Thursday, June 30, 2011

30 Day Challenge : Day 4 - Bullet Your Whole Day

  • 8.36am - Woke up (in pain)
  • 9.30am - Ate breakfast: Oatmeal, Cranberries and Very Vanilla Soymilk (Breakfast of champions)
  • 10.00am - Decide to organize first year stuff on my computer in anticipation of prospective little sib. Got fall semester stuff done. 
  • 11.27am - Called the hospital and made an appointment to see my GI doc. I would insert smiley face but i'm seeing his FEMALE PA instead :( 
  • 12.00pm ish - Realize my trip is 5 days away instead of 6. Decide to do laundry and start packing
  • 12.30pm -Dragged my stuff to the laundry room but all the washers are occupied. Had the brilliant idea to leave my clothes in my storage space instead of dragging it back up 3 flights of stairs. 
  • 1pm - Made 2nd bowl of oatmeal and took a shower while it was cooling down
  • 1.36pm - Ate 2nd bowl of oatmeal. I really needed to eat and oatmeal was the easiest thing to make. 
  • 2pm - Went to Walmart to pick up a medication and got some Tilapia also. Was really tempted to get some caramel crunch popcorn but it was 160cal per serving and there were 7 servings in that box. Exercised some self control. 
  • 3.30 pm - Went back to the laundry. All the washers were still occupied by someone who refused to come transfer their clothes to the dryer. 
  • 3.41pm - Started watching The Office on my computer. Switched to Judge Judy on TV at 4p
  • 4.45pm - Made dinner. Fried eggs wrapped in soft taco and peanut butter and banana wrapped in taco and some medicated juice to go with that. 
  • 5.30pm - Back to watching The Office on my computer and Food Network on TV
  • 6.41pm - Got a text from a friend talking about studying. Realized i haven't studied in a week. 
  • 7.00pm - Went down to the laundry room and the washers were still occupied with the same clothes that were there 4 hours ago. I try not to be pissed. 
  • 7.30pm - Started studying First Aid - Biochem is bleh!
  • 8.30pm - Bored and in pain. Been in pain all week anyway. Decided to write this post, then it's back to studying. I have 10 pages to go tonight. 
  • The rest of the day will be spent watching TV (most likely food network) while relaxing on my recliner as usual. 
 As you can see, i do not live a very exciting life. I bored myself writing this but i signed up for the challenge and i will do it!

Shout out to visitor from Huddersfield, Kirklees.... You are actually a very frequent visitor to my blog.  You are welcome and thank you :) Where in God's name is Kirklees anyway? I bet it's in the UK. I should google it.

If you live in a apartment complex where everyone shares washers and dryers are you allowed to move someone's clothes out of the washer/dryer if it's done, especially if it's been sitting there for hours? Frankly, the thought of touching a strangers wet (or dry) clothes disgusts me. I don't care if it's just been washed.

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

30 Day Challenge : Day 3 - A Book You Love

 I've read a LOT of books and i usually like them but i never keep track or try to remember the authors or titles. I guess i'm a mass consumer of these products. However, believe it or not, i have a favorite book.

Drumroll please......

Little Women by Lousia May Alcott (In case you couldn't tell, i have fun looking through the different covers for the book). I love, love, love this book. There are not many books i have read more than once, but i can safely say i have read this book at least 10 times. I grew up with this book. I couldn't get enough of it so of course i made sure i got my hands on all the sequels Good Wives, Little Men and Jo's Boys. I don't remember how i got them probably from the school library when i was in boarding school. I don't think i bought any of these books because my copies were tattered and old. So i would guess i fapped them from the school library.

There was just something about these four sisters and their mom with their dad away at war that appealed to me. How cool was it to discover a rich next door neighbor and become friends with them. I love Jo because she reminded me of me. I loved Jo and Laurie together and wasn't too pleased he ended up with Amy. I was sad Beth died. Meg got married and had twins and Jo married an older guy, a german professor she met when she went abroad. I know this family like they were real especially since i like i said, i read all the sequels.

Of course i have the movie, which is a SAD disappointment and no comparison to the book. I jumped at the chance to do a critical analysis of the story for my Honors Developmental Psychology class so i had to get the movie. Sadly, i do not own a copy of the book or any of its sequels. I was surprised to read that the author initially did not want to write this book and thought it was boring and the publisher or editor (can't remember) agreed but her niece liked it and so did a lot of young girls which was the audience the book was intended for.

The Harry Potter series would be my next favorite book(s). I don't understand why people think it's a children's book. lol. Okay, maybe it is but i love them anyway.

What's your favorite book?

Shout out to my visitor from Sammamish, Washington. Sammamish? Never heard of that, love the name though.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

30 Day Challenge : Day 2 - Something I feel strongly about

I feel strongly about too many things to just write one, so here it goes.
  1. Homophobia in the Nigerian community and the fact that it is conveniently wrapped in the soft blanket of religion. Jesus LOVED everyone. He wanted to hang out with the sinners, he let a prostitute wash his feet and did not raise his nose up at her. Being gay is not a choice just as being straight is not a choice. The lifestyle you chose to live is your choice (although i'm very much against people who deceive their partners about their true selves and then 20 years later come out and say, sorry honey, i'm gay) but for the most part we have no control who we are attracted to. God does not make mistakes and he loves the way he made us. Let us open our minds and our hearts and stop condemning other people's children.
  2. Since we are on the topic of religion, i'll say this. I can't stand people who use the bible in their stupid, and usually sexist arguments. Once i hear "because the bible said so or because God said so", you have totally lost me and i warn my friends not to use bible arguments with me. You can't use one side of your mouth to talk about Sodom and Gomorrah or whatever bible verse you are using and then pretend like the bible doesn't speak about fornication which apparently all the so called good Christians now accept as an okay everyday sin. I can't stand hypocrites and hypocrisy. 
  3. I HATE the word submission, especially in the context that most Nigerian men (and some women) use it. Add to the fact that they try to use the bible to justify it conveniently forgetting that God also said men should honor their wives.
  4. People who still have unprotected casual sex. Please, let's do better and don't think that we are invincible to STDs and HIV. It's so not worth the risk. 
  5. People who abuse little kids and pets.
I usually glance at my traffic feed and i see people from all these cool places stop by my blog. So from now on, i'll give a shout out to whatever location on my traffic feed that catches my fancy.

