Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Make Up - How young?

So we are still pretending not to be in med school. Didn't go to bed until 4.30am (Like i said, i can never fall asleep the night after exams are over so i stayed up and watched 4 episodes of Downton Abbey) woke up at 9.30am. I have 2 classes this morning, but i will deal will them and the Path lectures i ignored last week later tonight.

So I have gotten YouTube crazy lately and subscribe to anything that catches my fancy. I recently subscribed to MakeupGeek, although i can't say i watch her a lot. I just subscribed for future reference. As you guys know, i just started getting interested in Make up and on a scale of 1-10, i would say my interest level is at a 3.5-4 and i am in my 20's. Since i got all those Make up, i have never used them except the eyebrow pencil a couple of times and the lip gloss once (I have my regular Victoria secret lip gloss, i use everyday). As i just wrote, my regular make up use is confined to lip gloss, anything else i'm really not interested in at the moment, nor do i think is necessary. I am very comfortable with how i look without make up and have always been. I don't believe make up makes ME look better. I know it does wonders for some people as there are people who look completely different with out. Growing up, my mom didn't use make up or she barely used make up and as i got older she didn't use it at all. Some of my sisters are interested, most are not and even the ones that are like the sister who followed me to MAC are not too big on it, like, it's not an everyday thing with her. For the record, i would like to say i have beautiful sisters. I remember as a teenager in Nigeria going to my friends house, we were just going to hang out at her house but after she took a shower she put on Make up. I asked her why and she said she wasn't comfortable without it and i won't understand because i'm pretty (her words) and i remember because even then i felt something was not right with that line of thinking. If you are not comfortable without make up as a teen just to chill at home, you definitely won't be comfortable going out of the house without it. My friend by the way is not ugly and i didn't think make up made her look any better. It was all in her head.

I saw this video yesterday on MakeupGeek, that while i thought the kid was cute, left me wondering how young is too young. Yes, i understand kids play with make up. My 2 yr old niece would take my sister's lip gloss any chance she gets. This kid is 7/8 and is already doing make up reviews and has her own channel. People are saying it's just for fun (which could be true at this point) but when does it become too much and how does it affect her perception of beauty as a whole and her own natural beauty personally. I don't think these things don't have an effect because whether you like it or not, subconsciously they do. You don't want to raise a child who doesn't think she looks her best without make up or who is self conscious without it. I don't know. I really think the little girl is cute but i just think she's too young to be this "serious" about make up even though people are saying she's just playing.

Watch the video and let me know what you think. Am i tripping? By the way, i left a comment on Myne's page a few days back about the age difference thing and some Anonymous was like, i thought you were liberal especially with the gay thing o_O, just becaus i support gay rights doesn't mean i don't have my own principles in other aspects of my life. At the end of the day being liberal is not one size fits all. I say this before someone says, but i thought you were liberal, why do u have a problem with little girls using make up. Please just stop with that nonsense. What is that?

Also, just to be clear, i DON'T have a problem with make-up or people who use make-up regularly. I think it can enhance your look, definitely and it's part of being girly. It's just not my thing just like heels are not my thing. So please don't misunderstand and crucify me. Everyone can't be interested in everything and i'm definitely not knocking people who are interested in make-up. That would be stupid.

Monday, February 27, 2012

Nigerian Authors and Downton Abbey

Oh to be free for half a day! Funny how the effects of stress are worse after the exam is over. I usually get this horrible headache (from sleep deprivation/stress, i guess) and non caffeine related insomnia the night after an exam. I'm not a caffeine consumer anyway, but i tried to this block and i felt horrible. I went back to my natural way of doing things ASAP. 

Now to the main business at hand, Nigerian Authors. If you've read this blog for a while, you all know i collect animated movies, what you didn't know was my interest in Nigerian authors. I have slowly started "collecting" books by Nigerian authors. It's not very serious right now due to financial constraints. As a matter of fact, i haven't gotten around to reading any of Myne's books. Shame on me, i know but in my defense...I intend to! As soon as i get around to buying them. My all time ever and ever favorite Nigerian book is The Concubine. Besides having it for secondary school, i bought it again in 2007 just to have. My sister borrowed it and i knew i was never going to see it again. It has been on my wish list for years and periodically i would check to see how much it was going for. I'm not a baller, so i can't just buy anything i want when i want. Anyhoodle, i wanted to get some pens from Amazon, and had to spend $25 to qualify for free shipping, so i found both The Concubine and The Secret of Baba Segi's Wives at affordable prices. They were both used. At this point, price will always be the deciding factor. I don't intend to read either now, it's just to add to my collection. I intend to have them for my unborn kids :) I remember going to my neighbor's house while growing up and never wanting to leave because she had so many books. While all the kids were playing, i would be the only one reading. Then there was this American lady who had all these books! Another neighbor of mine would borrow them for us to read. I want my kids to have that type of library at their disposal. I don't understand people who don't love to read. It makes no sense to me. One of my teenage nieces is obessed with books like i was at her age. I think it's something that runs in families (?) cos my sisters (expect one) and my brother love to read too.

