Saturday, June 4, 2011

TV shows and Concortionist Chefs

I've just finished watching season 1 and 2 of The Middle. I really liked the show. It's funny and interesting. Now i need more shows of that nature. Notice i have slightly given up on Nollywood.'s a crapshot with those movies and i don't have the patience.

I want to try Modern Family and see how i like it. I haven't opened any of the novels i bought. Maybe i'm really sick of reading after all. I've decided to volunteer with the Doctor who essentially screwed me over because i need to build up my CV. No use cutting off my nose to spite my face. I'll volunteer and work on the research in my "free" time until i get a job or until i go home (to where my family is) so i'll have something "professional" to put on my CV for the summer. Na wa. It never ends.

I'm finally sleeping through the night although i still can't bring myself to sleep before 1am, but i sleep until almost 9am these days. We are talking 7+ straight hours of sleep. It's amazing!!!

So! Point of this post? All you TV show watching people, i need a funny and interesting show to watch, no Gossip Girl, Glee or anything of that nature. Please. I don't know if i can stomach those. Does anyone remember "The Reaper"? I think there were 3 seasons before it was cancelled and i spent 3 days (last yr) watching all the episodes. I can't believe they canceled that show for no reason.

Oh...before i go, i have to tell you guys this. So, i kicked my Peanut butter and Banana snack up a notch and switched the Banana with Ice-cream. A-freaking-mazing! Now, i'm thinking of having a Peanut Butter and Ice-cream sandwich or even a Peanut Butter, Banana and Ice-cream sandwich. The key is chunky peanut butter. It makes all the difference.

Yep, i already told you guys in my "About Moi" that i am a Concortist Chef and i wasn't messing around. I'm the queen of making up recipes. Some people might call it Mababa....but that's what make a TRUE chef. lol. In my mind. Since i'm free, i should do a post with my original concortions. I hesitate to call them recipes because there are no actual recipes. I just throw things together and it comes out awesome because i'm awesome :) I've only made one dish that was HORRIBLE. It was some kind of pasta dish which beef broth and some other junk i can't remember. Disgusting! I threw the whole pot away. Other than that, i've been pretty lucky with my concortions. My black eye peas are to die for, even though i can't eat them because they give me major heartburn. It's a good thing i like to cook for people.

I have a lot of food pictures but i am reluctant to put them up when we have people like 9jafoodie and most recently Naijamum, assaulting us visually with pictures of good cooking. My pictures are just of the crap i cook for myself on a daily basis. Don't ask me why i take pictures of my food. I can't give you an answer except to say i'm just weird like that. Now that i think of it, i haven't taken pictures in a couple of months. I didn't even have time to cook talkless of take pictures but i have more than enough at this point.

Ok, less talk, more action. Please recommend good TV shows for me. I'll accept reality show recommendations too (except The Bachelor or Bachelorette, Jersey Shore or anything similar. I can't do those)

P.S Are you guys aware that the Nigerian Blog awards is going on? Yeah....that's what i thought. Visit the site and start promoting the awards. We can't have an awards if people have no idea it's going on. 

May 30 – June 5: Campaigning phase
June 6 – June 17: Nomination phase
June 20 – July 2: Nominees revealed and voting begins
July 9, 10 or 11 (date has not yet been determined): Winners revealed “live”
July 10, 11 or 12 (depending on the date chosen above): Winners revealed on our blog   
Oya o, people get into it. Start campaigning. Blog about it, let people know something is going on. I won best personal blog last year. I don't know what i'm eligible for this year. We'll see.


  1. Re: TV Shows...Have you watched these old shows: 'THE WIRE' (about drug-ridden Baltimore) & 'SOPRANOS'(New Jersey Mafia)
    If you missed them, try borrowing a boxset. AMAZING

    Current shows I'm liking are 'BIG LOVE' (About a Polygamous family in UTAH) and 'BOARDWALK EMPIRE' (Starring Steve Buscemi, set in Atlantic City, New Jersey - during the Prohibition era. Again, AMAZING

    PS - Please now, show us pictures of your food now. Pretty please :))

  2. Lol at your concoctions- i think banana and icecream won't be bad at all. I'm not really watching anything right now though- how about No Ordinary Family?


    And really? Awards going down? :D

  3. I loved GLEE!...*side eye to YOU*... no lover of reality shows and avoid season films because it never ends leaving me to yearn for customer pressed GLEE on me and my kids loved it also!

    Concoctionist?.. kai! *hide under my dinner table out of shame* am a lousy cook!..quickies are my in thing....and not much to experiment with sef! hahahahaha..well, if you think of mixing semo with garri...or egusi with obolong or okro...or rice and yam? that is not a bad combo chei? :D

  4. Watch community!!!'s a great show in a stupid way. I love The middle as well :D
    HAHHAH... please post pictures of your food o, we want to c :D


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