So shout out to the visitor from Mississauga, Ontario. Feel free to acknowledge it if it's you ;) Also, Hoboken, New Jersey. I recently heard of Hoboken because Albie and Chris from Real Housewives of New Jersey moved there.... :)

For clarification purposes
*Homophobia is a term used to refer to a range of negative attitudes and feelings towards lesbian and gay and in some cases bisexual, transgender people. Homophobia is observable in critical and hostile behavior such as discrimination and violence on the basis of a perceived homosexual or in some cases any non-heterosexual orientation. (Source: Wikipedia)
* Just because you believe homosexuality is a SIN does not mean you should be homophobic and hate gay people. WWJD?

Monday, June 27, 2011

30 Day Challenge : Day 1 - 5 ways to win your heart

This might sound very shallow and trust me i have tried to get over it and i haven't succeeded but it helps greatly if a guy is easy on the eye/good looking. I'm especially partial to pretty boys. If you are aesthetically challenged, i don't think you can win my heart. I've dated one ugly guy and he has the dubious honor of being the worst guy i've ever dated. At least if a guy is being an ass i need to be able to look at him and see why i'm with him. So never again.

Everybody likes someone who can make them laugh and i'm no exception. I have a wacky sense of humor and make fun of things that are for the most part serious, that's how i deal with difficult situations. A guy who has a good sense of humor and knows how to laugh at himself would be a plus in my book

I love smart/intelligent guys. A guy who can hold a decent, intellectual conversation with me and can keep me on my toes mentally will definitely get my attention/interest. I have met many good looking guys who were eliminated simply because they couldn't carry a conversation and want to talk about stupid stuff. It's very important that you have something up there.

I'm going to lump all the mushy stuff together. A guy who is sweet, attentive, sincere, reliable and all that good stuff. Calls when he says he will, shows up when he says he will, listens, and empathizes is always a winner in my book. If he has a romantic bone in his body without being cliche, that's good too. 

Lastly, a guy who knows where he's going and how to get there, who knows what he wants and how to get it which includes getting me. Major turn off for me, unambitious/low ambition guys. I don't want to have to motivate you to go back to school and better yourself. I will definitely support your efforts but i don't want to be the nagging girlfriend who has to force you to go take ur GRE or whatever exam etc etc Complacence and mediocrity big no-no. 

So what is a sure-fire way for a guy/girl to win your heart?

Nominations for the Nigerian Blog Awards are out. I was nominated for Best Student Blog. Woot, woot! Let's make this happen. Vote for me, Please and Thank you!!!

Sunday, June 26, 2011

The 30 day Challenge

I just found out about this from AnyaPosh's blog. I will be doing it starting tomorrow. You guys can do it too and encourage other people to join. So on each day, you write about the corresponding topic on the list.

My tolerance for people and nonsense is at an all time low. These days i just couldn't care less. Same old predictable bullshit. I was forced to go off on my good friend yesterday because he was being a condescending idiot and i wasn't having that from him or anybody. I'm just done with people. Too many disappointments from supposed friends, i've become so jaded and cynical. I don't trust anybody and i doubt anyone can do anything that will shock me. I don't expect the worst but i'm not surprised when people do stuff anymore.

In case you couldn't tell, i'm in a funky mood but this picture made me feel better for a minute. My sister put it on facebook today.
My 13 year old nephew. He is the sweetest kid you will ever meet. I begged him last summer not to change because they tend to grow out of the sweet phase, at least my 15 year old nephew did. He is funny, witty, has the greatest comebacks and you cannot be bored around him. His sisters get mad at me because i laugh at everything he does instead of disciplining him. Last time i saw him, he had a mohawk. That was his summer hair. Yeah, just thot i'd share the one bright spot of my day.

Anyway, join the challenge. Let's do this.

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Mind and Body = No likey

I'm going to talk about this once and i promise this will be the last you will hear about this from me. 2002 when i immigrated to this country, i weighed 115lb and looked like i weighed 100lbs and this was after i was put on cypron so i could increase my appetite and gain weight. 9 years later, I am now currently 159lbs (as of this morning). I was 153lbs last month and i know exactly how i made my way back to 159lbs. I've been entertaining myself by eating even though i want to lose weight. Anything over 150lbs is considered overweight for me according to the BMI thingy. Besides that, i have gotten to the point where i don't like my body. Bad!

The thing i hate most about everything is I DON'T WANT TO BE AMONG THE MILLIONS OF WOMEN IN AMERICA WHO ARE COMPLAINING AND BATTLING WEIGHT ISSUES. I don't want that to be my issue. I don't want to be on a diet and battle with food or have an unhealthy relationship with food. I generally don't have bad eating habits. I don't eat fast food, i hardly ever eat out, i don't drink soda at all, i can't remember the last time i ate a pizza, i hardly eat cookies or candy and i have never been on a diet not even when i did the weight loss blog competition (which is why i lost 2lbs the whole time). I am partial to cheesecake but i haven't had that since February. I just want to get my body back the way i like it and be done talking about weight. It's boring. I don't aspire to a certain weight or size but i want to look at my body and like it. That is all i want. Not everyone is meant to be skinny and i don't necessarily look good skinny which is why my mom was trying to fatten me up all those years, now she's telling me to lose weight. The irony.
I also don't want to exercise to try to lose weight. First of all, i know that weight loss is 80% what you eat and 20% exercise.  Although i am all too aware that exercise is GOOD for you so sooner or later i would have to jump on that but i want to do it because i'm living a healthy lifestyle and not to lose weight. What i'm trying to do is to learn how to eat right without feeling like i'm on a diet. I'm really not a vegetable eating person at all. I try sometimes with the mixed vegetables i buy from Walmart or Sam's but that's about it. I don't know what else to try or how to cook the multitude of vegetables that are out there.