Right after my exams, i also stopped at the thrift store to get my 2 yr old niece some storybooks. She loves being read to. I bought this Pooh book for her last time i was home and i swear she made me read that book like 20 times. I ended up picking 2 historical romance novels for myself. That's the maximum i allowed myself. Have no clue when i will get a chance to read them but i couldn't help it. I'm a historical romance junkie even though med school is trying reading hard to kill all leisurely reading.

So here's what i have so far. It's still just a few. I'll be happy to hear recommendations of other Nigerian (or African) writers you guys like.

My little historical romance acquisition from today.
I just remembered i have a few more books by Nigerian authors (The Mrs Club, Egg Larve Pupa Woman, The Joys of Motherhood) but they are at home.

*So! Someone who has school plus boards to study for just discovered a new show Downton Abbey from another blogger. I just got through watching the first episode of Season one and i am scared. Scared because I'm hooked and want to see more and there's just no time for that. They are currently in season 2 which has 10 episodes and season one has 7 episodes which are an hour long. You can watch the show on PBS, but i used this site instead, because i couldn't find all the episodes on PBS. I love it because it's a historical British show that begins after the Titanic sank and the guy lost both his heirs on the Titanic now they have to deal with the repercussions of that. They feature both the aristocrats (don't know the right word) and the servants. This totally feeds into my love of historical romance novels, it's just so cool to see all the things i read about. I don't think they have British accents though. If anyone watches it, tell me what you think of the accents. But yeah, you guys should check it out while i try to stop pretending to not be in med school. I think i earned this day off sha. For the last 2 nights, i dreamt of nothing but drugs, i swear! I'm not making this up. It was that bad. I'm off to watch the second episode. after that i'll have to leave it alone and face my books.

Sunday, February 26, 2012


 This is the stuff nightmares are made of (besides anatomy lab towards the end of the semester when the cadavers are no longer whole, but i digress). 200+ drugs, mechanism of action, therapeutic use, contraindications, side effects, interactions etc etc. The more i study, the less i know. I haven't felt human in at least 4 days. Exam bright and early tomorrow morning. 
My brain feels empty! 
Can i wake up now? 
*Did i mention this is not a multiple choice exam? So no hope for recognition memory. Madness, i tell ya!

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Shuga- Love, Sex and Money Ep 2

OMG. I LOVE this show so much. So much! Awesomeness. I abandoned my books even though i have exams to watch it. It's so informative. They talked about PEP (post exposure prophylaxis), the right way to put a condom on, they explore sexual abuse from a relative and how the victim sometimes fails to be protected by her mother (I've heard that story so many times in real life). They also talked about disclosing your status etc. I love how they just subtly insert these messages in there. What a great way to disseminate information about HIV and safe sex.I get accent envy listening to Violet talk. I want to be Kenyan for a day :) Beautiful people.

I was able to claim non-core hours for watching Season one in first year (as you may or may not know, my focus for my Individualized learning thingy is HIV prevention and awareness). I don't know if they will let me do that this year. I'm def. going to try sneaking it in there because i haven't done jack for non-core and i think this show is awesomeness itself and shows how media can be used to spread awareness. I LOVE IT! The only other TV show i love like this is The Middle. Who else loves that show? It's just so good.

Shuga: Love, Sex, Money - Episode 2 from mtv staying alive on Vimeo.

Watch Season 1 and previous episodes of Season 2 HERE

Monday, February 20, 2012

Nigerians Will not Kill me

Duncan Mighty! I was loving you because of that Obianuju song, but maka why? Warrisdis?

Also taken at D'banj's concert. Someone commented and was like "You no dey fear PETA? Only you, Snake and leopard skin" I almost died laughing.  Please, help me look at her midsection. Help!!!
*Lady with the red nipples nicely asked that i remove her picture and because i'm nice like that, i have obliged her :)

Guest Post by Pendo

Hola people! Today is a good day!!! Don't remember the last time i was this happy :) That aside, i have my first guest post by a reader called Pendo. She is not a blogger. She has 2 posts for your reading pleasure. Hope you enjoy it. I'm still accepting guest bloggers. Don't be shy!

