Saturday, June 11, 2011


Sometimes i have to sit and wonder if i'm "normal". Since August of last year i haven't really had a break where i could relax and since school got out Mayb 26th, i haven't gone anywhere besides the grocery store, hospital and dentist. My friend wanted us to go to the movies on Thursday but i was extremely tired and slept all day. I just got a text asking if i feel up to it today, the problem is, i NEVER want to go out. EVER! It's not something that's exciting to me and it always feels like work instead of something to look forward to. When i finally drag myself to do these things, 9 times out of 10, i have fun but i never on my own want to go out. Am i normal?

No, i'm not sad or depressed and i have always been this way. Which might explain why i have never been to a club. I really couldn't even tell you why i have never been except to say being around a whole bunch of people in my personal space is not my idea of fun. Seriously, am i normal? So i'm here typing away instead of picking a movie which i really don't want to go see even though my friend is paying. I guess the truth is something i've always known and accepted about myself. I am an introvert.

This actually caused me some problems in school this year because some chic was annoyed/upset or God knows what with me because i never agreed to go anywhere with her or came to any of the stuff i was invited to. Actually, it was more than one chic cos the other one made a stupid comment about if they ever got me to go anywhere it was a miracle. Erm...first of all, chic number one is not my favorite person in the world. Secondly, you baked choclate chip cookies or whatever and i can't eat chocolate, should i lie just to spare your feelings and show up for some when i know can't eat it? Long story short, it turned into this huge drama with one trying to hide the fact that she was having dinner for her birthday and i wasn't invited. Long story. So unnecessary. I felt like i was in high school again.

I've accepted the fact that i'm a homebody but on days like this when i have absolutely nothing to do and have been bored, and then i get invited to go somewhere where i don't have to spend my own money and i still don't want to go, i have to wonder if something is wrong with me because this can't be normal. I know i'll have fun if i go, so that's the good thing. It's the psyching myself up to go that's the problem.

On another note, i have been watching 16 and pregnant since yesterday (I told you i was bored) and by the 13th episode of season 2, i was suddenly depressed. It's so sad to watch these kids make mistakes and sometimes it's evident they have no clue that they are even making a mistake. Then to see the baby daddies who flake out so early, it's really depressing. One thing i didn't like was how a lot of the girls thought just because they had a kid, they would no longer be able to go to college. One of the girls actually laughed when she read something she wrote when she was 9 about wanting to become a doctor, like that was now an impossibility. I wish they would have people show them that they still have options and can still do whatever they want even though it would be 10 times as hard. I have a classmate who is a single mom and her daughter was 4 when we started. I honestly don't know how she does it, but she does. There someone else who also had her 2 kids as a teenager and then went on to marry her high school sweetheart (father of the kids). She somehow still made it into med school and we all know how difficult it is to get into med school. Anything is doable if you believe hard enough, have the right support and fight hard enough.

Enough said. Now i have to go pick a movie. Urghhh!!!!


  1. LOL, u are completely normal. I am (almost) the same way. I used to be a social butterfly when i was a teenager but idk what happened. I have to really be in the mood to go out...and like you when im forced, i almost always enjoy myself but i can rarely find the motivation to go out on my own. Its the nature or the introvert! And i feel you about the clubs and ppl being all on top of you (even though i still go from time to time).

  2. You're normal. I'm the same way. And the sad thing is, just like you, I would actually have fun, but it feels like stress to go do anything. But i want to see if i can start going out, even just a little bit.

    But then again, we could both just be really weird. Oh well.

  3. Not only are you nornal, you are also VASTLY INTELLIGENT. I HATE clubs with a passion, a bunch of people, all up in my personal space, while some one plays ridiculously loud and obnoixous music in my ears and charging me 3x more for drinks and I HAVE to pay to get in? no thanX.
    Not only r U normal, U r also VASTYLY intelligent ... em .. did I already say that?

  4. i consider myself to be an introvert but when i do go out i have fun. i go t clubs occasionally and i enjoy myself when i do. i like dancing a lot.
    i like going to the movies if someone else is paying but mostly i like sleeping more than i like doing anything at all.

  5. You are normal. very normal. I can be like that most times. I think when you get into a serious relationship, as in really serious, that side of you will be down played a bit.

  6. You're totally normal jare. You've got your preferences and don't ever be sorry for them.


  7. Have no fear, you are quite normal! Interestingly, as I have gotten older, I have become less of a social butterfly and more withdrawn...There were drinks at work on Friday afternoon (a Dutch work tradition) and I completely dogged. Just didn't feel up to it when I would have rather headed home to relax.
    BTW, 16 and pregnant is so addictive!

  8. LOL u r 'very' normal dearie, u r u

    btw: i hvnt bn to a club too so dat makes 2 of us :)

  9. Club na should if you want to but it's not a big can be soooo over-rated.

    You're quite normal. Nothing wrong with being a homebody....Do go out with people you like and might have a bit of fun with from time to time. That never hurt anyone...besides I think it's nice to...sometimes



    I am an introvert, ONLY go out when necessary like a friend's wedding...IF just comfy with my T.v, Laptop or novels... these are my pleasures :)

  11. If being a homebody is abnormal then I am not normal too. Going out can be so much stress; dressing up, scintillating convo that all i want to do sometimes is lie on my bed and sleep or blog hop.
    Just do what rocks your boat dear.

  12. Dare I ask what is normal?

    I rather be 'kinda weird' OR 'interesting' than 'normal' LOL

  13. hahaha like naijamum said, normal is frickin boring! i am a proud member of the weird club :P
    i also love my ME time but i try 2 go out every now and then. u shld force urself to go out once in a while mmkay? :)

  14. U are just fine! I'm the same way...

    I'd suggest u live a lil and go out once in a is short!

  15. My dear, what is normal anyway? I share most of your preferences. Even when I make it out and I'm having fun, it doesn't take long for me to get over the social scene and wanna go home.

  16. i club, and even i know it is over rated
    YUp you are normal, definitely,
    difference between you and i , is that i go out, but i dont mind going by myself, most of the time i go see a movie myself, come back home myself and enjoy my personal space.
    i always tease myself that i have become a homebody lol
    im still highly an extrovert though, i mix well with a crowd and im a people person.

  17. normal is what works for you.....

    So yes, you are normal

  18. I think you're perfectly fine sweetheart.

    I need your email address so I can send you your Sims 2 set!! ^_^

    Sorry this message is coming so late.

  19. Yep, definitely normal. You are you, and that's all that matters. Figured out our little puzzle yet?


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