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Bella Naija Weddings

A lot of weddings (if not all) i see on Bella Naija are breathtakingly beautiful. The decor, locations, attires, even the people. So much pomp and pageantry, i won't lie, I love looking at them. I know Nigerians are into big weddings, but i have always wanted a small family and close friends wedding of about 50 people, but i would love it to be elegant. But that's not the point of this impromptu post.

I was just on Linda Ikeji and she has a post about some Chima guy getting married and she mentioned he was briefly married to someone else in 2011  and there was a link which my amebo self couldn't pass up. I don't know who Chima is or why he is important, but i was curious as to the 2 marriages in 2 yrs thing. The link took me to Bella Naija. I remember that feature cos the bride was so pretty and everything was on point. I was just like wow, after obviously spending so much money, the marriage did not even last and he is back to marrying someone else so soon? Well, it's not of my business really but if i was a guy whose marriage just broke up i wouldn't rush to be shackled to someone else so soon. You don't want to keep repeating mistakes of the past, but that's just me. 

It just confirmed what i have always known, never envy anyone. I know lots of people who salivate over the Bella Naija weddings and want to have that. You see the beautiful couple, read their love story and your body just aches with longing and you "tap into their blessing". Be careful what you are tapping into. I have a friend who told me he can't get married until he can afford a Bella Naijaesque wedding and he wants a big production where roads are closed down and all of that . I told him he wasn't ready for life yet. I know it's different strokes for different folks, but my idea of how i want my wedding to be has always been something small and intimate. I want my closest friends and family to celebrate with me, not people i don't know from Adam.

Sadly, this is not the only Bella Naija wedding that has kicked the bucket. I still think she was a very beautiful bride and her dress and veil were lovely. Daz all!


  1. WOw, 2 weddings in 2years that is serious something.
    I also want a small and intimate wedding, hope my parents agree to this when I am ready oh.

  2. Blessings.....
    To each his/her own, i personally think going into debt in order to have a wedding so everybody could talk is insane. I am all for a beautiful wedding and I am also for being able to eat the next day, pay my rent/mortgage & utility bills and a good nights rest not worrying about how I am going to manage the business of living when i sank all my savings and expanded my credit beyond my means.

    some are in love with being in love not necessarily with the person with whom they enter the institution of marriage.

  3. Small weddings are the bomb.

    My cousin had a registry wedding this April. Less than 25 people at the registry, less than 55 people total at the reception. The most fun, most laid back, joyous, intimate informal wedding ever. Every one at the wedding knew the bride or groom or were close family. We had so much fun. No flower girls or wedding favors or gifts drama. So beautiful. Less than 3000 pounds total expenses.

    Small weddings are the way to go.

  4. That's obviously crazy. Will the next marriage last as long as the first?!

  5. I read that post and was saddened. The previous wife sure is pretty.

    I already knew from time that I couldn't have a 50 people wedding. I have 5 siblings, SM has 6 siblings, we're both last borns, we have nephews and nieces. Infact my sis, bro's wife and sis-in-law already threatened me that their kids had to be on the train. In total, SM and I planned for a very small wedding as per lagos standard (300 guests). I got home a week before the wedding and popsy said he invited so and so, so and so, SM's mum also announced it in church which we agreed not to(she was too happy). To cut the long story short, we had to increase catering, decor etc to 600 guests A WEEK TO THE WEDDING. I couldn't even be bothered anymore. Thinking that with the distance people wouldn't even come, we had over 600 guests that day that didn't include strangers or just hello hi people. Everyone at the venue was well known to both families. Thank God for back up food from my MIL and my sister's discretion in telling the venue to reserve more seats. All in all, the crowd wasn't rowdy, I didn't even notice them and I had the hots only for the hubs.
    whoosh that was long.

    Summary: You might need to adjust the 50 people mark especially if you're very close to your parents or your fiance's mum tells you in a tearful voice how he's her last son and her "husband" ever since his dad died years ago and how she has to invite so and so etc *rme* lol, you get the drift shey

  6. I followed the link and saw the wedding photographs... its so sad that they are no more together

    Hope its not 2face that jinxed their wedding.

    Jokes apart...its sad. That girl is too beautiful o be divorced

  7. Thou shall not tap into the blessing of divorce and fake love. Its sad but a lot of marriages nowadays end that way, people rush into it

  8. Remember ovation weddings? When having your wedding featured on Ovation was the thing? And then it soon became that every other Ovation wedding was ending in a divorce soon after the wedding, and trust us Nigerians less and less people wanted their weddings on ovation.

    Bella Naija is now our ovation? ! ?


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