Blog 1
They were best of friends, more than sisters, first met when they were both seventeen. Their love for music and hair brought them together. They stood by each other through the years, she was there for her during her pregnancy and when they welcomed baby Malik into the world, she babysat for her, even stayed nights when she had too. She was there during the court battles when she fought the father of her baby for child support payments, she was there when she was down to her last penny, she was her rock and she hers.

And then she met him one night at a party, he seemed pretty nice much older wiser calmer more caring than her baby father but most of all responsible. He worked for one of the international organizations and was in town visiting his brother. They went out on a few dates and she decided she could try her luck with him. Even though they were a continent apart he showered her with love spoilt her rotten, called her everyday twice a day,  he would fly over to see her every three weeks, took care of all her financial needs she had not a care in the world. Finally the Lord had answered her prayers and sent her prince charming she had never been happier and counted her blessings every day.
She was happy for her really truly genuinely happy, unlike her, her friend had never been lucky in love it was always one drama after the other either with her baby daddy or whoever she was dating at the time. So she prayed every night for her friend that this one was forever. Her new boyfriend liked her too he would try and include her in their activities as much as possible and bring her gifts too whenever he was in town he was just grateful that his girlfriend had a sister friend as loyal as her.

She got pregnant, boyfriend was over the moon, started making plans to move her to a bigger house, bought her a new car saw to it that her family was comfortable. They were both happy she was going to be Godmother to this baby too.  Even though she was only two months gone she was already planning her surprise baby shower.
Her mother was not happy, felt that she was becoming too involved in her daughter’s life especially now that she had found happiness. Be careful lest she takes your man away from you, she warned her, don’t let him too close to her, do not leave them in the same room alone, delete her number from his phone the “advice” came pouring in. Look at you now; do you think she is honestly happy for you? You have a rich man who adores you most women will kill for that kind of man.

The seed of doubt had been planted, the phone calls became less frequent, some went  unanswered, no call backs, the text messages ceased, she moved house to a new location without telling her, changed her number. She tried emailing, no reply; her comments and wall posts went unacknowledged it was almost as if she never existed.
It was with a heavy heart months later that she pressed the delete button wondering why it had taken her so long to do so. Don’t worry she assured her, you still have me and I will always be there for you now and forever she said. I know she smiled…….and off they went hand in hand to shop for the coming baby…..

Blog 2
He loved her with all his heart
She was not so sure about it
Why? He asked
It was the distance she said
We have video calls now he said
What if it doesn’t work out she said
But we haven’t given it a try he said
I guess you never know till you try she thought

He had a grueling schedule
They had a twelve hour time difference
When she was awake he was asleep
When she was asleep he was awake
When they were both awake this was the conversation;
Hey babe how was your day?
It was great how was yours?
It was good ok I love you talk tomorrow?
Love you too babe talk tomorrow
She looked forward to the weekend when they could video call

The distance was putting a strain on her
She did not know how much longer she could take it
Eight months later he finally got his four week vacation approved
He was looking forward to surprising her
He went online to let her sister in on his plans
That was when he saw it
“Lisa is now engaged to Kenny”
His name was John………………………….

Lisa was her sister’s name………………..

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Nigerian Men and Relationships

Nigerian men?!
People telling me to expect to be lied to
People telling me to expect and accept being cheated on
People telling me to let go of my ideals and face reality...
Everybody lies....
Relationships are a game
Chess is a game.
This is my life.
No Nigerian man is faithful. 
Face that fact unless you will still be single at 50. 
Well, I'm sorry. 
I refuse to believe that every man cheats. 
I refuse to expect less than i give. 
I refuse to change who i am and become jaded, cynical, suspicious and paranoid.
I refuse to stand guard and become a detective over a guy. 
I will not let go of my ideals. 
I believe my needle in a haystack guy exists 
and i will WAIT
until i find him
I will never settle for less than i deserve. 
I deserve to be happy. 
I deserve to be in a loving, HONEST partnership
I deserve to get as good as i give. 
Marriage is not a prize 
the race is not always to the swiftest. 
Believe that!

