt like this was what i had and i couldn't figure out why because i hardly ever eat out and definitely didn't eat out yesterday. I couldn't figure out why i would have diarrhea and this type of stomach pain.

So about Noon, i decide to drag myself to eat some cereal. Pick up the carton of Lactaid and that's when the light bulb finally came on. I was just like, stupid, stupid girl. I never even thought of that. I guess the people who came up with the saying "Awoof dey run belle" knew exactly what they were saying. So here i am, feeling crappy, no sleep with shit to do. I'll just respect myself and stick to my Soy milk from now on. Lactaid can go straight to the hottest part of hell for this bullshit.

I only accept sympathy in cash. Otherwise, no worry. I'm going to lie down. 

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Desperate to get into Medical School (Become a Doctor)

Read the story below. When i have time, i will talk about my opinion on what he did and share a bit on how i got into med school.

Aspiring medical student sentenced to three months in prison in MCAT hacking case By Matt Zapotosky,
Unhappy with his middling scores on the standardized test for aspiring medical students, Bosung Shim tried to hack into the Association of American Medical Colleges computer system and change them. When that didn’t work, he hired other hackers to help.
The 24-year-old Rockville man — the son of two doctors from South Korea — “felt that he really needed to go to medical school,” his attorney said in court Friday. But his desperate — though not wholly unsuccessful — attempts instead landed him in prison.

A federal judge in Alexandria sentenced Shim on Friday to three months of incarceration, followed by seven months in which he will have to report to a sort-of halfway house each night. The sentence was short of the 10-month prison term prosecutors had sought, but U.S. District Judge T.S. Ellis III said he hoped it would serve as a “beacon” to others who might be tempted to hack their way to academic success.

“This is a not insignificant sentence,” Ellis said, adding that Shim’s freedom would be “significantly curtailed.”

Shim, who pleaded guilty in October to intentionally accessing a protected computer without authorization, said in court Friday that his conduct was “completely unacceptable” and that he was ready to “take the consequences,” whatever they may be.

“I want to be, and I will be, an honest person, your honor,” he said.

In court and in written filings, prosecutors portrayed Shim as a desperate fraudster whose effort to change his Medical College Admission Test scores was one of several schemes he launched to help secure jobs and improve his medical school admission prospects.

Shim, a University of Michigan graduate, began studying computer-hacking techniques in May 2011, and the next month, he tried to hack into the University of Michigan’s computer system to change his grades — which constituted “barely over a 3.0” grade point average, according to Ellis and prosecutors.
When that attempt failed, prosecutors said, he tried a more old-fashioned approach: downloading copies of transcripts, recommendation letters and diplomas from the Internet to create a fraudulent transcript of his own. He paid $1,000 for paper similar to that used in authentic University of Michigan documents, prosecutors said.

“This is not just an isolated incident,” federal prosecutor Peter V. Roman said of Shim’s misdeeds. “This is not a one-time thing.”

Shim was legitimately awarded a bachelor’s of science in biomedical engineering in August 2011, according to a University of Michigan spokeswoman. Still, he sent his faked transcript to the Association of American Medical Colleges as part of a medical school application packet, prosecutors wrote. He also used it to help win a research position at the National Institutes of Health, prosecutors wrote. The NIH said in a statement that Shim worked as a fellow — not a full-fledged employee — from September 2012 to September 2013 and declined to comment further.

All the while, Shim struggled to earn an MCAT score to his liking. He took the test seven times between March 2009 and July 2012, and chose to receive only two scores: a 22 and a 25. Possible scores on the test range from 3 to 45.
Prosecutors wrote in court filings that Shim tried to hack into the association’s computer system in July 2012 to change his scores or to at least change the records so he could take the MCAT again. When his own efforts failed, prosecutors wrote, he paid hackers $6,000 to help him. At least one absconded with $600. While others were able to access the computer system, the association detected the intrusion and soon began shutting down databases and blocking IP addresses associated with Shim’s computers.

Roman said investigators were “looking into” possible charges against the other hackers.

Frank Trinity, chief legal officer for the Association of American Medical Colleges, said that the association ultimately thwarted Shim’s and others’ efforts to modify scores but that the intrusion into the system required costly repairs. The association ultimately spent more than $31,600 to fix the damage, authorities said. Shim admitted the hacking to Secret Service agents in March, although two months later, prosecutors wrote, he began another scheme: creating a fake graduate transcript to submit with his job and medical school applications.

