Sunday, June 30, 2013


I guess i spoke too soon by saying i will have time this weekend.  The good lord had other plans. I read the comments on the previous post. Didn't have time to respond and i stopped new comments because i had no intention of letting things get out of hand. I appreciate all the comments which were mostly good much to my surprise. Anyhoo, what's done is done. I am ready to move on.

I was just thinking that i have celebrated 6 birthdays as a blogger. There has been a lot of growth on my end, especially as i am given to introspection naturally. I think it will be hard for someone to tell me something about myself that i don't know, which is why i have no qualms telling anyone to fuck off, if they are chatting rubbish under the guise of "if i don't tell you as your friend, who will?"

Friendships....let's not go into that. I think i am done with that at this point. When someone decides to start running around like a crazy person for no apparent reason, I have no problem sitting back and letting them go crazy. I refuse to be drawn into someone else's madness.

While we are at it, I think i cuss too much. It's really not a part of my everyday vocabulary, except i am angry. I hardly ever get angry or lately if i am angry i am in an environment where i can't freely express my anger (i was stuck with an evil partner for two months, talk about exercise in restraint), so i end up not cussing unless i am relaying the story to someone else. We'll see if i can chill on the expletives when i write.

Guess who tied their hair to travel to and fro, even through one of the busiest airports in America? It's either i have no shame, I just don't send or over confidence is worrying me.

This is the exact same scarf and the exact same way i tie my hair to the gym. This one pass #nofilter, #nomakeup. 
I think i am past the point of sending these days. I figured it was either fake hair or i tied my hair. I chose comfort all day, err day. Plus, i never wear make up. That one is a long thing. Ain't nobody got time for that. I thank my mother for how i am because as a teenager worrying about wearing trendy stuff, she told me once that i looked good no matter what i had on. She might have been washing me, but those are your impressionable years and it stuck and helped my self-esteem tremendously. So mothers/fathers do good by your daughters. I mean, on a good day, I like looking nice but i realise i am more than what i have on or carry.
My relationship with US Airways is over before it even began.This was the first time i booked my ticket with them and it will be the last. I ended up flying Delta both ways on even better flights, cos i got on direct flights on delta and arrived earlier both to and fro, but i can do without the hassle. The first customer service person i spoke to today, deserves an unexpected back hand slap directly on one eye. I'm not even going to get into the story because i am home now, it's past my bed time and I decided that they are not going to worry me.

Have a great week, you guys and don't look for trouble.

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

I am annoyed!

Maybe silence really is the best answer given to a bunch of fools. But, not today.

However, i would like to go on record to say that anyone who mentions my name or refers to me for something that i am innocent of, just know that you will live the rest of your life being a victim of false accusations you will never be able to overcome. As far as i know i am innocent, and you accuse me falsely, you are now the recipient of a curse. I am sick of the bullshit.

So be very careful before you mention my name and attribute anything to me. That said, I will no longer allow myself to be irritated by stupid shit and stupid people. Eya and her blog readers ain't about shit. She knows and I know. She really believes i was attacking her anonymously.

 The last time i checked, today is JUNE 26th, so this comment was written today. No, seriously, WHAT THE FREAKING FUCK? Can these people just leave me the hell alone? Seriously?! I'm sick of it. So we've gone from accusing me of commenting anonymously to impersonating someone.

As far as i am concerned, Eya is part of the problem and i am tempted to call her a female dog for allowing this to continue, but i'll be good today. I've told you people and i will say it again, if i have anything to say about anyone, i will not be doing it anonymously because on a good day, I really don't give a fuck.

People need to fall back and leave me the fuck alone. I'm nobody's fool.

This is the last time i am addressing this issue. Just know that if you mention my name in regard to anything i had nothing to do with, you have just bought yourself a life time of dealing with false accusations. So go ahead and choke on my matter. Stupid idiots.

Let me go study for my exam. I have time for you people this weekend. 

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

You know you are Nigerian If.....

Guess who showed up to the hospital two hours late and got sent home cos she was sick?

I'm sorry for myself. Instead of me to try to study i am stalking this guys videos.

Monday, June 24, 2013

28 more hours and the lies women tell

One more day on Surgery -- I am so excited. For most people it's two more days, but since i am on call tomorrow, i am post call Wednesday and i get to leave after grand rounds which ends at 8am. I am SO happy to be done with this rotation. Bad enough as the service i am on this month is, it was made worse by my partner. E remain small make i hate that boy and there have been moments when i have actually hated him. I have no desire to have certain kinds of interactions with people.