*I don't understand how people can get married to someone they don't trust. Do you realize you have to LIVE life with this person after the wedding day? I sincerely believe that a lot of females don't think past that wedding day. If you have serious issues before the wedding, it's not miraculously going to go away because he put a ring on it. *rolls eyes* Yeah, divorce is always an option, but why not take the time to find the right person for you so you reduce your chance of going that route. I believe we should all have certain standards and not settle for less just because people keep perpetuating the myth that there is no faithful man alive.Of course there's some truth to that, the average* Nigerian man is morally corrupt. They don't see woman as human beings like them. We are second class citizens. "I don marry you put for house, so shut up. What are you still complaining about?". Marriage vows don't mean diddly squat to them. Sadly a lot of women are willing to put up with that because they have accepted that and don't expect to find better. They don't even have the guts to question their husbands when they KNOW he's cheating. No need to rock the boat. Accept it as a fact of life. Pray he doesn't bring home any diseases and complain to your best friend or pastor or no one at all. Just be there miserable on the inside and smiling on the outside. After all, you've earned the enviable title of MRS. The title that has finally elevated you above your single peers. PAH!

Well i don't do average. Never have. Take for instance this Flavor/John Dumelo (Flavor body, John Dumelo head) hybrid looking guy i'm on a quest for. LOL. I'm just kidding o.

I have exams tomorrow. I can't believe i just sat here and wrote this. Well it needed to come out.

*Just to preempt some of the questions/comments, it took me all of 5-10 minutes to write this, so i didn't cover EVERYTHING in my head, including whether or not i am willing to date other people who are not Nigerian. I also believe i am allowed to complain about Nigerian men because that's my demographic, and they would be my first choice.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Shuga - Love, Sex and Money

My favorite Kenyan (HIV awareness) drama is back.

I wrote about the previous season HERE

Sound track at the end of Episode one (Just because i heart Banky W)

This is the West Indian version of the show. Thanks to Mrs. F. I haven't seen it yet. That will probably be my spring break venture.

Monday, February 13, 2012

In Remembrance........

........of this thing called Valentine's day.

Come 9am, i will be writing an exam on Sexuality. How apt! Considering the amount of sex that is about to go down today. Don't look at me like that. Am i lying?

So in acknowledgement of this silly* day, I switched my kitchen towels

Baked a cake (on the 10th). There's only one slice left. I ate 3/4ths of this cake ALONE.

This cake was as a result of an SOS sent out to my friend. I felt a serious craving for cake even though i don't eat regular cake. I like my cheesecake or nothing. She was nice enough to get me some from the store.

Coinkidink! They just arranged themselves that way. I felt like sharing a random picture.

People say there are freaks blah blah blah. I never really understood. Please check out this scenario taken straight off my textbook. If this is not freaky, i don't know what is.
I will run o. I don't think i will stay long enough to describe him with his high heels and lingerie wearing self wanting to have sexual intercourse with a female. E dey crase. lol.
This exact question was on the exam today. Made me giggle. Some of the questions had me suppressing giggles. 
*Silly- It depends on if i'm celebrating or not. This year it's silly because i'm not. I almost got someone to buy me a $400 purse all in the name of valentine's day. I was just sorry for him PLUS i didn't have time to pick out a purse. See what med school has done to me? Someone wants to spend money, i said no, i have exams i don't have time to pick something out. SMH at my damn self. It's never that serious sha. Besides, $400 is too much for a damn purse. I still have a conscience. LOL.

** Some of the K names you guys suggested cracked me up. Not liking any of the Bini names so far. Are there really no cute Bini names? Thanks to everyone who took out the time to suggest names. I really appreciate it. You guys are sweet.

*Answer to the question is Tranvestic fetishism (exclusive to heterosexual men). Transvestites are people who have to wear clothes of the opposite gender in order to feel sexual gratification. It is different from cross dressers or drag queens.

If u watch RHOBH, Camille kinda hints on multiple occasions that Kelsey is a transvestite.

Oya, Come and Make Yourself Useful

I'm expecting.....don't ask questions :)

I need girl names starting with the letter K.... "English" names. I also need girl Bini (specifically) names that do no start with Osa... I know most of you are Ibo and Yoruba, but i might just luck out. The only Bini name i like so far is Ivie (precious jewel). I can't think of any other ones i like. I have friends named Esohe, Esosa, Isoken etc etc, but i want something cute or something you can shorten easily. We have to take pronunciation into consideration.

Please and thank you. This is serious business by the way ;)

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Miss me?

You know you do :)))

Follow me on twirrer @nigerianscorpio. I find myself there at least once a day. Easy access from my phone. Thank God! This blogging thing, no time o!I have plenty, plenty gist, but no time.

