Sunday, July 28, 2013

Naija Husband and Bloody Vaginas

I just found a blog which I can tell is going to be a hit already. It's a new blog which just a few posts, which were all interesting to me, so I thought I'd share my discovery with you guys, if you didn't know already. Naijahusband

So I am on call today, I will be in the hospital until about 7.30am tomorrow. It's just 10.30am and I am already tired. I don't know if I am fully awake yet. Got here at 7am, missed sign out, showed up at the nurse's station at 7.15am, got chewed out by the intern for missing sign out at 7am. I guess next time I will show up for sign out in my jeans and tshirt. I was there at 7 but had to change to scrubs. Well, since I got out of bed at 6.15am, it was my fault for being late. First delivery of the day, twins.  I think something is wrong with the brain cos I am yet to feel the awe people report when they witness a new life come into this world.

All I see is a tortured vagina, (lots of) blood, sometimes poop or farts and generally a not very pretty sight. If I said I was going into OB, then you should be worried but since I am not, you can all relax. I considered it for a long while, now i think I was just on cheap drugs because it's not for me.

I am itchy. I want to be at home in bed, with my love......


Thursday, July 25, 2013


Note to self:
There are 1440 minutes in one day
So, taking 5 of those to 
Will NOT be the
End of the world

as seen on Pinterest, my new love interest. 
I ditched facebook, found instagram but pinterest has captured my heart. 
My daily escape where i find inspiring and motivational quotes
and a little bit of humor. 
Loves it! 

Monday, July 22, 2013

Worry, why should i care?

"The Age Of Worry" - John Mayer

Close your eyes and clone yourself
Build your heart an army
To defend your innocence
While you do everything wrong

Don't be scared to walk alone
Don't be scared to like it
There's no time that you must be home
So sleep where darkness falls

Alive in the age of worry
Smile in the age of worry
Go wild in the age of worry
And say, "Worry, why should I care?"

Know your fight is not with them
Yours is with your time here
Dream your dreams but don't pretend
Make friends with what you are

Give your heart then change your mind
You're allowed to do it
'Cause God knows it's been done to you
And somehow you got through it

Alive in the age of worry
Rage in the age of worry
Sing out in the age of worry
And say, "Worry, why should I care?"

Rage in the age of worry
Act your age in the age of worry
And say, "Worry, get out of here!"

Stella Damasus Gave me Goosebumps

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Lessons from Med School

  1. Being shy or quiet is a weakness. It can be easily misconstrued as passivity or lack of interest.
  2. Be enthusiastic about everything. If you show interest and are eager to learn, you get to do more. 
  3. When working with a group of other students or a single partner, don't be a push over. Learn to speak up or you will get taken advantage of because everyone is looking out for themselves. 
  4. Be a team player as best as you can. Don't be the gunner who wants to go back to the unit after lecture even though you are not on call. That means everyone has to go back so they don't look bad. 
  5. Smile, be friendly, try to develop rapport with your intern, residents, fellow, nurses, or attendings if you can but don't be a brown noser or an ass kisser because they can all see through that.
  6. Be visible. Let them see you around or let people know where you are or you can easily earn the reputation of "always disappearing" which means you don't want to do work. 
  7. Look out for yourself without throwing anyone under the bus. 
  8. Ask for help early if you are struggling with anything. It's always harder to dig yourself out of a hole. 
  9. There's a possibility you could get stuck with a difficult partner or difficult team, use that as a opportunity to learn to deal with difficult people. 
  10. Whenever you have issues, there's a chain of command. Follow it! 
  11. Do not underestimate or look down on anyone. The clerkship administrative assistant might have more impact on determining your grade than even the clerkship director. They have more power than you think.    
  12. Don't let med school steal your smile.
  13. There is more to life than medicine. It's so easy to get caught up and not have a life. Trying to strike a balance is an ongoing struggle.
I'm sure i could think of more but i have to go study. Shit is getting real. 

Friday, July 12, 2013

Help me Jah Jehovah Armageddon

 Howdy Children of Men, How the go dey go?

 I don't like post call days cos i always feel off. Yesterday was pretty much the best call night i have had in a while. Not a single patient on labor and delivery (for me). There was one lady who came in at 8pm and my partner got her. She delivered at 4am. So the whole night i did nothing, but i couldn't really sleep because there's always that expectation that you could get paged and it doesn't make for a restful sleep. Plus i was relegated to the couch cos the other call room hadn't been cleaned from the previous night and i let my partner have the clean call room. I have to be comfortable to sleep, so call days are generally not good for me and sleep. I managed to get a couple hours of sleep so i don't feel so tired.

Then I got into a heated exchange with a fellow student over our schedule for next week right before i left. OMG! As bad as it was with my partner on my last rotation, we were able to keep it civil. I was blindsided this morning by this guy and how angry he was at me over me going to clinic on Wednesday because he wanted to go. He NEVER said anything, i would have been okay staying back to study, but he didn't say anything, now he's upset because i mentioned i would like to go to clinic at least once next week. I don't know how to keep quiet and let anyone walk over me or talk down to me for no good reason. It's not going to happen, so i made sure to tell everyone in the room not to go off on me for no reason, life doesn't work that way. If i was dealing with residents and attendings who i have to take whatever they chose to throw at me for the most part, that's a different story. I would prefer to do without these kind of interactions though, so I need to figure out a better way to handle guys who are PMSing.