A lot of people are so FAKE. They dislike/don't care for each other but you can hardly tell because they have mastered the art of smiling in your face and talking shit behind your back. I get an F in that regard. I am working on it but i don't know if i want to be like that, ever. It disgusts me. Such a malignant environment. 28hrs then you can stick a fork in it cos i'm done.

Switching gears to happy things. My sister just got promoted and she is now a senior chief petty officer (E8) in the navy. I told her i'm going to brag about her. Here i am bragging. I am very proud of her and she is one of my coolest sisters. I have shared her picture on this blog before when i asked you guys to guess her age. The next and highest rank (pay grade) is an E9. They already call her Chief, and now she will be called Senior Chief. I guess i should have joined the military, somebody needs to be calling me Chief.

Little side story. I have one brother and he is the last born, he also has a twin sister and let's just say i have  plenty sisters :). When my mother was giving birth to girls, one of my paternal uncles said that she was just giving birth to prostitutes. I am very proud of my mother that none of her girls turned out to be prostitutes and she managed to raise a son who is not spoiled rotten because he is the only boy. She did good.

I am going HOME on Friday. Something to look forward to. I's happy. Years ago if i said home, i would be referring to Nigeria. Not anymore. It was such a silent transition. There are mornings when i am marching (literally,cos it's never a leisurely stroll when you are trying not to be late) to the hospital, there's this cool early morning breeze that takes me back to Nigeria. It's always mixed with a certain nostalgia and sadness. It will be 11yrs this year. Time flies.

Was i the only one who saw that Rick Ross landed in the "beautiful country of Africa"? An involuntary gasp escaped me when i saw that. This is 2013! Whew lord! *Taking deep breaths and raising fist to heaven in supplication*

I'm too hungry to continue and blogging takes too much of my precious timeeeeeeeeeeeeee.

You guys need to check this guy out. He is FUNNY. I am a fan! I think he is giving foxy P a run for his money. lol. But they are a different kind of funny. I really think this guy is talented and i had a good time watching his videos yesterday since i couldn't study.

Sunday, June 23, 2013

5 reasons.....

.......why i am weird
  • I read to relax- (Weird considering how much i have to read for school)
  • I get boils when i eat Eba- My paternal grandmother did too. Not sure what is going on there cos i can drink garri in water without any boils.
  • I can never eat cereal with cold milk. It has to be warm. Cereal in cold milk is just disgusting.
  • I have a "sixth" finger (well 2, but one is bigger on one hand. My brother has the cutest ones)
  • I really, really dislike meeting people with the same first name as me. I just get SO annoyed. It's almost like a case of misplaced anger and resentment. Na small remain make i dey hate the people. In case you were wondering, my first name is not that common. I go by my more common middle name these days but i use the male pronunciation of it cos yes, i just hv to be different ;)

Oya tell me....what makes you weird, unique, different, other.... etc etc.

*I wrote this 7/10/12, but i never published it. I wonder why. 

Since this post is almost a year old, i would like to say something about the first point. I went to the store over a month ago and bought SIX novels. I knew while i was buying them that i would not be able to read them anytime soon, but i bought them anyway because i wanted to feel normal that day. Still haven't read them and still don't know when i will get a chance to. Probably towards the end of the year.

Question: Are there any med/pre-med/MD/Health professional people who read this blog? I'm curious. For those of you who are not in health care, are you interested in reading about that kind of stuff?  I know this is not a med school blog per se, but i would like to know what people are interested in, although i don't know if it would have any effect on the randomness that is this blog.

I am post call today. Even though we are not supposed to spend over 28hr in the hospital as students, I did. I got some sleep during the night actually but i still feel like crap. My head has hurt like hell all day despite multiple doses of tylenol. I've been groggy and not fully awake all day. Couldn't study or do ANYTHING productive. I'm on call again on Tuesday into wednesday and my shelf exam is on Thursday morning. How screwed am i? *Fucked in the ass without lube or condom*

I know,....the things that come out of my mouth abi? I agree. I need Jesus.

Thursday, June 20, 2013

My Favorite Food blogger

For those who have been unlucky enough to have never heard of Ms. Flo of, consider today your lucky day. She vlogs and also has a website where you can find detailed recipes. Her videos are very detailed also. She is one of the best Nigerian food bloggers I have come across. I am subscribed to her on YouTube, so i get to see her updates regularly. I hardly, if ever need to use her website because her videos are so detailed.