It doesn't help that i don't have any examples. I watch food network all the time, and while most of the shows have yummy food, they are not exactly healthy. I don't want to be stuck eating oatmeal and brown rice everyday. It doesn't help that i have a stomach condition which shall remain nameless and there's a long list of things i can't eat. I can't even eat stew. Do you know what that means to a Nigerian? Well, it's not that bad. I just cook my rice in chicken broth and extra curry and it tastes good!

What's the point of this post? I'm frustrated. I just want it all to go away with little effort (which is not going to happen). I need healthy eating options. You know Nigerians are all about the rice but i don't want to have to eat rice EVERYDAY. I've switched from white rice to brown rice, no more cereal, just oatmeal, ditched meat for fish, boiled instead of fried plantains. I find that my stomach tolerates moi-moi better than straight up black eyed peas which gives me bad acid reflux but even with the moi-moi my stomach still hurts. Beans is the only food which gives me acid reflux so sadly, it's out. I need to introduce more healthy meals into my diet but i'm stumped. The only two fruits i can eat are Bananas and Pears. I'm not a 100% on the Pears but they are way better on my stomach than Strawberries, Apples, Mangos and Kiwis, all the fruits i like but can't have :(

I have exactly 2 months left of this once in a lifetime vacation (This is my last real vacation in med school, no one is getting 3 months off again). I want to stop being overweight and learn how to eat healthy consistently. So if you know any healthy food blogs or recipes i could try please let me know. I have to add that i have a very unrefined palate and i have always been a picky eater and it is now 10x worse because of my stomach issue. This is why i am frustrated.

I have vented
I feel better
I'm going to go drink some water :)

Thursday, June 23, 2011

I have suffered!

 So I'm the queen of being blunt.....or so i thought. I started hearing i was too blunt when i was in JSS1 and since I've gotten older I've tried to think about what I'm about to say and how i say it so i don't hurt someones feelings. I'm not successful all the time but I'm not a mean person by any means. I just say what I'm thinking how I'm thinking it.

Today, I decided (since the conversation gave me a great opening) to tell a toaster that i wasn't attracted to him. I was trying to spare his feelings so i said it in an indirect/direct manner. I said, "i don't know if I'm attracted to you" and added some other window dressing statements so i don't sound like a devil. I shouldn't have bothered about trying not to hurt his feelings because he responded by saying" Well, I'm not interested in you like i used to be. I don't know why, maybe because I'm pessimistic about the whole thing. If i was as interested as i used to be, i would have been calling you everyday. So if you tell me tomorrow that you won't date me, i wouldn't really care". Now, that's just rude. At least, i tried to sugar coat what i was saying. He didn't even bother. The only reason i even talked about my not being attracted to him was because he said he could never be with someone he wasn't attracted to. That he wouldn't even make the effort to get to know them, meanwhile i was making the effort for him and his egg head and widely spaced teeth. Idiot!

Chei, chei, chei, chei, chei.......I have suffered. Me! Ok! As he was talking, i couldn't believe my ears. This is someone that i have been managing and using my church mind to talk to. He now has the mouth to be telling me!!!! that he is not as interested in me. As soon as he finished spouting that nonsense, i just made my excuses (which he didn't believe) and got off the phone. I hope he enjoyed all the times he got to hear my voice, because today was the last. Since he is no longer as interested, i will help him make sure he is not interested at all. Idiot oshi!

This is why i don't even bother trying with these fools.

 P.S. Apparently, when school is in session, all i talk about is school and when I'm out of school, all i talk about is relationships. What kind of blogger does that make me?

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Stuff - About my Trad Wedding