Defense attorney Jeffrey Hamberger said his client, whose parents also worked as Christian missionaries in Albania, “felt the pressure to have done better than he had” in college.

“He forgot his upbringing,” Hamberger said, “and it was restored to him.”
Hamberger asked Ellis not to sentence Shim to any prison time. After the hearing, Hamberger said the sentence was a “thoughtful” one that “served the purpose the judge said it would.” Shim said he was prepared for the punishment.
“I stated in open court that whatever the consequences, I’ll take it,” he said

Monday, December 16, 2013

Innate Atheists?

If children understand that beliefs should be substantiated with evidence, as opposed to tradition, authority, revelation or faith, they will automatically work out for themselves that they are atheists - Richard Dawkins
This is hands down my favorite quote of the year!!!!!!

For the majority of people, whatever religion you are born into is the religion you practice and followers of other religions are wrong and you are right and your way is the only way. Hmmm......... Early indoctrination. Catch them young.

If i had kids right now, I would be uncomfortable with raising them in a particular religion. If they end up being religious, i want it to be something they found for themselves, because I don't believe half of these religious stuff and the only reason it's even in my consciousness is that i was raised in the church....well from the age of 9. I guess certain things stick and i don't particularly like it.

I think being religious has made our country worse. I honestly think so. A lot of people voluntarily take leave of their common sense all in the name of christianity. We now have terrorist groups, with SUICIDE bombers in Nigeria. I remember when Mutallab first tried to bomb a plane, people said no true Nigerian would be a suicide bomber. Well, I guess religious fanatism would turn the most self preserving Nigerian into a holy warrior. Sad all around.

I think this guy is mad talented - Molest the Like Button

 I love Njideka

Saturday, December 14, 2013

Shuga Naija: Ep2 (Shine Eye)

Episode 2 was so much better. But seriously, why did they cast an ugly Ekene? I'm just speaking my mind. You people should free me. He reminds me of someone i dislike and that doesn't help matters. I can't complain about his acting but for a lead male role, dem no try. What happened to all the fine boys in naija?

Life lessons from the trenches: Boarding School 103

Read 101 and 102

If all else fails and you couldn't  get water to bath, then you had to do "rub and shine". My school was kind of close of the North, so during the harmattan months, it got pretty cold. We had to learn to bath with ice cold water, mind you, our bathrooms were out in the open. I wish I could draw a picture, but I can't so use your imagination while I do my best to describe this. It was an open structure made with blocks with no roof, divided into bathroom stalls. There was no main door which you could shut. Each bathroom stall had a rod across where you could hang ur towel. If people were running late, they bathed out in the open at the very end of the dorm (that was discouraged).

So during harmattan season, even if you had water because it was so cold some people resorted to "rub and shine" which is not to be confused with a sponge bath. For the uninformed, rub and shine consists of washing your face, armpits and privates, then applying Vaseline or whatever lotion you used. Back then most of us used Vaseline or Johnson's baby oil. I wasn't a big fan of rub and shine but I did it maybe 2-3 times during my 3 years in that school and this brings me to what  happened on Wednesday. So I'm at the point in my life where I am hopping from place to place trying to find a job aka applying for residency. I got to this hotel which the program provided at a discount. First of all, they should remove the Best and the Plus from their name. They can keep western if they chose. The radiator (heater) in the room kept blowing cold air. I called the front desk and they sent their maintenance guy. By the time he came in the room, it was blowing hot air. Within an hour after he left, cold air again. I figured it would alternate between cold and hot air but that never happened.

Thankfully, I always travel with a hoodie because I have to sleep with my ears covered. I woke up at least 4 times during the night freezing my ass off. My hoodie was actually cold to touch. We had to have checked out of the hotel and be ready to take the shuttle to the program by 645am. I woke up by 545am and it was a struggle because I barely slept. Brushed my teeth, started heating up water for my tea using the coffee maker, turned on the shower which was spitting out ice cold water. The temperature outside was about 22degrees F. I let the shower run for 5 mins and checked again, still ice cold, 10 minutes later, it was still bringing out ice cold water and I was like there's no way in hell I am stepping in this shower. I just remembered being in boarding school. By this time, it was past 6, this was not the time to be calling the front desk and I was like, this people are not going to worry me. I went to boarding school and survived, I can adapt to anything. Luckily, the bathroom sink had hot water, so I put a towel on the floor and grabbed my wash cloth. My initial thought was to do rub and shine but I was like, there's hot running water from the sink why not do rub and shine deluxe, aka sponge bath. So I calmly proceeded to take a sponge bath, which worked out very well. Like I said, those people were not about to worry me.

