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Life Lessons from the trenches: Boarding School 102

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The worst thing I hated about being in boarding school was that every minute of your day was planned out. I hate strict schedules and till this day, I have never been able to abide by any strict schedule that planned out my day. By JSS 3, I had started forfeiting Sunday morning breakfast because that was the only time I could sleep in if I wanted but it was at the cost of missing breakfast. We had set times in the day when we could fetch water to bath. It was after siesta either before afternoon prep or after afternoon prep before dinner. If you missed those times, then you were on your own o. What most people did was to go dorm to dorm begging people for a scoop of water from their buckets or wake up early before lights on and steal someone's bucket of water to bath.

It got to a point that some girls would leave their dirty underwear in their bucket of water to deter someone from stealing it, but believe me when I tell you that that didn't always work. It was mostly seniors that were bold enough to be stealing people's whole buckets of water like that. The rest of us, stole scoops after lights out or during dinner, or begged to share someone's bucket with them in the morning. Whenever I think of sharing water with someone, I always used to share with this chic who we went to the same primary school. She was very small, so the two of us could share a bucket of water comfortably. Whenever I ended up without water, I would run to her dorm to go ask if I could share with her and she always said yes. Sadly she passed away right after I left Nigeria from appendicitis which I'm guessing ruptured. Mschew. I was so sad. She was just too nice. Smallie. It's hard to believe she actually died.

To be continued


  1. blessings.....
    I've never been to boarding school. Most people in the Islands (am from Trinidad & Tobago) don't send their kids to boarding school. We go to regular schools and go home everyday. I am not judging but I don't know how parents could send there children away to school. I guess its the system in some countries. I couldn't do it, didn't do it with mine, the thought of my young babies away for such long periods Lord I couldn't take it.

    Different strokes for different folks.

    stay blessed.....

    1. Lol. Don't feel too bad for us. Sending kids to boarding school is actually normal in nigeria. I guess it has to do with culture. Many kids learn discipline there. I was in one for three years. Although I suffered o, but I'm glad I went, lol.

  2. I attended a prounitate school.
    At the time tho,I dint miss it cos stories of what some seniors did gave me the chills. I was fine in my day student mode.
    Looking back I wish I did go.

  3. Have heard sweet stories about boarding schools. Though i don't think i'ld leave my kids all by themselves.


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