  • I spent 3 hours today washing black eye peas to make moi-moi. I was craving akara yesterday but since i have managed to gain 7lbs in a month and i have 2 more months of vacation, i decided to slow my roll and leave fried food alone, hence the switch to moi-moi. There's a faster way to get the skins of, by soaking and blending before washing, but i felt like doing it the hard way. I'm not doing anything else with my time so i didn't feel the need to rush. 
I made these last summer. They were crunchy and yummy. I still want some.
  • I was complaining about my weight gain and telling my friend my about my plans to lose weight this summer when she told me what happened to her. The little scenario in my previous post. She has a good 60-70lbs on me so i quickly shut up but not before i asked her if she was still talking to the dude. This was someone she just met in April when she went to Naija for her sister's wedding. She has refused to talk to him since that incident. 
  • So i decided to quit whining and do a fridge purge. I have been buying and eating crap since i got on holiday. Ice-cream, peanut butter, bacon, cookies, corn beef hash, etc etc These are things i usually don't eat. I try to be disciplined when i go grocery shopping because my philosophy is if it's not in the house you can't eat it. I don't think i have enough will power to resist macadamia nut white chocolate chic cookie (my favorite cookies), so i just don't buy it. Right as i was tossing perfectly good food out of my refrigerator, there was a program on OWN about poor families and this one family didn't have milk for their toddlers. I felt bad about wasting food for a second and rescued the 100 cal sandwich bread, but i had to let the others go. I thought long and hard about tossing my Hawaiian sweet rolls which has about 12 left (i bought the 24 rolls pack from Sam's) but i couldn't do it. I love those rolls. 
  • In recent posts i have asked "Where are all the good men?". The truth is, i know some good men. I think the question i should have asked is "Where are all the good men that i am attracted to and would like to date?" Maybe I'm the problem but i don't see how i can force myself to be into someone. It's hard. 
  • I've been watching The Office. I just got done with Season 2. Am i the only one who finds Micheal Scott annoying? He irritates me even though i know it's a show. I wouldn't be able to tolerate a boss like that in real life. 
  • I'm already freaking out about the boards (exam) that is a year away. My friend is studying to take it right now and she is not having fun at all (to say the least). I almost question my decision to become a doctor. It doesn't get easier. There's no light at the end of the tunnel. My tuition just went up to $43,000+ a year. I don't even want to think of how much i will be owing when I'm done. The whole process stresses me out. I feel like I've given my whole youth to the pursuit of medicine. I want to do something with my life other than go to med school and become a doctor. I can't even enjoy my break in peace without worrying about the boards, or if i should be volunteering or how bad am i hurting myself by not doing research this summer or how i can make myself more competitive so i can get into a good residency program. I'm starting to flip through First Aid and that's the last thing i want to do but i will get through it once this summer, then go over BRS Physiology since we all know about my Phys struggles. I tire.
  • What's the best way to get over a heartbreak? No, i am not heart broken and haven't been in the recent past. But i was talking to someone who has never been in a relationship and one of her complaints against life was that she has never even been heartbroken. I wanted to give her a backhand slap and them simultaneously punch her in the stomach, maybe that would give her a clue as to how it feels. Maybe a blow to the chest too would be in order. I think she's crazy. My Broken Heart post, remains my most popular post till date. I bet because people keep googling broken heart and hitting that page.
  • Personally, I don't think there is a quick fix to getting over a heart break. You can go out and party with your friends and all that but shey they will still leave you and go home? You just have to feel the pain, cry your eyes out, curl up in a fetal position and go through it all or bottle it all in. Whichever floats your boat. The only thing that works for me is time. Time makes it all better. It would be 3 months or it could be 6 months, it all depends on how hurt we were and how good you are at bouncing back. We are human beings and good at adapting. We wake up one day and it doesn't hurt so much, soon it's a thing of the past. Unless you are a psycho and can't let things go, then you are on your own. I can't help you.  
  • And that my friends, is all she wrote.  
  • Oh yeah, how did you guys like my title? I like it a lot :)

Monday, June 20, 2011

True Story

What would you do? 
You meet a guy....
He tells you he's loiking* you.....
If all the stars align right, he would like to marry you.
Then he calls you one day, bright and early......he has something he wants to tell you.
So.....he showed your picture to his mom
and he was wondering.....
since his mom said you were too fat.....would you please lose the weight?
What would you do? 

P.S Dude and dudette are not officially together. This is the early stages of toasting.

*No, for all u didn't happen to me but with the way i've been eating my way out of boredom these days, it's not an impossibility*
*loiking = in between love and like

Friday, June 17, 2011

Boys 2 Men

So there's a certain breed of men that my friend and i refer to as "Boys 2 Men". Who is a Boys 2 Man, you might wonder? Well, even if you aren't wondering, i'll tell u anyway. A Boys 2 Man is a guy who by all accounts should have already completed transitioning into manhood but for some reason chooses to embrace boyhood and continues to do the things boys do. It's pretty much a guy who's not ready to settle down or do right by a girl. I often describe them as "they don't know whether they are coming or going" and they expect you to be a part of that madness. They like to exist in the gray area because there's no fun in black or white (what do you need definite answers for anyway?)

Therefore, you could meet a 30-35 year old guy who still wants to sleep with everything with a vagina, or who thinks it's cool to go clubbing and party 3-4 times a week. Someone who earns a decent paycheck but blows it all on designer stuff and expensive crap with no thought of tomorrow or someone who can't make up his mind if he wants to be in a relationship or not and is perfectly content stringing someone along.

I'm not saying that 30 is the cut off point but i'm saying that i would excuse certain behavior in a guy of 27 and below because they still have some growing up to do but after a certain age i would expect those things would get old. You've seen it all and done it all. When is enough, enough? I've never been one to party or go clubbing but i have friends who did. I lived in Atlanta from 2002 until 2009 and i know there's no better place to party than Atlanta. Still as these friends of mine who partied got older, they didn't really want to party as much anymore. I take that as a sign of maturity.

With these Boys 2 Men, it's not just a partying thing, that's just a tiny part of the issue. The main issue i have with them is that they like to play with women. They are still mentally at the point where all they really care about is sex and how many women they can have sex with. They have their Atlanta chic, and their New York chic and their London chic, plus all the other 18 -19 year old little girls they play with in town in addition to their main town chic. They are so good at the game they play, each chic thinks she's the only one. Usually these guys are the "happening" guys in town and everyone knows them. So most chics would be happy they are dating him.

 However, these are not the only type of guys that are Boys 2 men. There are those who come as wolves in sheep clothing. They don't party or club, good head on their shoulder and all that good stuff. They treat you like your are their chic and are not talking to anyone else but they will never give you the title of girlfriend. That my friends, like it or not is a Boys 2 Man. It's either you want it or you don't. He already knows he's never going to make you his girlfriend but you don't. So you stick around hoping and waiting. Well, i'm sorry for you. Wake up and smell the coffee. It doesn't take a guy 6 months to decide if he wants to be with you. Some people meet and are engaged in three months and here you are with one who after 6 months is still trying to decide if he should make you his girlfriend. Leave him alone. He is not the one.

I'm not even going to talk about the people who have been together 5 years and above and he refuses to discuss marriage. That is beyond my realm of expertise but you and I both know the truth.