In this instance, I think going to boarding school and having to learn to adapt to difficult situations very early on helped me not to panic and come up with a simple solution without wasting time. I got out of a lot of sticky situations in boarding school by quick thinking. I never worked on the black field (long story) and by JSS 3 I was getting out of road work which involved waking someone up at 6am on Saturday morning to go jogging on the streets of the village all in the name of exercise. I refused to be about that life back then and I had a convenient side pain which never went away. That was such a psychosomatic symptom now that i think about it.  There was the day our matron (dorm mother) fondly called Matey, caught us in dorm during class time and I wasn't quick enough to run. I just lay down, covered myself and became sick. Being that I was one of the "good girls" thanks to my innocent looking face, she believed me easily and said I should come get food from her office later that evening and go to the infirmary instead of lying alone in the dorm.The other girls she caught were not so lucky.

There was the time we had gone to steal corn from the farm and brought it back to the dorm to cook. At this time, there were only JSS3 girls in school because we had to stay back to prepare for our JSS 3 exam (Junior WAEC). The caterer, plumber and kitchen women decided to do an impromptu raid of the dorms. See chaos. I was in the first dorm, so no time to hide anything. Pots, stoves, and corn husks were stuffed into lockers. We were only allowed to have stoves to use during our Home Economics exam, but of course we started using it to cook in the dorms. Me and my friend were the first ones to go to the farm to harvest our corn. To be honest, I didn't think I was stealing because we planted the corn for our Agricultural Science project and I felt it was ours. I only harvested my row. Other girls saw us and decided to do the same. That's how that madness started. Anyway, when the Caterer who was leading the search for culprits got to me, she told them not to bother searching me because I was one of the good girls. Ha! Talk about a miracle. If only they had just opened my locker. This innocent face has saved me time and time again. I can't even lie.

Another interesting memory from my boarding school was the concept of "Tapping- exchange is no robbery". I am so amused just thinking about it. To Tap means to take someone else's property and exchange it with your own which was usually less desirable. So let's say I don't like my check anymore and I see someone else's check I prefer, I could tap it, or if I like their check belt or mattress I could tap that. To prevent my stuff being tapped, I had my name written boldly on my school uniform shirt. My skirt couldn't be tapped because I had it sewn at home so it was slightly different. But if you had a generic thing, then it was tappable and you kept hearing "exchange is no robbery". That shit is funny now that I think about it but it was just undercover stealing. LOL.

Boarding school was fun. I had so much fun in JSS2 more than any other time. I think I enjoy the memories more than actually living it because it was tough to be honest, but the friends I made there are my life long friends. We literally grew up together. Literally. They are like my sisters from another mother. I think i learnt very valuable life lessons from being a boarder. I shed a lot of my boti side, learnt the value of respect, how to adapt easily to different situations, how to deal or not deal with plenty women (lol, by the time i was done with secondary school, i was sick of girls because both schools were girls only schools. I had only male close friends for a while, but nothing can replace a good female friend. Guys don't always get it). It was a good experience but  i would think twice before i sent my kids to a boarding school in Nigeria and if i did, it definitely wouldn't be a boti school. I've heard of some boarding schools in Naija that sound like luxury hotels. What's that? If i'm sending my child to a boarding school it would be for the purpose of them learning how to adapt away from the comfort of home, not to continue to be spoiled. I'm just saying.

Hope you enjoyed my impromptu boarding school series. You can thank that hotel that should remove Best and Plus from its name located in one of the richest counties in the United States. *rolls eyes*

Life Lessons from the trenches: Boarding School 102

Read 101

The worst thing I hated about being in boarding school was that every minute of your day was planned out. I hate strict schedules and till this day, I have never been able to abide by any strict schedule that planned out my day. By JSS 3, I had started forfeiting Sunday morning breakfast because that was the only time I could sleep in if I wanted but it was at the cost of missing breakfast. We had set times in the day when we could fetch water to bath. It was after siesta either before afternoon prep or after afternoon prep before dinner. If you missed those times, then you were on your own o. What most people did was to go dorm to dorm begging people for a scoop of water from their buckets or wake up early before lights on and steal someone's bucket of water to bath.

