Sunday, July 27, 2008


Hi, my name is Sting, and i am a weirdo. Pheww.... load off my chest. I can continue blogging. I'm having a blast. My sister, her 3 kids and her fiance are here for an extended weekend and it's being fun, fun, fun!!! Ask me what we have done so far. Nothing! Except, have a huge blow out quarrel that lasted for all of an hour, and yes... help my other sister pack up her store. So much fun packing up boxes. Despite the lack of fun filled activities, we've been having fun just hanging out.

OMG.... let me tell u guys. I have issues. It seems like i don't want a regular ol' relationship where the guy is really into me, and i don't have to worry if he likes me or not. So Mr. Sting has been Mr. perfect so far. Your regular ol' dream guy. In fact, i think i need to slap myself for not scooping him up all these while cos he's been there 4ever. But.............. I think i hate having a boyfriend. I feel trapped. It's too drama free. Too much love, too much attention. It's like too much sugar..... it causes cavities. I'm bored. He is robbing me of all the fun of being in a relationship. No opportunity to practice my mind reading skills. He has taken the excitement out of looking at the phone and willing it to ring. Have you guys ever tried that? Trust me it works. Just look at ur phone without blinking for 10 minutes. Holding ur breath while staring at the phone cuts the time in half. However, if u pass out from lack of oxygen, do not say Sting told u to do that. You are on ur own.

I feel weird, it feels weird. I'm not used to a guy being this sweet to me. The guy is such a sweetheart, which was one of the main reasons why i didn't date him when i was in Nigeria. A guy shouldn't be that nice, abeg. Where's the freaking mean streak? Abeg, man up jooh! Usually when u first start dating someone there's the honeymoon period, being the cynical Sting that i am, i spend that "honeymoon" period waiting for the other shoe to drop. Surprise, surprise..... it drops not too soon after. With Mr. Sting i don't have to worry about that cos i still relate to him as a friend and he sometimes acts like me being with him is a prize. You need to hear some of the random things he says. How much worse can it get? He has even taken away the anticipation of when things are going to go downhill. I can't even worry about that. I'm not joking oh! I'm freaking bored with this. This is unfamiliar territory and i'm not sure how much i like it.

I don't think i have any psychological issues. I'm just generally bored with relationships. Oh, b4 i 4get let me put this out there. Hopefully the "internet waves" would let this float to the appropriate recipients of this message. To all u guys out there, is it written anywhere that the only place to take someone on a date is to go to the movies and go eat out? What's the point of going to see a movie with u if i just met u? I can't even get to talk to u. Don't be asking me to no movie, when on a regular day u won't even spend 10minutes on the phone to gist with me. Yes, i said gist. How hard is that. As for eating out, that's all well and good but i think it's really mean and sadistic to ask someone with braces out on a date to go eat. Thankfully those days are over, so i'll say no more on that. Point is, there are a million and one things to do on a date besides dinner and a movie. That shit is tired.

P.S. Whoever invented retainers needs to be tied to a tree and flogged.

Clarification (cos of some comments)

I'm not actually complaining about Mr. Sting being nice to me. This post is basically about me trying to deal with his "niceness". ALL the guys have i had dealings with (toasters, boyfriends and otherwise...... don't ask me what otherwise means, u no go school?) have been one disaster after another. This is a really refreshing change. He is perfect FOR ME. I have a very strong personality and most Nigerian guys have a problem with it cos they love RESPECT aka lick my feet and kiss my ass. I don't know how to be submissive ( their favorite word). However, Mr. Sting doesn't see anything wrong with the way i am. If i just met him, i would be highly suspicious of his motives. He has seen me at my worst and has been a recipient of many angry tirades and outbursts. I remember one time when i was yelling at him in Uni back in nigeria, and one of our chemistry professors had to come pull me away. The next day in class (private tutorial class) in front of everyone, the professor said "Look at her looking so innocent, she almost killed this guy yesterday". I was so embarrassed and i bet he was too, yet he still continued to like me. Valentine's day 2002, after going through heaven and earth to get stuff for me, i got mad that he came late and abandoned him in front of the dorms. I had no idea he stayed out there waiting for me for 3hrs, while i was in my room sleeping. Still, oh boy no gree go. I decided i didn't want him to be my boyfriend cos he was too nice. He wasn't a hard man, as they say. Besides, i had tons of guys asking me out then, so i didn't have patience. Too many fishes in the river. I laugh at myself now.

At that point in my life i didn't know what i wanted in a guy. As long as he was cute, he was alright by me (at least initially cos Mr. Sting is cute). I guess i had to go through the bullshit with other guys to appreciate what had been in front of me all these while. That doesn't mean i'm not scared or worried. The whole concept of "relationship" worries me because it has been something that has brought so much stress, drama, pain and tears to my life. I'm just trying to adjust to something different. I am not being ungrateful. With regards to my "boredom". Ehh... What can i say? I like excitement, Goddammit! He better get ready for some rock climbing, skydiving, bungee jumping and other life threatening FUN activities.