By the way, sleep is officially my enemy. She's so uncooperative. Winch!

Real quick, cos this is something that bothered me. Linda Ikeji is in America on vacation and wrote about it on her blog. A few people were mocking her for talking about it, asking if it was an achievement to come here. She seemed excited to be here, but i don't get why that is a problem or how that makes her bush.  I plan to tour Europe in the future. Poverty is worrying me right now plus lack of free time. I've never been to London (specifically, before people think i don't know London not equal Europe) and really want to go. I know it's not a "big deal" and all my friends there think America is better, but that's not the point. I just want to make the rounds and visit places. Bucket list sturves. So if i get to London or Paris or whatever European country i end up in, am not allowed to be excited because that makes me bush? What happened to the excitement of visiting a NEW place? I don't get some certain Nigerians. Even if i go to my village tomorrow, i will be excited sef. So i now have to pretend to be posh and tush, not saying i'm bush (that totally rhymed. lol), but seriously, seriously, i don't get it.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

I'm in Shock!

I refuse to see this alone. You people should help me see my freaking crazy, adrenaline junkie brother.

He said it was scarier than it looked especially the plane ride and i told him he seemed to be having fun. I can't tell my mother about this, she would have a heart attack. I have 8 sisters and ONE brother!!! I'm not saying he's more important, but you know how Nigerian mothers are. Ehn! The apple of her eyes, skydiving?!! You should have seen my mom the day my brother went out and did not come home until 2am. It was an experience. LOL. Crazy, crazy boy. I would NEVER! I'm not surprised though. This is right up his alley. Let me pick my jaw off the floor and go back to listening to my abortion lecture.

*He gave me permission to put it on this blog. He was like, i hope people are not going to be saying crazy stuff about me and i said, No! I have nice readers.

*Guess who just noticed the date of this crazy adventure, August 2011. This boy has been keeping secrets. 

Mental Illness and Relationships

This is something that has been on my mind and i actually wanted to ask this question last year but didn't for a number of reasons. I guess i'll ask it now.

Would you guys date/marry someone with a known mental illness in their immediate family? Keep in mind said mental illness (eg Bipolar or Schizophrenia) has a strong genetic component which means there is a good chance it can be passed on to your kids or grand kids etc. I asked a couple of friends last year without going into detail and their response was that they wouldn't regardless of how much they loved the person.

I guess it's easy to say something when you don't actually have to deal with it. It's something i have thought about especially with my background. I have worked in 2 psych hospitals and i know that these illnesses are not curable, but they can be managed and these individuals need a lot of support from friends and family. A lot of them are never able to live up to their full potential. I didn't say all of them, because not everyone with bipolar is affected the same way, same goes for schizo. There's a broad spectrum one can fall under. Knowing what i know, would i still take the risk?

What i have said is, if the guy is perfect for me and treats me well and all that good stuff, then maybe. But i don't know if i can go through with it but knowing myself, i would consider it. Consider it and pray? It's a tough decision. I guess if you don't plan on having kids it makes the decision easier but i haven't yet met a Nigerian who didn't want to have kids. I'm sure they exist but majority of Nigerian want kids.

 I mentioned a schizophrenic friend last year, just in case your mind goes there, this has nothing to do with him. His own had passed be careful, but i guess i should add this question too, would you date/marry someone with a serious mental disorder?

What do you guys think?

I understand this is a very sensitive topic and i apologize in advance if i offend anyone. That is not my intention. I really want to know what people think. Let's be respectful please (but still speak your mind).

*I'm interested in guest posts, so if you would like to guest blog on this here blog, email me at nigerianscorpio@gmail.com. Situation is getting critical and i feel guilty taking time to blog at this point.

Someone tell me why this little bag of rice cost $4? Come to find out Basmati rice is the most expensive rice in the world. Well, i'm considering this a treat. I will be sticking to my regular parboiled rice in the future

This is why you don't go to the Grocery store hungry. I am not a snacker and i don't buy snacks because i will eat them all ASAP but these are my favorite chocolate, cookies and wafers in the world. Now u know :)

What was i thinking? I bought this almost a year ago when i was having a bad case of study-butt. I never even took it out of the packet until yesterday. In my defense, i was expecting something else not this inflatable rubber. I used it for all of 10 minutes before i tossed it. I guess it's good for people with tail bone issues. 

Hey guys, welcome to my blog. Sit back, relax, grab a cup of coffee and enjoy!

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