I can smell a Boys 2 Man a mile away.

It's so funny how if we look closely or even take the time to be observant we can spot these things and save ourselves a whole lot of trouble. If you meet a guy for the first time and in the first conversation you have, he's talking about sex.....Boys 2 Man alert! Pay attention to what he's saying. My friend used to like this one guy and as soon as they started talking, he would always compliment her about how sexy she was, she was pretty turned off by that because it showed his mind was working in a certain direction.

A guy who tells you he doesn't do a certain day, meaning, don't expect to see him on a certain day of the week or warns you severely never to come to his house unannounced even though you guys have been together long enough and doesn't give you a reason. An alarm bell should be ringing in your head when you hear that shit. I don't understand some girls. That's should be a bleeding red flag.

When i have a 29 year old guy tell me he wants to sleep with an Asian chic, a Hispanic chic and a white chic. Ermm, aren't those fantasies you should have explored in your early twenties? When does it stop? 

Valentine's days comes along and the guy you've been talking to goes AWOL. You can't reach him the whole day. The next day he tells you he was asleep the whole day. Seriously, is that the best you can do? You couldn't even put effort into coming up with a decent lie? (This actually happened to

Also, even though i'm not big on facebook, i'm always suspicious of guys who don't have a wall. What are you hiding? I recently asked someone why he doesn't have a wall and he said he doesn't want to get all the crap and spam on his blackberry. Ok, makes sense but still....... Most of the playas i know, don't have walls. There's something to that theory. Facebook has put many people in trouble.

Truth is, these guys come in all shapes and forms and if you are looking for something serious out of a relationship, you need to be more discerning. Don't rush from A to Z, take your time to make sure you know what you are getting yourself into and if you fall into the hands of a wolf in sheeps clothing, at least you know you tried. He just outsmarted you. I still haven't figured out how to fish out those early on but you start to figure it out after a while. Boys are not that smart. We let them get away with stuff because we don't want to deal with the truth. Best thing is to ditch the sinking ship and not worry about all the time you already invested.

Always believe people when they tell you who they are especially when you first meet them. I've had someone tell me he wasn't a nice person but he was trying to learn how to be nice. I should have paid more attention to that information because as i later found out, he wasn't lying. That guy remains one of the meanest people i have ever had the misfortune of dealing with in my entire life. Pay attention, don't sell yourself short and never settle.  Someone once told me "you can never make good pasta sauce with rotten tomatoes" and she really wasn't referring to pasta sauce :)

With that being said, seriously....where are all the good men? Truth is, i can spot a guy that's potentially bad for me in a jiffy, but i don't know if i can spot one that's good for me. Now that my friends, is a real problem!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Comment moderation, touch ups and team whocares!

Hello, hello..... (i'm imitating someone :),

I'll just jump right into it. I think it's pretty interesting when someone doesn't publish your comment simply because you tell them something they don't want to hear in a nice way of course. That got a few chuckles out of me and i know not to bother leaving comments on said blog in the future. I'm sorry i don't know how leave fake, inane comments. I hardly ever comment on people's blog just for the sake of commenting, neither do i respond to comments just for the sake of responding. If i feel like i have something to say, i do. Although, it would be really nice if i could respond to all the comments left on my blog but the truth is that i'm too lazy. I can't even promise to try because i would be lying. Forgive me, i still love you guys :)

Am i the only one who lives in a city where a touch up costs $70? A touch up in Atlanta costs $50 - $55. On top of charging $70, i still have to tip. I'm a med student living primarily on loans and if i didn't have a big head, i would probably shave my head, put on some big earrings and call it a day but i love my short hair and the way it makes me look like a Japanese anime (according to my brother...well, my hair has grown out so i don't look like that anymore). I guess i'll just keep sucking it up and throwing $70 away. Nobody had to tell me to learn how to wash and style my hair myself between touch ups. Before med school, i used to go to the saloon every blessed week. Yep, i was one of those people. I was working two jobs and could afford it. Now, not so much. I am tempted to not get a touch up until i go home but i refuse to go home looking jacked up. Who knows, i might meet my Sugar boy on the plane :)

Yeah, i really should tell you guys about my sugar boy desires. Another time.

How much do you guys pay for a touch up?

Oh, by the way, on Saturday on Vera's blog talk radio show, they are going to be talking about team natural vs. team relaxed and it's being co-hosted by Sugabelly and Otas. I bet it would be an interesting conversation and who knows i might just decide to call in. Because really, why do we even have to pick teams? Why can't we just be? Does the way we wear our hair really define us? I think people are just making a big deal out of nothing. A large majority of black women wear fake hair these days, so would they be on team Brazilian, team Indian, team Synthetic or team Fake?

I have sisters who are natural and one who is currently transitioning. I don't think it's a big deal. I wouldn't go natural in this lifetime just because i can't deal with my natural hair and taking care of it the right way is too time consuming. Unlike my mom with her baby soft hair with barely any kinks or curls, i am 4b nappy and it hurts. Not going to do it. Probably never, ever! I love my soft, manageable relaxed hair and that is all. I love who i am. Being Nigerian is a huge part of my life and despite the negative image we have in the world, i am so proud of where i'm from and my heritage. I'm not trying to conform to anything. I'm just wearing my hair in the way that is most convenient for me. I don't wear weaves and hardly ever get braids and i really couldn't care less what you do with your hair, unless you decide to get a lace front weave and look like a horse. I take personal offense to that and will give you the side eye if i see you in real life.

Anyway, the radio show should be fun. I bought 10 more novels yesterday so i'm off to dig in. Buh bye!