It got to a point that some girls would leave their dirty underwear in their bucket of water to deter someone from stealing it, but believe me when I tell you that that didn't always work. It was mostly seniors that were bold enough to be stealing people's whole buckets of water like that. The rest of us, stole scoops after lights out or during dinner, or begged to share someone's bucket with them in the morning. Whenever I think of sharing water with someone, I always used to share with this chic who we went to the same primary school. She was very small, so the two of us could share a bucket of water comfortably. Whenever I ended up without water, I would run to her dorm to go ask if I could share with her and she always said yes. Sadly she passed away right after I left Nigeria from appendicitis which I'm guessing ruptured. Mschew. I was so sad. She was just too nice. Smallie. It's hard to believe she actually died.

To be continued

Life lessons from the trenches: Boarding school 101

The bible says, train up a child on the way he should go and when he is up old he will never depart from it (you can close your mouth now. Yes, it's true I just quoted the bible. Lol). From JSS1 -JSS3, I went to boarding school in one village like that. It definitely wasn't an Aje school but it wasn't  as rugged as the pro unitate school, I went to SSS in (fear no let me be boarder for that school. The seniors in that school were direct agents of lucifer and I liked my life and sanity). Back to my JSS, I think it would have been fair to say my life prior to this had not prepared me for boarding school. It was there I was first called an Ajebutter like it was the worst insult ever. I still remember how the senior spat it out at me in disgust because I wasn't sweeping the leaves on my portion of the Apian way properly. I cried because I was homesick until first term of JSS2! But in JSS2, I was placed in the same dorm room as the girl who became my best friend and partner in crime and I forgot about being homesick and got into mischief. That's when I stopped being quiet and became a troublemaker. She was accused of spoiling me and I was accused of spoiling her. We were good for each other, I guess. Our Dorm prefect was too calm and soft spoken to handle us and sometimes the A dorm prefect (we were in B) had to take it upon herself to punish us. But I'm jumping ahead.

I didn't like being in boarding school but I resigned myself to it and honestly liked it better when I went home on holidays. Twisted I know. I think I learned many skills which serve me till this day. More than anything, I learned how to adapt at a very young age. On the list of things to bring to school in JSS 1 was an iron bucket. I'm not exactly sure why it had to be an iron bucket, but that's how I started out with an iron bucket. We had a well and 3 plastic tanks for water. The plastic tanks were for drinking water and the well was for bathing water, laundry and cleaning. That's how I had to learn how to fetch water from a well, then carry the water in the iron bucket to my hostel. 

I initially started out carrying the water like a normal person, but as small as I was back then, I'm not sure who was carrying who. No be person tell me make I start to dey carry the bucket for my head. So I started carrying my bucket of water on my head because that was the only way I could make it to my dorm without stopping 10 times and spilling half the water. Second term, it's not my clear eye I used to tell my mother to buy me a plastic bucket as lots of girls had plastic buckets and it wasn't a problem. When we started we were supposed to get 2 checks (uniforms), I got my first check, then the tailor decided to pack all the abandoned checks people had left in the laundry rooms and start handing out. When he got to me, I refused to take it. Thinking back now. I'm surprised at myself (e don tey wey I stubborn). He now said that was supposed to be my second check and he was not giving me a new one, I said fine. I went weeks wearing only one check, until one senior called me to curse me out for being dirty and I told her what the tailor did. Sharp, sharp, she summoned him and I ended up getting my new check. Funny enough the next year, that senior became my mortal enemy when she flogged me 31 times (my friend who was hiding counted) and ordered me to wash a pit toilet because I was caught on a Mango tree plucking mangoes during class time. I was sick for 2 days and didn't wash the toilet. I hated her because there were 3 of us caught, and she flogged her school daughter like 10 times, the other girl like 15 times and me 31 times. I guess since I insisted on keeping a straight face and not crying or begging, she wanted to break me. I cried o, but after she left. Lol. I guess the flogging was effective because I never climbed another tree until I left that school. 

After my first term in boarding school, I came back home and started greeting my older cousins who were in university. They were shocked, like what happened to this rat. I figured since I had to respect those little rats in my school who were way younger than my cousins, I might as well respect my cousins too. I had to greet these girls, couldn't talk back, put my hand of my waist while talking to them. Woe betide you if you look them in the eye. The one wey dey pain me pass were the girls who were a year ahead of me and I knew we were the same age but by virtue of them being a class ahead, I had to respect them. By force, by fire you learn respect. 

Something happened on Wednesday this week that reminded me of boarding school, hence this post. 

