Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Comment moderation, touch ups and team whocares!

Hello, hello..... (i'm imitating someone :),

I'll just jump right into it. I think it's pretty interesting when someone doesn't publish your comment simply because you tell them something they don't want to hear in a nice way of course. That got a few chuckles out of me and i know not to bother leaving comments on said blog in the future. I'm sorry i don't know how leave fake, inane comments. I hardly ever comment on people's blog just for the sake of commenting, neither do i respond to comments just for the sake of responding. If i feel like i have something to say, i do. Although, it would be really nice if i could respond to all the comments left on my blog but the truth is that i'm too lazy. I can't even promise to try because i would be lying. Forgive me, i still love you guys :)

Am i the only one who lives in a city where a touch up costs $70? A touch up in Atlanta costs $50 - $55. On top of charging $70, i still have to tip. I'm a med student living primarily on loans and if i didn't have a big head, i would probably shave my head, put on some big earrings and call it a day but i love my short hair and the way it makes me look like a Japanese anime (according to my brother...well, my hair has grown out so i don't look like that anymore). I guess i'll just keep sucking it up and throwing $70 away. Nobody had to tell me to learn how to wash and style my hair myself between touch ups. Before med school, i used to go to the saloon every blessed week. Yep, i was one of those people. I was working two jobs and could afford it. Now, not so much. I am tempted to not get a touch up until i go home but i refuse to go home looking jacked up. Who knows, i might meet my Sugar boy on the plane :)

Yeah, i really should tell you guys about my sugar boy desires. Another time.

How much do you guys pay for a touch up?

Oh, by the way, on Saturday on Vera's blog talk radio show, they are going to be talking about team natural vs. team relaxed and it's being co-hosted by Sugabelly and Otas. I bet it would be an interesting conversation and who knows i might just decide to call in. Because really, why do we even have to pick teams? Why can't we just be? Does the way we wear our hair really define us? I think people are just making a big deal out of nothing. A large majority of black women wear fake hair these days, so would they be on team Brazilian, team Indian, team Synthetic or team Fake?

I have sisters who are natural and one who is currently transitioning. I don't think it's a big deal. I wouldn't go natural in this lifetime just because i can't deal with my natural hair and taking care of it the right way is too time consuming. Unlike my mom with her baby soft hair with barely any kinks or curls, i am 4b nappy and it hurts. Not going to do it. Probably never, ever! I love my soft, manageable relaxed hair and that is all. I love who i am. Being Nigerian is a huge part of my life and despite the negative image we have in the world, i am so proud of where i'm from and my heritage. I'm not trying to conform to anything. I'm just wearing my hair in the way that is most convenient for me. I don't wear weaves and hardly ever get braids and i really couldn't care less what you do with your hair, unless you decide to get a lace front weave and look like a horse. I take personal offense to that and will give you the side eye if i see you in real life.

Anyway, the radio show should be fun. I bought 10 more novels yesterday so i'm off to dig in. Buh bye!

P.S. Nigerian blog awards...nominations end on the 17th. Nominate me for ALLLLLLLLLLL the awards. I know i'm greedy.
P.P.S. I've been eating like a tout. I'm not really a big eater but these days i'm so bored all i think of is the next thing to eat. I'm good in the morning and afternoon but in the evenings i just go crazy. I'm worried about my already bulging waistline. Not sexy. It doesn't help matters i'm buying crap like bacon, cookies, and candy. I'm worried. I still have almost 3 months of summer left plus it will be worse when i get home because all my mother wants to do is feed me when i'm home and i have to eat cos i don't want to hurt her feelings. She doesn't even ask you, she just shows up with a 3 course meal plus snacks and juice.


  1. Lmao! well said!!!! so funny to read your blog because its so opposite of what one might gather just by looking at you. but am with you with the whole hair thing.

  2. i'm curious as to the impression i give pple in real life. Feel free to share :) Anyway, you know what they say....never judge a book by its cover; looks can be deceptive and all that good stuff ;)
    Glad to know you are doing better, my dear.

  3. I look forward to the radio show after someone had a blog, I think TWP. I don't think natural hair is that big a deal, but maybe I'mm not taking care of mine well. #kanyeshrug

    As for eating and weight, I'm still battling my own, lol...

  4. Sigh! why must we have teams? it will definitely be an interesting show and heated one at that.....may try to listen....

  5. natural vs relaxed team?...when did it get to this point?

    Agree with you on the fake comments?

    eating too much? compensating yourself for ALL the reading & lack of sleep when studying?

    10 novels *am green here o*

  6. This Natural Hair thing again? the thind wey e go cause in d end sha... na wa oo.
    I wear my hair natural, but I think it is a personal decision.
    Please, how do I grade the texture of my hair? I see that you know your own grade

  7. Emailed you twice, no reply. You got part A right, waiting for the concluding part. *Hugs*

  8. LOL @ nominate me for all the categories!.. how much will u pay me? :P
    i dnt give a rat's ass about team natural and team artificial. *whips relaxed hair*

  9. Cheiii... this hair business hen, I don tire o. HAHA... I honestly didn't know it was such a serious issue until I started reading so many posts about it. Cheiii... black people sha, always finding ways to segregate and hate on each other, I guess it's not longer dark skin Vs light skin. humm... oshi o teba.

    $70? for a touch? really? that is pricey fa.

  10. A blogger didn't publish your comment? lol. Well, its their blog isnt it? They'd have still got the message shaa(must have been read before it was deleted) so that should be good.
    Hair? I don tire for hair abeg. Next!
    You bought 10 novels to read? you have that time? GREEN!! my dissertation is a jealous gf.

  11. Well,people are of different reasoning and it's sensible not to bother leaving comments on their sites.Meanwhile,go easy on the food abeg!

  12. Touch up for $70?? Madness!! lol

    Nothing like a girl's thats gone natural, I tell ya! Nothing! Kudos to all the 'nachi' girls out there!!!

  13. This comment has been removed by the author.

  14. Good lick with finding a less expensive touchup!

    As for team natural vs. team relaxed, I'm looking forward to seeing if the conversation devolves into insults since Nigerian women have a tendency to overreact to these things.

    I'll be very surprised if someone doesn't call in or comment to say that having relaxed hair or a weave is "un-african" and proof of having "lost your roots". Lol.

  15. well....with blog comments I agree with Ginger...the blog is theirs. As for team natural and relaxed...why can we all just sing kumbaya and get along?! lol

  16. @sisiyemmie: I agree. It was just funny to observe that's all. I wasn't in the least bit offended.

  17. another thing to separate black people isn't it?
    i've only been to the saloon once since i started
    i do everything by myself. i've never fixed weave but my friends braid my hair for me. that's why when people talk about how natural hair is cheap, i'm like...ummm...i've never spent money on my hair.
    $70 on hair? odiegwu.
    i recently just cut my hair cos of the summer heat, i can't wait for it to grow back again. i'm tired of it already.

  18. @leggy: I need one of those friends who can do hair cos matter don dey hard.

  19. I really don't get this team natural vs team relaxed thing. It's not important at all. What's the big deal???

    And what's with this mandatory tipping business??

    The Corner Shop

  20. @Adiya: Tipping is optional but not really. Some saloons explicitly ask that you tip. It generally looks bad if you don't. I tip $5 most of the time, although it's always reluctantly because i really can't afford it.


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