P.S. Nigerian blog awards...nominations end on the 17th. Nominate me for ALLLLLLLLLLL the awards. I know i'm greedy.
P.P.S. I've been eating like a tout. I'm not really a big eater but these days i'm so bored all i think of is the next thing to eat. I'm good in the morning and afternoon but in the evenings i just go crazy. I'm worried about my already bulging waistline. Not sexy. It doesn't help matters i'm buying crap like bacon, cookies, and candy. I'm worried. I still have almost 3 months of summer left plus it will be worse when i get home because all my mother wants to do is feed me when i'm home and i have to eat cos i don't want to hurt her feelings. She doesn't even ask you, she just shows up with a 3 course meal plus snacks and juice.

Saturday, June 11, 2011


Sometimes i have to sit and wonder if i'm "normal". Since August of last year i haven't really had a break where i could relax and since school got out Mayb 26th, i haven't gone anywhere besides the grocery store, hospital and dentist. My friend wanted us to go to the movies on Thursday but i was extremely tired and slept all day. I just got a text asking if i feel up to it today, the problem is, i NEVER want to go out. EVER! It's not something that's exciting to me and it always feels like work instead of something to look forward to. When i finally drag myself to do these things, 9 times out of 10, i have fun but i never on my own want to go out. Am i normal?

No, i'm not sad or depressed and i have always been this way. Which might explain why i have never been to a club. I really couldn't even tell you why i have never been except to say being around a whole bunch of people in my personal space is not my idea of fun. Seriously, am i normal? So i'm here typing away instead of picking a movie which i really don't want to go see even though my friend is paying. I guess the truth is something i've always known and accepted about myself. I am an introvert.

This actually caused me some problems in school this year because some chic was annoyed/upset or God knows what with me because i never agreed to go anywhere with her or came to any of the stuff i was invited to. Actually, it was more than one chic cos the other one made a stupid comment about if they ever got me to go anywhere it was a miracle. Erm...first of all, chic number one is not my favorite person in the world. Secondly, you baked choclate chip cookies or whatever and i can't eat chocolate, should i lie just to spare your feelings and show up for some when i know can't eat it? Long story short, it turned into this huge drama with one trying to hide the fact that she was having dinner for her birthday and i wasn't invited. Long story. So unnecessary. I felt like i was in high school again.

I've accepted the fact that i'm a homebody but on days like this when i have absolutely nothing to do and have been bored, and then i get invited to go somewhere where i don't have to spend my own money and i still don't want to go, i have to wonder if something is wrong with me because this can't be normal. I know i'll have fun if i go, so that's the good thing. It's the psyching myself up to go that's the problem.

On another note, i have been watching 16 and pregnant since yesterday (I told you i was bored) and by the 13th episode of season 2, i was suddenly depressed. It's so sad to watch these kids make mistakes and sometimes it's evident they have no clue that they are even making a mistake. Then to see the baby daddies who flake out so early, it's really depressing. One thing i didn't like was how a lot of the girls thought just because they had a kid, they would no longer be able to go to college. One of the girls actually laughed when she read something she wrote when she was 9 about wanting to become a doctor, like that was now an impossibility. I wish they would have people show them that they still have options and can still do whatever they want even though it would be 10 times as hard. I have a classmate who is a single mom and her daughter was 4 when we started. I honestly don't know how she does it, but she does. There someone else who also had her 2 kids as a teenager and then went on to marry her high school sweetheart (father of the kids). She somehow still made it into med school and we all know how difficult it is to get into med school. Anything is doable if you believe hard enough, have the right support and fight hard enough.

Enough said. Now i have to go pick a movie. Urghhh!!!!

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Where are all the good men?

a) In a hole somewhere in Africa
b)They are all gay and living in Atlanta/San Fransciso
c)They refused to leave Mars and currently reside there
d)They raptured on May 21st and are now all in heaven
e)There were never any good men

OMG....this heat! Not sexy at all. Seriously guys, what is going on? Everyday, one story of infidelity or the other. I'm tired of reading Linda Ikeji's blog which is been bombarded by tales of woe from Nigerian wives these days. Do single ladies like moi have any reason to want to get married at this point? If it's not cheating, it's abuse or maltreatment or lack of respect. Are there really any good men left and if there are, where the hell are they? Cos i know a number of people including yours truly who need one. Well, what i really need is a Sugarboy but that's a different post.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011


I just got back from the hospital. I had a little procedure done. My GI Doctor is so cute with a capital Q! I have been eyeing him since i started going to see him a couple of months ago but today he actually took the time to talk to me and i asked him questions about residency and fellowships. He had some pretty good advice for me too.

I'm officially in crush. I don't care that he's Indian or bald. He's hot!!! Plus he has a slight accent that's so cute. I looked at his fingers too. No ring! I refuse to crush on a married man. I remember the ortho fellow i was crushing on last year in Anatomy lab and at the end of the semester i noticed he had on a ring. The crush fizzled and died a premature death that day.

Sigh!!!!! He's hot. I wonder how old he is cos he looks young. Did you guys know that some GI docs make over $400,000 a year? Yes o! I'm officially on the hunt for a sugar boy/man. Ok, i'm still dizzy and seeing double so i'm going to lie down and day dream about my crush.

Tyson Beckford. One of the hottest (bald) men on the planet

Mario Lopez is the perfect example of a beautiful man. I was watching a food network show yesterday where he was a judge and he is gorgeous. He is a smile talker plus he had dimples. He's hot.
Alright people confess....who are your celebrity crushes?

Saturday, June 4, 2011

TV shows and Concortionist Chefs

I've just finished watching season 1 and 2 of The Middle. I really liked the show. It's funny and interesting. Now i need more shows of that nature. Notice i have slightly given up on Nollywood.'s a crapshot with those movies and i don't have the patience.