To be continued

Sunday, December 8, 2013

Toni Payne - I'm a fan

I like people who think for themselves, don't follow the crowd and are not afraid to speak the(ir) truth. Toni Payne just acquired a new fan. You can find out why by reading this if you care.

I like Toke Makinwa. I think the deliveries on her vlogs are funny. I was a bit dissapointed when she said Kim K. was her role model (or something to that effect) but whatever floats her boat. I never got the Toke hate, because i don't know her and can't be bothered to waste time disliking someone who doesn't affect my life in any way. I think Linda needs to be more responsible with some of the content she posts on her blog and after the post about the white girl and her dark skinned boyfriend, i sent her an email stating that. Right or wrong, people look up to her and she does have a certain influence.

You can't let the love of money make you lose your integrity.

Shuga Naija and Extended Family

So the first episode of Shuga Naija is out and I will reserve my comments and keep an open mind until i see future episodes.

Extended Family - I am have been such a huge fan of Bovi ever since i first saw him on Who wants to be a millionaire. His waffy pidgin dey burst my head. I love it. I subscribed to his youtube channel months ago and would always see updates of "Extended Family" but i never watched it until yesterday and i am hooked. It is hilarious. Thankfully, there are still many more episodes before i get to the most recent one. I guess i'm not telling you guys anything new especially if you are in naija. I love that all the episodes are on youtube.

I always have a certain song at anyone time that releases endorphins from my brain and it would be on repeat. These songs change frequently but when i'm into it, i can play it like 100 times at once. Not kidding. i can be obsessive like that. This is the song that is doing it for me right now. I escpecially love Flavour's part in the song

On that note, I bid you good day!

Thursday, December 5, 2013

Goals for 2014

At the end of 2012, i made a list of things i wanted to achieve this year and i am happy to say 50% of those have been achieved. I am very happy at where i am right now because it was a struggle to make it this far. I started off the year being overweight weighing 167 (i was actually 153 in dec 2012 but going home for christmas is never good for my weight) with a BMI of 26. Since 2009, i have fluctuated between 153-167, anything above 150 is overweight for me and i was sick of it. One of my goals for 2012 was to stop being overweight and i am very happy to say i was able to achieve that and have been in the mid 140s since August.

My goal for next year is to get super fit and toned, get those abs on point and just be able to develop healthy habits that would become the norm for my life. My family is doing great with the weight loss and healthy lifestyle thing. I'm actually the one slacking behind because i have chilled out since August. i haven't even been to the gym since sept 15th. My sister who weighed 210lbs when she had her baby in June 2012, is now 130lbs. That is 80lbs. I got home and felt like i was seeing a different person. She never lost the baby weight from her first pregnancy where she gained 55lbs, then she had another baby, so since 2009, i had gotten used to seeing a bigger version of her. I was so impressed. It's all food intake. She's a perfect example of the saying that weight loss is 80% what you eat and 20% exercise.

It became a competition between us when she got to the 160s and she slowly closed the gap and kept on going. I am SO proud of her. Both her and my mother have way more discipline than me when it comes to eating healthy. I will never be caught dead with a raw tomato in my mouth but they eat healthy like that. I went home for thanksgiving and was inspired to get back on track after my mother who is going to be 61 in 10 days was asking me to show her exercises to tone up. So for her birthday she is getting 10lb weights and a strength training exercise DVD. This woman can outrun me any day anytime.

There are other things i have in mind for next year. I've always wanted to serve as a mentor for young girls. LOL. I know right, me and my crazy self. But believe it or not, i am actually well behaved in real life. If you have good home training, it never leaves you, so while i might seem to be a little witch on here, that's not necessarily the case. That's not to say i can't flip out if i need to, i just don't. A lot of young females need guidance and i think i have something to offer in that regard.

I would like to reduce my cussing to 10%. I can't get rid of all of it because i don't want to as it is needed from time to time. Life will already be less colorful with the 90% i'm losing, let's not get too carried away here.

Example of (my sister's) Daily food intake - For those who are interested. She sent it to me in October and i didn't even take a look at it until today. LOL.

Breakfast (8am) - 4oz fat free milk, 2 Melba Toast (you can find in Walmart), 10 green grapes or 3 pineapple slices or 2 prunes

Mid AM (11am) - Protein bar

Lunch (2pm) - 2-3 pieces of Tilapia or 7oz chicken breast, I cup brocoli, I cup cauliflower, 2 melba toast

Mid PM (5pm) - 10 green grapes or 3 pineapple slices or 2 prunes

Dinner : 7-8pm -  2-3 pieces of Tilapia or 7oz chicken breast, I cup brocoli, I cup cauliflower, 2 melba toast

Bedtime - Protein bar (if needed)

 It requires a lot of discipline but it worked for her.  This is exactly what she ate everyday for 5 months. Of course you can change things up to suit yourself. This is just to give you a general idea if you are interested.