BTW, i like him a lot. He's the bread to my butter. That was so cheesy but na true. COL (chuckle out loud).

Sunday, July 20, 2008


The one thing that i am absolutely guilty of but i HATE with a passion (even though i still do it while hating it) and it annoys me to no end when other people do it, is writing LOL after a sentence, in the middle of a sentence, on top of a sentence or under a sentence. LOL!!!! See what i'm saying?! Did i actually laugh out loud, NO! I have read a blog post where every other sentence contained LOL. At the end of reading that post, i thot the dude must be crazy or something.

I just read an email from my friend. After saying she'll return to playing tennis after her exams, she wrote LOL. Why?! What if u read or write something u think is funny but u only chuckle, what do u write? COL? Or what if something just makes u smile, is it then SOL........I understand the reason people write LOL, i'm assuming it means they think whatever is funny. However, i can be a very literal person, and usually when i read such i picture the person actually laughing out loud. Most times that picture doesn't fit what i just read. Crazzzzzzzeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!

So pple, we need to come up with another system besides LOL, cos everyone LOL(ing) all over the place is making me think the whole world (including myself) is going crazy. Na only mad people dey carry dey laugh like that for no reason.

Let me gist u guys something funny (or not so funny) that happened during my exam. So we get to write 2 essays on whatever topics are assigned to u. You get 30 minutes for each essay, the computer automatically switches over after the 30 minutes for the first essay is up. So the instructions generally are, explain what u think this sentence (topic) means. Give a specific situation where the opposite of the topic would be allowed or true. What determines whether the first statement or the opposite prevails (i'm seriously paraphrasing, but hopefully u get the picture).

I'm not supposed to "disclose" any part of the exam, but since the writing topics are on the aamc website for all to see, i guess it's okay. My second topic was "The primary purpose of law is to maintain order, not justice". When i read the sentence, my brain actually processed it as "The primary purpose of the law (police) is to maintain order, not justice". My strategy was to spend 5 minutes writing an outline/thinking of opposite examples and whatnot since i can type fast and it's easier when u already know what to write but I could not for the life of me, think of a specific situation in which the job of the police would be to ensure justice not order.

Mind u, u have to write an essay on this thing. It's not like i can just write a sentence. So i decide to go ahead an explain what i think the sentence means, hoping that by the time i finish writing the first paragraph, something would have come to me. By the time i finished, i had 20 minutes left. I still had no idea what to write for the rest of the essay. That's when i re-read the sentence, and noticed that it said LAW, not THE LAW (police). First of all, ask me when "the law" starting meaning "the police" to me. Is it just me that thinks of it that way? I actually started laughing (not out loud oh, i never start to dey crase) cos i felt so stupid and relieved.

LOL!!! (Just kidding)

By the way, Charizard, i like how u have shortened ur name to Chari (sexy). Charizard used to make me think of lizard (not sexy)

Friday, July 18, 2008

Thanks for all ur prayers and positive thoughts. I really appreciate ur support. The exam went okay. I'm not sure whose ass was whooped at this point but it wasn't mine.

I'm having issues with blogging at the moment. I feel the same way i feel just b4 i usually delete my blog or facebook page. It's probably a phase. Will be back.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Handling B'ness

Countdown Clock by

I need to go handle some b'ness. I need serious prayers. U know u r guys on blogsville are prayers warriors. U guys r awesome. Reading some of ur comments always make smile. I will miss u guys/blogging. Hope to come back with a positive report of how the MCAT ass whooping went. I intend to kill it. LOL.

Ciao blogfam. I love u guys. Una too sweet!

P.S. If anyone sees me on blogsvilles b4 the designated time, abeg use broom take drive me.

Monday, July 7, 2008

Blogville Idol 08

Vote here.

Voting started today. I was torn btw GNG, Abbie and Charizard. First of all Charizard got me thinking he would sing like a frog but i was pleasantly surprised. Since we are only allowed one vote, it was a tough decision. Don't bother asking cos i won't tell u who i voted for. But the three i mentioned were my favorites for this week. Geisha wasn't bad also.

Now to today's scheduled rant. People pls tell me how much u think ur mouth/teeth is worth. $10,000? Tell me. I don't think i should have to spend that amount oh, unless i'm deformed or something like that, but as my life would have it that's what i'm going to be spending on teeth they were okay in the first place.

My dentist instructed me a couple of yrs ago to go get braces cos i was missing one premolar and two molars and in order for him to do a bridge, my teeth would have to be shifted to their correct spot. The empty spaces in my mouth had cause my teeth to shift over the years. How did these teeth leave my mouth in the first place? Thank u for asking. Incompetent Nigerian dentists. Yes, i'll say it once and i'll say it again. Two of those teeth were pulled off because their drilling machine or whatever they call it was not working. The cavities were not bad at all. I kid u not! The last one was a milk tooth that i still had at 18. When i had a cavity on that tooth, the idiot dentist figured since it was a milk tooth, he might as well take it out instead of fixing it, even though it was clear from the X-ray that i congenitally did not have a permanent tooth that was going to grow out. That, my people is how i lost all those teeth.