I want to try Modern Family and see how i like it. I haven't opened any of the novels i bought. Maybe i'm really sick of reading after all. I've decided to volunteer with the Doctor who essentially screwed me over because i need to build up my CV. No use cutting off my nose to spite my face. I'll volunteer and work on the research in my "free" time until i get a job or until i go home (to where my family is) so i'll have something "professional" to put on my CV for the summer. Na wa. It never ends.

I'm finally sleeping through the night although i still can't bring myself to sleep before 1am, but i sleep until almost 9am these days. We are talking 7+ straight hours of sleep. It's amazing!!!

So! Point of this post? All you TV show watching people, i need a funny and interesting show to watch, no Gossip Girl, Glee or anything of that nature. Please. I don't know if i can stomach those. Does anyone remember "The Reaper"? I think there were 3 seasons before it was cancelled and i spent 3 days (last yr) watching all the episodes. I can't believe they canceled that show for no reason.

Oh...before i go, i have to tell you guys this. So, i kicked my Peanut butter and Banana snack up a notch and switched the Banana with Ice-cream. A-freaking-mazing! Now, i'm thinking of having a Peanut Butter and Ice-cream sandwich or even a Peanut Butter, Banana and Ice-cream sandwich. The key is chunky peanut butter. It makes all the difference.

Yep, i already told you guys in my "About Moi" that i am a Concortist Chef and i wasn't messing around. I'm the queen of making up recipes. Some people might call it Mababa....but that's what make a TRUE chef. lol. In my mind. Since i'm free, i should do a post with my original concortions. I hesitate to call them recipes because there are no actual recipes. I just throw things together and it comes out awesome because i'm awesome :) I've only made one dish that was HORRIBLE. It was some kind of pasta dish which beef broth and some other junk i can't remember. Disgusting! I threw the whole pot away. Other than that, i've been pretty lucky with my concortions. My black eye peas are to die for, even though i can't eat them because they give me major heartburn. It's a good thing i like to cook for people.

I have a lot of food pictures but i am reluctant to put them up when we have people like 9jafoodie and most recently Naijamum, assaulting us visually with pictures of good cooking. My pictures are just of the crap i cook for myself on a daily basis. Don't ask me why i take pictures of my food. I can't give you an answer except to say i'm just weird like that. Now that i think of it, i haven't taken pictures in a couple of months. I didn't even have time to cook talkless of take pictures but i have more than enough at this point.

Ok, less talk, more action. Please recommend good TV shows for me. I'll accept reality show recommendations too (except The Bachelor or Bachelorette, Jersey Shore or anything similar. I can't do those)

P.S Are you guys aware that the Nigerian Blog awards is going on? Yeah....that's what i thought. Visit the site and start promoting the awards. We can't have an awards if people have no idea it's going on. 

May 30 – June 5: Campaigning phase
June 6 – June 17: Nomination phase
June 20 – July 2: Nominees revealed and voting begins
July 9, 10 or 11 (date has not yet been determined): Winners revealed “live”
July 10, 11 or 12 (depending on the date chosen above): Winners revealed on our blog   
Oya o, people get into it. Start campaigning. Blog about it, let people know something is going on. I won best personal blog last year. I don't know what i'm eligible for this year. We'll see.

Friday, June 3, 2011

My Testimony and Confession :)

Here's the video i made last week Friday, May 27th that i have been promising to put up. I didn't put it up before now because i'm a Peance (whatever that means). I told you guys a couple of posts back that i had a confession to make and gave you options to chose from. Well......none of those options were right. Although if you had picked (D) which was "I'm a mad woman from Soweto" you would have almost being right because I really am a mad woman from Nigeria.

Oya, without further ado, watch my video, the result of being too wired to sleep.

I know i had mentioned something about you getting to see my ugly face. Well, consider this a lesson in disappointment. You might as well start learning that from this blog, if you haven't already. Life is full of disappointments.

Also, in case you were wondering (which i highly doubt you were), unlike last semester where passmark for all the courses were 70, this semester, the powers that be decided to up the ante.
CTB  passmark = 77.5 (I freaking Honored the final)
Neuro passmark  = 76 (High Passed the final with a freaking 89.55 after the course director had written me off as a dumb student or whatever was going through her head. I have no idea.
Phys The Beast passmark = 72 (High Passed the block 4 exam and FAILED the cumulative final. Not surprised on that one at all. My brain was fried by then)
I don't understand their reasons for this especially since the classes got harder. Oh well, i'm their slave until i graduate. I do as they please.

So you might be wondering the reason why i was struggling. I'll be honest and tell you. I came back from Christmas holiday and was depressed by the end of week 1 of 21.  I did not want to study. Last semester i was on fire and my grades were well above average and if you know those beasts who happen to be my classmates, you would know the class averages are high! Where else would you see a class average of 90 something? I don't know what planet those people came from. Anyhoodle, i came back and was sick of the study/sleep/study/sleep routine. So i relaxed. I figured i could watch Judge Judy everyday, talk on the phone as long as i wanted and just half ass study like some of my classmates did.


I'm one of those people who can't be average. It's either i'm doing really well or i'm failing. Where's the middle ground? I don't get it. It's not fair at all. Why can't i half ass stuff like other people? What happened to mediocrity? So i bombed Block one CTB (which was a freaking 32% of the grade, God punish those people and i made sure to ask them WHY??? in my evaluation) and Phys and Block 2 Neuro and that my friends is how my troubles began. It's always a bad idea to try to dig yourself out of a hole, it's better to start strong and then decline, than do bad and try to make it at the end. Too much stress and heart palpitations. My poor heart and tear ducts. Blood, sweat and tears. I have stories about the sweat and tears, none about blood yet. E never reach that level.