Sulphate free shampoo

Can anyone recommend a brand for me? Please and thank you.

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Aunty Mary

Sis! Can you please get that stick out your ass? Please? It's really not a good look. While you are pulling the stick out your ass, please look up the meaning of facetious and enlighten yourself. It will be of great help to you in your life. In fact, let me help you.

As for being immature, it's allowed nau. Ahn ahn. What prize have you and your mature correction officer self received?  Not a single person who interacts with me in real life would use that word to describe me so your opinion and corrections are not needed.

A post dedicated to just you. You should feel special.

You are welcome ;)


Tuesday, December 3, 2013

HIV Transmission Risk

Whenever i take a mini break from whining, bitching and moaning about med school, I like to throw in some edumacation for those who care to know. This post was prompted and sponsored (indirectly) by the ignorance spewed in the comments on this post. HIV positive woman tells lover "Welcome to my world" after they had sex.

You can thank me later and please people, let's refrain from having unnecessary heart attacks over my inability to let things go. Just roll your eyes, shake your head and pray the good lord touches me. No need to raise your blood pressure over this crazy girl. Auntie Mary, you hear?

HIV transmission risk brought to you by the CDC courtesy of Google-is-your-friend

This is broken down into risk per 10,000 exposures - meaning what is your risk of getting infected with HIV if you were exposed 10,000 times.

So for example, if you were exposed 10,000 to HIV through blood transfusion, 9,000 of those times you would be infected, which means you have a 90% chance of being infected through blood transfusion. Pretty high.

Let's go over to sex - receptive penile-vaginal intercourse (the woman is exposed to an HIV positive man), for every 10,000 times you are exposed that way, 10 of those times you would be infected. That is 0.1%, the risk is even less if an HIV negative man has sex with an HIV positive woman (Insertive penile-vaginal intercourse). For some reason, mostly likely anatomical differences, it is more difficult for a woman to pass on the virus to a man. You can see the risk is higher for receptive anal intercourse (a negative male or female receiving anal sex from a positive male) but none of them are 100%. Which is why sometimes one partner is positive and the other partner turns out negative. There was an HIV positive patient (with full blown AIDS at the time of admission), with a less than 1 yr old baby and a fiancee who were both negative. Blew my mind. It happens.

This data is from the CDC and if you can't trust the CDC, then you need Jesus and more help than i can offer you. 

The point of this post is to once again reiterate that just because you slept with someone who is HIV positive without protection or you had unprotected sex does not AUTOMATICALLY give you the virus.
That does not mean you should go about playing Russian roulette as these are just odds and the odds might not always be in your favor. I'm just saying people should calm down, man or woman up and go get tested instead of dying slowly in fear because you don't know your status. At the end of the day, being infected with HIV is no longer a death sentence and it's better to know whether you have it or not than to find out when it has already progressed to AIDS. Also, people with very low viral loads are less likely to transmit the virus.

You are welcome.

Going back to the story that prompted this post, if this really happened, that man has 72 hours to go get post exposure prophylaxis and drastically reduce the odds of getting infected. People need to be aware of their options. 

Road trip from hell

Ope o!

Today......many fucks were given. As in! If i say i almost died, that would be a justifiable exaggeration. Talk about fog of life and visibility that was borne of the devil. At one point, the fog that made you unable to see further than your nose decided that it was not bad enough, it had to throw in rain for good measure. It got to a point where it seemed like i lost depth perception and i thought I was floating aka float driving. Kind of like what you would imagine driving in heaven to be like, only this time, God has decided to revoke your pass and you were getting thrown into the pits of hell. 

Over 3 hours of heart wrenching, steering clutching, fingernails biting, mental torture mixed with a healthy dose of fear. I was just trying to make it home to my warm apartment. i have never been so happy to see the sign that told me i was back in my city and i let out a woo hooo for good measure.
Iyanya kept me company so now i can't get "Yvonne Nelson, I have your medicine" out of my head. But it's okay. I'm alive.
Hey guys, welcome to my blog. Sit back, relax, grab a cup of coffee and enjoy!

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