Saturday, July 6, 2013


Life's a beach filled with sand but i guess we already knew that

 It's official! 
I can't include blogging in my CV
My dean said he wasn't going to include in my Dean's letter even if i didn't ask
because people are scared of bloggers-
There is a lot of apprehension about what people put on the internet these days

He asked me if my blog was password protected
I said no. 
He asked me if i mentioned the school or hospital
I said no

I told him i blog anonymously
I have never mentioned my school or the hospitals i rotate in
I don't talk about med school for the most part
I guess i am smarter than i give myself credit for

I never felt the need to disclose where i go to school
This world is such a small place
Even at that, someone who reads this blog was able to figure it out. 

So maybe i might make this blog by invitation only as my dean suggested
If i wrote with my real name or had my picture up
I definitely would have
It's still a thought

So i hope this information helps someone out there

But this is not why i said 
Life is a beach!

Life just likes to screw with me for no damn reason
This is one of the main reasons i find it hard to believe
God exists! 
I have my moments when i think he does
but for the most part
I don't think there's a God

I think he's just a product of people's imagination
A fantasy so people can feel good about themselves 
and help them get through difficult times. 
If you believe, you believe. I am happy for you. 
I don't.

I would like some ice-cream
I have lost 14lbs in 3 months. 
I have no junk food in my apartment. 
I want to eat crap today. 


  1. Very gd advice by your dean, sha don't forget to invite me if u make the blog private.

  2. well, you know my gmail.

  3. Oh! Talking about GOD.....HE exist! We all have our low moments in live....but know for a fact.....HE EXIST! I am a testimony :D

  4. It is, but always gets better :)

  5. I sooo feel this post on many levels. I have had reason over and over again to question the existence of God, even as recently as yesterday. And I appreciate the value of blogging anonymously but not being able to use that blog for anything. For now that is more of an advantage for you than a disadvantage; do not start your career with people looking over their shoulders at you. Just don't give up blogging because the time will come when you can use it and it will work for you.

  6. I agree, no need to put it on the resume......hahaha, u ever doubted the level of your smartness? Very funny. Indeed, this world is a very very small place, the interwebs, no less. All it takes is a sentence here and there and someone somewhere will fit the puzzle.....*shivers*. This is why I still advocate that people be mindful of what they write on the online homes, anonymous or not.

    Dont despair hon, there is a God.....He will find you even when you are not actively seeking him. (((hugs)))

  7. Eat all the junk you want jere. No judgina around here

  8. I believe in God, but urgh sometimes, I can't even understand how somethings happen, let me not rant here, I too have just been walking around craving ice cream (chocolate chip). *swallows spit* I don't even want to talk about it again :(, congrats on your progress

  9. One spoon of ice cream and one handful of chips.. nothing more.
    But yes, the dean is right. dont forget to send my invite ;-)


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