* I know i said in the video that i passed phys with 72.3 but they just released the final grades because we initially get preliminary grades. After exams you are allowed to contest questions and you might get points back. (I never bother contesting questions, i have enough effiko classmates for that). I did get a point back....ha ha (after i had changed at least 5 questions from right to wrong answers BIGGEST ROOKIE MISTAKE. Never change your answers in an exam unless you are 100% sure. What did i tell you? I was losing my mind). Anyway, i got a point back and they deleted one flawed question. So i ended up with a grand total of 72.7. SMH. I just thank God i made it to 72 because trust me, if i had a 71.999, they wouldn't have rounded up and i would have ended up low passing the class. I'm not even exaggerating. It has happened to me before. Those freaking bastids. (I know how to spell bastards, don't worry :)

*Also, I emailed my neuro course director and THANKED her for her help and told her that i did well enough to pass the class but i'm glad the final was cumulative and i got a chance to learn the things i had missed in block 2. Ah.....sarcasm and professionalism at its best. I'm learning. There's hope for me, yet.

*Not passing two classes in any combination of Low Pass or Fail, is an automatic repeat. Due to some of the issues i've had in school, i had to pass ALL my classes this academic year unless i might have had to face the academic committee and that's never a good thing. I didn't have the leeway of Low Passing one class and still be allowed to move on like is normally done.

*Low Pass = D (in regular english)
*Pass = C
*High Pass = B
*Honors = A
And of course F is a universal language we all understand.

Now back to being a bum!
There's a mosquito in my room.....What?!! How in the name of all that is good and holy did it get in here? Now i have to find it and kill it. Jeez! Rihanna!!!! Come help me quick with that fire arm.

I kid, i kid. I love Rihanna. People say she can't sing, i don't care. I like what i hear and that's all that matters really. If i was going to Stan for anyone, it would be her but i Stan for no one but myself. Thank you very much.

Oh, yeah because i love you guys i will share this awesome snack i just discovered by mistake (necessity is the mother of invention). Slightly melted chunky peanut butter and banana. Heaven. I'm going to go get more bananas tomorrow. Healthy snack anyone? It's really awesome. You guys should try it.

Thursday, June 2, 2011


My good people of the interwebs.....i have come (again) with my hands out. Begging! Begging for what? You might ask? No, not for your forgiveness. That will come later ;) I am begging for your help. You see, in my bid to quench this thing called boredom and idleness which some people might call a vacation and time to relax, i have been  looking for stuff to watch. I'm not a big TV person, i am only a HUGE reality show person. That's pretty much the ONLY tv i watch these days. It's not even all reality shows sef, it's just The Real Housewives of....... Oh yeah, and i like watching Judge Judy but i don't like Judge Judy if that makes any sense.

I am also not really a movie person, unless we are talking animated movies and comedies. Anything else will have to depend on my mood and to be honest, usually never happens. I'm sick of Naija movies at this point because some of the scripts are so bad, i just want to flog whoever wrote them and the actors who agreed to act them. Have you guys seen Local Sense? Can you believe how it ended? I mean, WTF?

Anyhoodle, i'll cut to the chase. Even though i just discovered this show, The Middle and i have found a site where i can watch season 1 and 2, i stupidly decided to watch Intersexions on youtube instead. I LOVE THE SHOW.  It's so good and informative. I love how they mix their South African language (i have no clue what it's called) with English. It's so freaking cool and i love the beautiful South African people. So i finished watching episode one which is divided in 6 parts on youtube and i CANNOT find anymore to watch. *Gasps*

I have used my ninja googling skills all to no avail. It's not anywhere. I even ended up on the SABC website but they only have synopsis of the episodes (which are 26 by the way). gods and good people of the interwebs please help a sister out. I want to watch the rest of the 25 episodes. Greedy, I know but it's that good. So if anyone has any clue where to find this show, let me know o. I really want to watch it. I love the show!

I confess: Blogsville Edition

  • I don't like poems. I kinda hate them. You can blame my honors Irish literature professor for that. So if your blog is mostly poems, you can be sure i don't read it. I see poems and my eyes glaze over. Seye!!!! lol. The truth is if i can bring myself to start reading, then i usually find it tolerable but most times i can't. I have to admit that i have read a couple of Seye's that i thought were deep. 
  • Religious blogs. I can't do those either. Nothing deep, i just don't want to read those. If i'm looking for something religious to read, i tap into my Joel Osteen daily devotionals. I rather listen to his message though. I LOVE Joel Osteen. That man has been a blessing to my life. I can't say it enough.
  • Fiction on blogs: Another glaze over. I have read a couple of Myne stories and found them interesting but i can never keep up or follow through. I'm one of those weird people who need to settle down and read a book. That's why i have no interest in getting a kindle cos if i did, i would have fapped my brother's. Zero interest. 
  • Fashion bloggers: I find them interesting. Some of them are more interesting than others. Some of them are definitely more "interesting" than others. Na wa.You slap two rags together and all of a sudden you are stylish.....m'kay!
  • Music on blogs....seriously why? Especially those that are suffering from delayed reaction. I can't tell you how many times i have been shocked/startled by a music player that takes its sweet time to load and while i'm already engrossed in reading the blog, music comes blasting out from nowhere. Not cool. Thank God i don't have a bad heart, because that is just inviting a heart attack. Two blogs come to mind, but i won't mention names. 
  • Word verification: Blogger has spam detection these days and i think they do a pretty decent job. Why do you bloggers with word verification want to give lazy people like me extra work.? Some days, i just don't bother leaving comments. I don't feel like dealing with that everyday.
P.S I confess.....i might have a confession coming up soon ;) Guess
a) I'm having a baby
b) I found a Sugar Boy
c) I won the lottery......AGAIN
d) I'm really a mad woman from Soweto
e) I'm not a med student. I'm actually a student studying Agric in Uniben
Hey guys, welcome to my blog. Sit back, relax, grab a cup of coffee and enjoy!

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