Sunday, July 6, 2008

Too freaking much!

I'm not happy at all oh! If i hear one more freaking person i know dies, i'm going to lose it. I'm so freaking pissed, annoyed and sad at the same time. When is this going to end. I heard last week that my Aunty (mom's half sister) died. Ok! Then today, i'm on my own in peace oh, trying to study and my sister calls me from naija telling me that our family friend's 35 yr old daughter has passed away. What kind of nonsense is that? I was on her bridal party in 2001 when she got married. She just had her second child a couple of years ago and now she's gone? Tell me what is right about that picture. I didn't feel like crying b4 but now i do cos i'm just having all these images and memories flooding back in my head.

I called my younger sister a few minutes ago (i'm supposed to be studying right now) only to find out that she and my mom had tried to call our friend that just passed and the younger sister last week cos my sister had had a bad dream about her. She dreamt that she saw the younger sister looking sad, and disheveled. Funny enough i dreamt that my father passed away last week and we were at his funeral which was being held in a stadium. First of all, i thot the stadium venue was weird but it was just a dream right? However, with this our friend that just passed away, it makes sense they would know enough people for them to hold a funeral in a stadium or whatever large venue cos her parents are very well known ministers in the state, and they have more than enough members to fill a stadium. So maybe i was dreaming of her funeral. Who knows.

I'm just tired. I didn't mean to blog today and even if i wanted to blog this was the last thing i would have blogged about. I don't want to cry cos i fear that if i start, i won't know how to stop. Life is not making sense anymore. Stopppppppp! Please.


  1. I know that feeling mehn - the amount of people that i know that have died lately is incredible and really scary. Its been mostly dads and the scary thing is that they can jst complain of headache today and 2mz they are gone.

    I guess there is nothing we can do about it but jst accept that its part of God's plan/wish and they are in a better place... aware from this cruel world.

  2. Sry love. Take it easy.
    A good cry might help tho, especially if there's someone around to stop you when u start crying too much.
    Goodluck with your stydying, need to do some of that myself.

  3. sorry hon. May God give you the strength to bear the loss. It is well. Continue to pray for the preservation of the ones you love. it is well.

  4. here you go...amebo!


    at your discretion o

  5. So sorry to read of this recent passing, sting. I think maybe a good cry might be welcome, and you may find it cathartic. Perhaps blogging gave you a bit of the release you needed though.

    Take care...

  6. 'm sorry bout your loss-es but just pray and hopefully it will be okay ,i've dreamt that my dad died too,i heard when you dream someone dies it means they'll live lond i dont know how true that is..
    take it easy k..xx

  7. There's nothing I can say to take away your pain...

    I only know of one thing that still makes sense...God.

  8. Sorry 4 your loss dear..she is in a better place.


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