Sunday, June 23, 2013

5 reasons.....

.......why i am weird
  • I read to relax- (Weird considering how much i have to read for school)
  • I get boils when i eat Eba- My paternal grandmother did too. Not sure what is going on there cos i can drink garri in water without any boils.
  • I can never eat cereal with cold milk. It has to be warm. Cereal in cold milk is just disgusting.
  • I have a "sixth" finger (well 2, but one is bigger on one hand. My brother has the cutest ones)
  • I really, really dislike meeting people with the same first name as me. I just get SO annoyed. It's almost like a case of misplaced anger and resentment. Na small remain make i dey hate the people. In case you were wondering, my first name is not that common. I go by my more common middle name these days but i use the male pronunciation of it cos yes, i just hv to be different ;)

Oya tell me....what makes you weird, unique, different, other.... etc etc.

*I wrote this 7/10/12, but i never published it. I wonder why. 

Since this post is almost a year old, i would like to say something about the first point. I went to the store over a month ago and bought SIX novels. I knew while i was buying them that i would not be able to read them anytime soon, but i bought them anyway because i wanted to feel normal that day. Still haven't read them and still don't know when i will get a chance to. Probably towards the end of the year.

Question: Are there any med/pre-med/MD/Health professional people who read this blog? I'm curious. For those of you who are not in health care, are you interested in reading about that kind of stuff?  I know this is not a med school blog per se, but i would like to know what people are interested in, although i don't know if it would have any effect on the randomness that is this blog.

I am post call today. Even though we are not supposed to spend over 28hr in the hospital as students, I did. I got some sleep during the night actually but i still feel like crap. My head has hurt like hell all day despite multiple doses of tylenol. I've been groggy and not fully awake all day. Couldn't study or do ANYTHING productive. I'm on call again on Tuesday into wednesday and my shelf exam is on Thursday morning. How screwed am i? *Fucked in the ass without lube or condom*

I know,....the things that come out of my mouth abi? I agree. I need Jesus.


  1. i am a med professional who reads your blog. I like that I can relate to your punishment aka medical student experience, but funny enough i also love when you blog about food or hair or life's all in the way you express yourself i guess.

  2. Loool Sting o, you sure do need Jesus.

    I like to read the medical stuff even though I don't really understand fully sometimes.

    When I was in primary school, one girl hIad a sixth finger and she was always called a witch in especially by the teachers ; ( .

    Hugs @ the headache, try and rest a little.

  3. I love the med suff and everything u ur blog......Im going to the ANPA conference in charlotte NC on wednesday.... Association of Nigerian physicians in the Americas.....

  4. I used to want to be a doctor, outgrew that, have a health degree. But I read you cos I can be weird too. I love reading, these days I use the library more than buy :)

  5. Weird/unique/different: I can nap for five hours in the afternoon and function till the next night but if I sleep for 8 hours at night I still wake up hating the world.

    Health professional here, I like reading your blog, its relatable, random and entertaining.

    Point five about the name thingy, let me guess, your middle name has "-osa-" somewhere in there.

    Good luck on your shelf **hands over the lube**

  6. I could be found reading a novel a day or two to an exam or test. Not because am over prepared for it ,but because I just want to relax ma poor brain. Ma friends always found that weird.

    Am a MD. I relate with our med sch rants well. And like that. But that's not the main reason I like your blog. Like it cos you rant about ANYTHING. It just feels real.

  7. You don't want anybody to have the same first name with you abi? So where you think say the name originate from ehn? *sideeye* ..anyway, you are definitely weird! :D a pleasant.

    I tried thinking what is weird with me......well, I can't use the toilet without reading a book or blogs on my lappy and I eat from a plastic plate cup and always.

  8. Lol. We can all agree you are weird but in a nice way. Abeg blog about anything desire. :)

  9. Lol you had me at "I get Boils when i eat EBA" Lol! Now that is WEIRD! hahahah

  10. I have a long list for this one. Maybe i would blog about it...


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