As soon as i saw this video, i was like i just have to blog about her. The quality of everything she does is first class and presentation is on point. I give her a 10/10. Everything worth doing is worth doing well.

She has recipes on pretty much everything and i can't wait to have the time to try my hand at some things. Having detailed videos to watch is very helpful and she doesn't talk during the videos, just word descriptions (and of course background music).

No, this post wasn't sponsored o! Although if she can compensate me with some food all the way from Europe, i won't refuse :) I just like to share stuff that other people can benefit from. I think she's awesome.

Food and Surgery

We had a Medical Humanities class presentation today where students who elected to present "creative" stuff as long as they could tie it into surgery or their experience in surgery got to do that in lieu of writing 3 H&Ps. We are supposed to write 12 H&Ps and have them graded by attendings/residents/intern or if you elect to do the humanities option, you only do 9. I'm not about that life, so i jejely got my 12 H&P's done in May.

Someone talked about rogue transplants, there was a poem, a skit, music, painting, and then there was food! Which brings me to why this post is being written at all. One student baked a cake and related it to laproscopic surgery by slicing the cake horizontally and with the bottom half made the various parts of the internal organs with different stuff like gummy worms and other types of candy. It was pretty creative, looked really good and it was done by a guy. Then there was another student, also a guy, who made fried oreos, arranged them to look like a colon and using whipped cream and chocholate spread made a "perf" (perforated bowel). Everyone was tickled pink and thought it was funny. It was really creative.

BUT! When the first student was explaining and presenting his, he used his bare hands to lift up the top layer of the cake. As soon as he did that, i was like, oh, this is not to be eaten then. Ok! Cos a lot of classmates were eagerly awaiting the food presentations. Then when the second guy was also setting his up on parchment paper, he also used his bare hands once again to touch ALL the cookies. I was surprised cos he had paper plates and napkins on the table, so obviously it was meant to be eaten after the presentation.

As soon as we were done, i grabbed my bag to leave but everyone else was rushing towards the table, then someone asked if i was leaving and did i not want to eat. I shook my head hopefully not in disgust then the guy who made the fried oreo cookies asked me if i was sure, and i said i was good and left. Are you freaking kidding me? How come i was the only one who was disgusted by that? There's no way that is sanitary and I am surprised no one else had a problem eating food that had been touched with people's nasty hands, especially since i am SURE neither guy washed their hands, and we are in a hospital for God's sake with sick patients walking around.

It was just a surprising experience. Maybe i am the problem and i am too picky. But it just grossed me out.

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

I am a Butcher

I amputated my first toe today. It was awesome. I've held down a leg before while it was being amputated with a guillotine below the knee, that was just gross. Seeing the legs (both, i only held down one) on the table separate from the body was freaky, but that was my first amp and i only held down the leg.

Today, I chopped a toe off, then took out the first metatarsal bone. Like a boss!

PSA: If you have diabetes, please control your blood sugar.
If you are obese, try to lose weight...Weight loss cures HTN, Type II diabetes, Obstructive sleep apnea etc most likely because your obesity made you have these diseases. 
If you smoke, please stop smoking. Smoking doesn't only cause cancer. It also leads to peripheral vascular disease and could end up without limbs. #truth

The things you do to your body when you are young starts to catch up with you after 40.

Sunday, June 16, 2013

What I am Watching on a Sunday Night

If you have trouble commenting on my posts, email me at to let me know, if you care to, if not, that's fine too. Thanks. Have a great week guys.

Bella Naija Weddings

A lot of weddings (if not all) i see on Bella Naija are breathtakingly beautiful. The decor, locations, attires, even the people. So much pomp and pageantry, i won't lie, I love looking at them. I know Nigerians are into big weddings, but i have always wanted a small family and close friends wedding of about 50 people, but i would love it to be elegant. But that's not the point of this impromptu post.

I was just on Linda Ikeji and she has a post about some Chima guy getting married and she mentioned he was briefly married to someone else in 2011  and there was a link which my amebo self couldn't pass up. I don't know who Chima is or why he is important, but i was curious as to the 2 marriages in 2 yrs thing. The link took me to Bella Naija. I remember that feature cos the bride was so pretty and everything was on point. I was just like wow, after obviously spending so much money, the marriage did not even last and he is back to marrying someone else so soon? Well, it's not of my business really but if i was a guy whose marriage just broke up i wouldn't rush to be shackled to someone else so soon. You don't want to keep repeating mistakes of the past, but that's just me. 

