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Nigerian Authors and Downton Abbey

Oh to be free for half a day! Funny how the effects of stress are worse after the exam is over. I usually get this horrible headache (from sleep deprivation/stress, i guess) and non caffeine related insomnia the night after an exam. I'm not a caffeine consumer anyway, but i tried to this block and i felt horrible. I went back to my natural way of doing things ASAP. 

Now to the main business at hand, Nigerian Authors. If you've read this blog for a while, you all know i collect animated movies, what you didn't know was my interest in Nigerian authors. I have slowly started "collecting" books by Nigerian authors. It's not very serious right now due to financial constraints. As a matter of fact, i haven't gotten around to reading any of Myne's books. Shame on me, i know but in my defense...I intend to! As soon as i get around to buying them. My all time ever and ever favorite Nigerian book is The Concubine. Besides having it for secondary school, i bought it again in 2007 just to have. My sister borrowed it and i knew i was never going to see it again. It has been on my wish list for years and periodically i would check to see how much it was going for. I'm not a baller, so i can't just buy anything i want when i want. Anyhoodle, i wanted to get some pens from Amazon, and had to spend $25 to qualify for free shipping, so i found both The Concubine and The Secret of Baba Segi's Wives at affordable prices. They were both used. At this point, price will always be the deciding factor. I don't intend to read either now, it's just to add to my collection. I intend to have them for my unborn kids :) I remember going to my neighbor's house while growing up and never wanting to leave because she had so many books. While all the kids were playing, i would be the only one reading. Then there was this American lady who had all these books! Another neighbor of mine would borrow them for us to read. I want my kids to have that type of library at their disposal. I don't understand people who don't love to read. It makes no sense to me. One of my teenage nieces is obessed with books like i was at her age. I think it's something that runs in families (?) cos my sisters (expect one) and my brother love to read too.

Right after my exams, i also stopped at the thrift store to get my 2 yr old niece some storybooks. She loves being read to. I bought this Pooh book for her last time i was home and i swear she made me read that book like 20 times. I ended up picking 2 historical romance novels for myself. That's the maximum i allowed myself. Have no clue when i will get a chance to read them but i couldn't help it. I'm a historical romance junkie even though med school is trying reading hard to kill all leisurely reading.

So here's what i have so far. It's still just a few. I'll be happy to hear recommendations of other Nigerian (or African) writers you guys like.

My little historical romance acquisition from today.
I just remembered i have a few more books by Nigerian authors (The Mrs Club, Egg Larve Pupa Woman, The Joys of Motherhood) but they are at home.

*So! Someone who has school plus boards to study for just discovered a new show Downton Abbey from another blogger. I just got through watching the first episode of Season one and i am scared. Scared because I'm hooked and want to see more and there's just no time for that. They are currently in season 2 which has 10 episodes and season one has 7 episodes which are an hour long. You can watch the show on PBS, but i used this site instead, because i couldn't find all the episodes on PBS. I love it because it's a historical British show that begins after the Titanic sank and the guy lost both his heirs on the Titanic now they have to deal with the repercussions of that. They feature both the aristocrats (don't know the right word) and the servants. This totally feeds into my love of historical romance novels, it's just so cool to see all the things i read about. I don't think they have British accents though. If anyone watches it, tell me what you think of the accents. But yeah, you guys should check it out while i try to stop pretending to not be in med school. I think i earned this day off sha. For the last 2 nights, i dreamt of nothing but drugs, i swear! I'm not making this up. It was that bad. I'm off to watch the second episode. after that i'll have to leave it alone and face my books.


  1. I liked The Thing Around Your Neck. Used to be a HR junkie too. Now I read a lot of Urban fantasy and paranormal romance.

  2. ooohh... I love to read! I prefer autobiographies, horror, thrillers and comedy but when it's African literature anything goes.