So i got the braces, which cost me $6150. Unlike some of u lucky pple, i don't have anybody paying my bills for me. Now the braces are off, time to get the bridge that made me get the braces in the first place, and i was initially told it was cost about $1000 after my insurance paid for it. Only for me to get there today and i was told that since i lost those teeth years ago b4 i got that insurance, the insurance company will not pay cos it was a pre-existing condition. Thunder fire all of them! I had to cough up $3337.50. I wanted to die. How i managed to keep a straight face, i can't tell u. They don't do payment plans or anything like that. Thank God for credit cards, that's all i have to say.

God punish all those idiots dentists in Nigeria that caused me to go through all this nonsense. I'm not even talking about the pain i'm in right now. Just imagine, i had to pay someone over $3000 to cause me this much pain. I'm in serious pain right now for real. I need those hugs and kisses thrown abi na blown this way.

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Too freaking much!

I'm not happy at all oh! If i hear one more freaking person i know dies, i'm going to lose it. I'm so freaking pissed, annoyed and sad at the same time. When is this going to end. I heard last week that my Aunty (mom's half sister) died. Ok! Then today, i'm on my own in peace oh, trying to study and my sister calls me from naija telling me that our family friend's 35 yr old daughter has passed away. What kind of nonsense is that? I was on her bridal party in 2001 when she got married. She just had her second child a couple of years ago and now she's gone? Tell me what is right about that picture. I didn't feel like crying b4 but now i do cos i'm just having all these images and memories flooding back in my head.

I called my younger sister a few minutes ago (i'm supposed to be studying right now) only to find out that she and my mom had tried to call our friend that just passed and the younger sister last week cos my sister had had a bad dream about her. She dreamt that she saw the younger sister looking sad, and disheveled. Funny enough i dreamt that my father passed away last week and we were at his funeral which was being held in a stadium. First of all, i thot the stadium venue was weird but it was just a dream right? However, with this our friend that just passed away, it makes sense they would know enough people for them to hold a funeral in a stadium or whatever large venue cos her parents are very well known ministers in the state, and they have more than enough members to fill a stadium. So maybe i was dreaming of her funeral. Who knows.

I'm just tired. I didn't mean to blog today and even if i wanted to blog this was the last thing i would have blogged about. I don't want to cry cos i fear that if i start, i won't know how to stop. Life is not making sense anymore. Stopppppppp! Please.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008


My people, how una dey? I'm missing u guys/blogging badly but i can't blog cos it seems my enemies are out to get me. They want to kill me with work at the lab. OMG! By 8pm i can barely keep my eyes open. If u don't know anything about me, know that i am a night owl. I have pple who call me at 2am cos they know i'll be awake. I haven't studied since last Thursday. I am now unofficially the "research technician" at my lab. Unofficially because they refused to formally hire me as one, therefore i don't get the health benefits and other benefits that come with a full time job. Also, i'm getting $1 less than the research tech that just left. I only know this cos he told me (when i was still speaking to him). Yet!, i get to have ALL the responsibilities and duties of the research tech. I dey vex. I am truly pissed right now. The only thing is, they say i might (can u imagine) get a raise after our grant is approved next yr. Wetin be that? Nonsense.

Thankfully, i got this other job so after my exam i can concentrate on making money. My sister told me that even if this new job is not fixed, if they think i'm reliable or whatever they'll call me to come in often so i might eventually get steady hours. Cool!

Psst!!! I just might have gotten myself a Mr. Sting

Don't ask, don't tell............... but since i have already opened my big mouth and told, i'll say this. I've never talked about him b4. I've known him for 7yrs. We are family friends and him and my mom are pallys. He's the only guy she has ever told me to date (she said this like a month ago after she just spoke to him) which was surprising to me, cos when we were younger my mom was not in support of that at all. I just think i've come full circle with this dude and it feels right (at the moment). Besides, according to my trusted relationship manual "He just not that into you", Dude is into me 1000%. The only thing i don't like is the long distance factor. We'll see how it goes sha!

So how many of you guys would be willing to get into a long distance relationship and I'm talking different continents. I told my sister in the military the issue that i had with the distance, and she told me to stop being an ass. Can u imagine? She said i like to create problems where there are no problems. Hmmm.....

BTW, dude is a cutie. Trust me!

P.S. Can red bull make u see double? I feel like shit right now and i only drank one can.

LOL!!! I just have to say this, i put the post up and noticed that it's only been 2 days since i last updated. It felt like weeks. I'm either losing my mind or i'm becoming too attached to blogging. Which one?
Hey guys, welcome to my blog. Sit back, relax, grab a cup of coffee and enjoy!

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