It just confirmed what i have always known, never envy anyone. I know lots of people who salivate over the Bella Naija weddings and want to have that. You see the beautiful couple, read their love story and your body just aches with longing and you "tap into their blessing". Be careful what you are tapping into. I have a friend who told me he can't get married until he can afford a Bella Naijaesque wedding and he wants a big production where roads are closed down and all of that . I told him he wasn't ready for life yet. I know it's different strokes for different folks, but my idea of how i want my wedding to be has always been something small and intimate. I want my closest friends and family to celebrate with me, not people i don't know from Adam.

Sadly, this is not the only Bella Naija wedding that has kicked the bucket. I still think she was a very beautiful bride and her dress and veil were lovely. Daz all!

Tuesday, June 11, 2013


Hello friends, lovers, strangers....
What should i do with this blog?
People who have read my blog for a while know that i deactivate my account from time to time
usually when i want to concentrate on school
which is my main priority in life right now! 
The difference this time is that i don't want to blog anymore. 
 But I feel like if i don't come back now, i never will. 

I got a couple of emails that motivated me to put my blog back up
I have nothing. 

The rotation i have been on since May 1st has been grueling
Long hours, little sleep, barely have time to eat, study, work out, or talk to people
I am in physical distress. 
My hair fell off around this time last year, when i was finishing off 2nd yr and studying for boards
It's falling off again

Then to have to deal with internet trolls on top of serious business, my future.....
I just couldn't/ can't do it. 
Having someone come to my blog, copy my post and 
paste it in the comment section of another blog
was the final straw. 
I was like, this shit is getting ridiculous
I wasn't ready to be about that life
I left just so i didn't add more stress to my life

Baseless accusations
A blog owner with no conscience or scruples
lack of objectivity, desire for popularity and favoritism are the order of the day
 It's frankly disgusting
I would LOVE to have the time to leave anonymous comments antagonizing people
That would mean i have free time. 
At least i can sleep through the night
I would LOVE to have the presence of mind to be aware that i have failed at blogging
and delete my blog so that i would more free time to leave hate comments for people
I didn't know we were being graded on our blogs. 
Give me an F in blogging and an A in medicine any day

How do you measure success? 
Is it by how much money you make or how much happiness you get out of what you do. 
I have always said when blogging is no longer fun
I will stop
I didn't think it would happen so soon. 

Blogging has been an outlet for me, free therapy
 a way to offload some of my thoughts and take a break from the stress of my life
It's not a source of livelihood for me and has never been intended for that purpose
I am trying to secure my future here, so i will happily fail at blogging.
I can be feisty, but i am not petty or mean spirited and i don't hold grudges
If you bother me too much, you cease to exist as far as i am concerned
I have no axe to grind with anyone
My brain is too full

Believe it or not, 
It amazes me when people email me to say they like my blog
Witty, is very frequently used as an adjective
I don't see it because 9 times out of 10, I shoot from the hip when i blog 
and i don't consider myself a particularly funny person. 
Although my brother laughs at everything i say o_O. You can ask him why.
So i feel like i have to consider the people who actually like reading my posts,
but at the same time i have to do it for me, 
unless it would be fake 

I have considered having two blogs, this one and a private blog
ditching this one completely or not just blogging anymore. 
Truth be told, i am kind of attached to this blog
She's been my road dog since 2008
She's my fourth blog lover but she's stuck with me the longest

If i say let me hold off until i have dealt with all d crap i have to deal with, 
I won't blog until next year. 
I still don't know what i want to do. 
To be honest, I think i am just super stressed out right now
cos i usually can't find a fuck to give
I does what i do

However, i would like to say that I am floored that people are happy to see me back. 
I wasn't thinking of that or expecting that. 
It always surprises me when i get emails from people telling me they like my blog
It means a lot to me and humbles me every time.
Thank you.

On that note, 
I am going to get out of this nasty ass scrubs

I love you guys, 

*P.S Notice my new name? Otse means beauty. I had dropped the Sting initially and might end up with a complete new name. We'll see.
I have retired the Madam
Too many madams running around these days.
It has been bastardized. 

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Perception Vs. Reality

If a tree falls in the forest and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound?

Hey guys, welcome to my blog. Sit back, relax, grab a cup of coffee and enjoy!

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