Anyhoo, Madams and Sirs, do you guys know i am on instagram? What?! You didn't?!  I think i mentioned it recently. I actually have 7 pictures up, which is 7 more than i had a month ago. I am on a I have had the account since last year, but i only followed 2 people, Banky W. and Dr. Sushi and i never got into instagram. I hardly ever went there until last month when i was bored and i decided to follow all the people i watch on youtube and then certain celebs. I was like woah, this is cool, a different type of outlet for an Amebo Connoisseur (whatever that means) like me.

So find me on instagram: Nigerianscorpio

Oh.....................! I have gotten to see some blogger's faces, that's a bonus :) Maybe you might get to see mine, who knows?!

I have got shit to do. Why do i cuss so much? Jesus Christ, the devil is after my life. I need to put my "fine" writing skills to work and come up with a personal statement sometime soon.

Who wants to manage my life? I need help. It's so overwhelming right now.

P.S Check out our Naija Fatbusters blog. You can always email me if you want to join the challenge or post to the blog. Send your email address and i will send you an invite to become an author on the blog. Easy peezy.  When we started in April, i weighed 164lbs and today i weigh 150lbs. We have two more weeks to go for this round, hoping to be 148lbs by the 29th of July. It has definitely helped me stay disciplined.

Next round starts August 5th!

Monday, July 8, 2013

Who is tired of being negative?

I am! 

Alright, let's wrangle some positivity and beat it into submission.
Since it has chosen to act like livestock, 
We can treat it like one. 

I'm fucking tired, mehn! 
But wait......
That's not a positive thing to say, Madam. 
I guess we can start this positivity thing tomorrow

My niece just sent me the nicest text.
Dark clouds, dark clouds, I need light.

Can we please show Ms. Joie some love....
I wanted to blog about her last year, but never did
She left me a comment yesterday and I found her blog again
I read her last post
And my heart just ached.....
Literally, ached.

I just wish I could give her a hug,
And shower her with blessings and good karma
I know a lot of you read blogs and don't leave comments but
Please if u get there, take the time to read her blog
And leave a comment.

Back in the day when there were more humans than animals around here
This used to be a place of support.
I am not complaining too much
because I think I have awesome readers (commenters)
For the most part
But still,
There are people who need to be flogged, multiple times and
Sent to the principals office
Really, really, really.

Saturday, July 6, 2013


Life's a beach filled with sand but i guess we already knew that

 It's official! 
I can't include blogging in my CV
My dean said he wasn't going to include in my Dean's letter even if i didn't ask
because people are scared of bloggers-
There is a lot of apprehension about what people put on the internet these days

He asked me if my blog was password protected
I said no. 
He asked me if i mentioned the school or hospital
I said no

I told him i blog anonymously
I have never mentioned my school or the hospitals i rotate in
I don't talk about med school for the most part
I guess i am smarter than i give myself credit for

I never felt the need to disclose where i go to school
This world is such a small place
Even at that, someone who reads this blog was able to figure it out. 

So maybe i might make this blog by invitation only as my dean suggested
If i wrote with my real name or had my picture up
I definitely would have
It's still a thought

So i hope this information helps someone out there

But this is not why i said 
Life is a beach!

Life just likes to screw with me for no damn reason
This is one of the main reasons i find it hard to believe
God exists! 
I have my moments when i think he does
but for the most part
I don't think there's a God

I think he's just a product of people's imagination
A fantasy so people can feel good about themselves 
and help them get through difficult times. 
If you believe, you believe. I am happy for you. 
I don't.

I would like some ice-cream
I have lost 14lbs in 3 months. 
I have no junk food in my apartment. 
I want to eat crap today. 

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

"Professionally" Dressed

Yay for long lunch breaks!

You people should help me see what this chic wore to the hospital.

I wish i could have taken it from the front. After you put your white coat on, what does it end up looking like?
I took this picture yesterday. I literally did a double take when i saw her coming in with her white coat on her arm dressed in short shorts. I mean i understand it's supposed to be "summer" but come on! At the end of every rotation, there is a spot where they specifically ask if the student dressed professionally at all times. Well, yesterday was the second day of her first rotation, so i would have given her a pass, if i wasn't told by one of her classmates that she gave the talk on dressing professionally during their transition to clerkship course. SMH.

Tuesday, July 2, 2013


Also known as Die lemma. I've been working on my CV since i got home today over 4 hours ago. I think one of my main hobbies right now is blogging. I would like to include it in my CV but i don't think this blog is meant for "professional" consumption. LOL.

Not sure what to do because i have to send my CV in tonight. I am meeting with the Dean who's is going to write my Dean's letter on Friday. Someone said if i wasn't ready to talk about or disclose this blog, i shouldn't mention it at all. It makes perfect sense BUT it has been such a huge part of my life before med school and throughout med school. I am really interested in food photography and have a lot of food pictures which i started uploading on a blog sometime ago, but i am waiting on a decent camera to really get into that.

What should i do? Include or omit blogging from my CV?
Hey guys, welcome to my blog. Sit back, relax, grab a cup of coffee and enjoy!

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