Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Shuga- Love, Sex and Money Ep 2

OMG. I LOVE this show so much. So much! Awesomeness. I abandoned my books even though i have exams to watch it. It's so informative. They talked about PEP (post exposure prophylaxis), the right way to put a condom on, they explore sexual abuse from a relative and how the victim sometimes fails to be protected by her mother (I've heard that story so many times in real life). They also talked about disclosing your status etc. I love how they just subtly insert these messages in there. What a great way to disseminate information about HIV and safe sex.I get accent envy listening to Violet talk. I want to be Kenyan for a day :) Beautiful people.

I was able to claim non-core hours for watching Season one in first year (as you may or may not know, my focus for my Individualized learning thingy is HIV prevention and awareness). I don't know if they will let me do that this year. I'm def. going to try sneaking it in there because i haven't done jack for non-core and i think this show is awesomeness itself and shows how media can be used to spread awareness. I LOVE IT! The only other TV show i love like this is The Middle. Who else loves that show? It's just so good.

Shuga: Love, Sex, Money - Episode 2 from mtv staying alive on Vimeo.

Watch Season 1 and previous episodes of Season 2 HERE


  1. I have been watching 'The Middle' for the past one week. Love it.

  2. You could claim watching Shuga as course work? Oyibo schools...love 'em.
    I've not watched a full season before but the one or two i did were well done which was what tripped me most.

  3. I love this show too! I'm nigerian but grew up in Kenya until I finished high school. This show takes me back to my time there, the accents, the slang they use, everything! Not to mention how entertaining and educational it is.

  4. love love shuga...Sting maybe you should consider doing a stint in East/Southern Africa for your HIV awareness interest they have really gone out of their way to create awareness and have VCT (voluntary counselling testing centers) on almost every street corner not to mention PMTC (prevention of mother to child transmission)awareness campaigns etc

  5. This is an amazing show, honestly. And yeah, The Middle is a staple here as is the whole ABC Wednesday comedy.

  6. very sad and interesting story... looking forward to Ep 3

  7. LOVE IT!!!
    I had tears in my eyes at the end. At least someone believed her.
    Off to share it on facebook.

  8. Oh-My-God!!!.... So I'm not the only one totally hooked to "The Middle" I sooo love the show. Surprisingly, most people don't seem to know about d show, i wonder why. Yea, I'm a huge fan of the Middle, makes me laff so much.

    I need to get hooked on this one too, sounds educative

  9. Do you know where I can catch season 1 on the web? I live on the east coast.

  10. Go here: http://mtvshuga.com/clips/s1e1/ for the first episode. Look through the site for the rest of the episodes. I think there are links to them on the upper right hand corner, titled series 1.

  11. Blessings......
    Never saw this, never heard of it until today. I watched the video, wow, its powerful. I was a bit confused in the beginning with the back and forth snippets but eventually i caught on.

    Thanks for sharing.
    Stay blessed.



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