    I haven't had alot of time to read lately too cos of life but the African writer on my hit list now is Ahmadou Kourouma, if you haven't read Allah is not Obliged then you might want to start there

  3. @Lady Jaye: Urban Fantasy and Paranormal romance, sounds cool. Any recommendations?

    @Dosh: My friend told me about Allah is not Obliged and it has been on my wish list for over a year now.

  4. Oooh. i hae a mile long list. Might have to wait till your exams are over - I don' want to be responsible for anything :)

    PS: Lord of Scoundrels is a great historical romance.

    For African authors Tsitsi Dangarembga writes okay books, and I love Bessie Head (I think my favorite by her is WHEN RAINCLOUDS GATHER) and Ama Ata Aidoo.

  5. I was like, what do we have to do with Downtown Abbey, did a Nigerian write it? LOL...

    We missed the Season one but watching season 2 now.

    I don't read as much romance as I used to, but recently read Comanche Magic.

  6. My all time fav is Trials of Brother Jero by Wole Soyinka. I still laugh like i'm crazed when i read it. The dialogue is mad. I loved the Ihuoma too and my 2nd best is Time Changes Yesterday by Nyengi Koin. I love The Second chance too about a set of twins(can't rembr the author & too lazy to google it, sorry). I've read The secrets of Baba Segi's wives and j'adore(xcept my lil issues with it). You should get Half of a Yellow Sun too. You can also get The Second Class Citizen by Buchi Emecheta

    On historical romance, you should totally get Remembrance by Jude Devearaux.

    P.S: so how did exams go?

  7. @Toinlicious: We have to wait a good 9 days to get the grades back. Very agonizing. Thanks for asking.

  8. I loved loved 'The Concubine'. If you haven't, you should pick up 'Second Class Citizen' -Buchi Emecheta

  9. I love historical romance as well. Especially regency ones. You should try "The Finer things" by brenda joyce. I no long have the hard copy but i found a pdf of it. I laughed, i cried , it was like finding a lost treasure.

  10. Awww re: Downton Abbey. Yeah they do have British accents. Because it's a period drama the English is proper (or posh), so maybe that's why you don't think it sounds very British. But I assure you (as a Brit) the accent is definitely British. Lol. ;)

  11. I read the Mrs Club. Did NOT like it. Also didn't like (or finish) Say You're One of Them for other reasons. What did you think of those two? Chimamanda's books are phenomenal. Goes without saying.

    I don't have a lot of Nigerian books myself, but I stumbled on Teju Cole's first book (Everyday is For The Thief) in Yaba market a couple Christmases ago and absolutely, absolutely loved it. So far, I don't like his other book, Open City. It's a bit difficult to read.

    I'll look into the other books you have there.

  12. I thot Mrs Club was just okay. I also never finished Say you are one of them. The stories were not too interesting. I've read all Adichie's books and my favorite is Half of a Yellow Sun. She's a pretty awesome writer.

  13. Oh i'm definitely with you on Nigerian authors.
    I have a pretty decent collection going and if you'd done this post 3 weeks ago i might/could've helped add to yours.

    I only just read "Joys of motherhood" this Jan, and Mrs Club only a few weeks ago. You should check out Teju Cole, also Sefi Atta (she's not Nigerian though) I forget some others but i'll let you know when i remember.

    P.s i can't stand any romance novels

  14. Oh i see someone mentioned Teju Cole already.
    @Miss Fab how can you not like Mrs Club???

  15. Back in secondary school there were two books I loved and read many times : concubine and time changes yesterday. I still have concubine but and would gladly buy the other if I stumble on it.
    Recently read kemi' journal and zack's story by abidemi sanusi..and I liked them.

    Nice blog.

  16. I love to read and one Nigerian book i can't seem to forget is The triumph of the water lily- Stella Ify Osammor

  17. Please is there any site where Nigerian books can be read online or downloaded. Likes of second chance, time changes yesterday, African nights entertainment please lol


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