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My people, how una dey? I'm missing u guys/blogging badly but i can't blog cos it seems my enemies are out to get me. They want to kill me with work at the lab. OMG! By 8pm i can barely keep my eyes open. If u don't know anything about me, know that i am a night owl. I have pple who call me at 2am cos they know i'll be awake. I haven't studied since last Thursday. I am now unofficially the "research technician" at my lab. Unofficially because they refused to formally hire me as one, therefore i don't get the health benefits and other benefits that come with a full time job. Also, i'm getting $1 less than the research tech that just left. I only know this cos he told me (when i was still speaking to him). Yet!, i get to have ALL the responsibilities and duties of the research tech. I dey vex. I am truly pissed right now. The only thing is, they say i might (can u imagine) get a raise after our grant is approved next yr. Wetin be that? Nonsense.

Thankfully, i got this other job so after my exam i can concentrate on making money. My sister told me that even if this new job is not fixed, if they think i'm reliable or whatever they'll call me to come in often so i might eventually get steady hours. Cool!

Psst!!! I just might have gotten myself a Mr. Sting

Don't ask, don't tell............... but since i have already opened my big mouth and told, i'll say this. I've never talked about him b4. I've known him for 7yrs. We are family friends and him and my mom are pallys. He's the only guy she has ever told me to date (she said this like a month ago after she just spoke to him) which was surprising to me, cos when we were younger my mom was not in support of that at all. I just think i've come full circle with this dude and it feels right (at the moment). Besides, according to my trusted relationship manual "He just not that into you", Dude is into me 1000%. The only thing i don't like is the long distance factor. We'll see how it goes sha!

So how many of you guys would be willing to get into a long distance relationship and I'm talking different continents. I told my sister in the military the issue that i had with the distance, and she told me to stop being an ass. Can u imagine? She said i like to create problems where there are no problems. Hmmm.....

BTW, dude is a cutie. Trust me!

P.S. Can red bull make u see double? I feel like shit right now and i only drank one can.

LOL!!! I just have to say this, i put the post up and noticed that it's only been 2 days since i last updated. It felt like weeks. I'm either losing my mind or i'm becoming too attached to blogging. Which one?


  1. Mr Sting... now that u've started, you know you have to gist us about him? let me he in Nigeria? or jand?

    its only normal that ur sister in the military says that cos most of them have to deal with long distance relationships- and often make it work.


  2. Well, imagine that, I'm first! :)

    You are hilarious Sting! Too funny...

    I think Mr. Sting sounds great... I have done long distance (countries, continents, cities) and if it's supposed to work, it will... Don't just go finding things that are not there yet...

    Plus, what are planes and frequent flyer miles for?

    It can be romantic... especially in the beginning...

    My only advice would be that when it gets serious, you guys should devise a plan (set date included) as to when you will eventually be together and who would move... It can prove crucial.

    In the meanwhile, enjoy the sexy phone calls... and abeg, don't let work kill you!

  3. Mehn, Dr. Bumight! Aren't u supposed to be studying something?

    I'm just salty u took the first place... Lol!

  4. lol @ ur sister!! She's right on the money. But being in a long distance relationship myself, I aint goin' lie, after the honeymoon period is over, real life beings and it takes a lot of work if you are really ready to be with that person.
    If he's in England, I think that'll be cool, you can literally see Europe at his expense. How are his pockets?? Se olowo ni???

  5. Oh, I like how you just sort of delicately tossed in a Mr. Sting in there! Exciting!

    I'm not a fan of long distance relationships, but I think they can work. I'm too needy to do well in LDRs maybe...but even though I say that if I met a great guy and then found out he was moving or didn't live here, then I'd go for it. You already know that this guy is good looking and a decent guy so this might be worth it!

    Will you see him sometime soon though? I think LDRs work best when the couple manage to see each other every now and then (preferably every couple of months, but I guess once a year would be ok too...or when you can sha—I guess you might not be in the position to travel much right now.)

  6. @bumight: He is in nigeria but will be going to jand to go do his masters.

    @ms sula: Those planes rides cost money. Let's hope i don't go finding things that are not there. I don't have power for that anyway.

    @Abbie: He's not in England at the moment and he doesn't have money. Unless i want to date his father LOL. He just graduated college also so he's broke like me.

    @GNG: I totally agree with u. I don't like LDR's myself but life is too short. All the dudes that are in my face here, i'm not feeling them for one reason of the other. I already know this guy very well, and i really like him. Of course, u know that the fact he's cute is a plus. LOL.

    I'm hoping i can see him b4 the end of this yr, but like u said i'm not in a position to travel at this time cos of work and being broke.

  7. yay..... good for you on the job...and Mr sting...

    I didnt get into blogville idols cos no one replied my email. Even if it was closed for signing up, the least they could do was give me a frigging reply!
    For that, I'm boycotting blogsville idols!!!

  8. i know red bull gives u wings sha (according 2 their advert), i don't know abt seeing double. but, ease off on it & get some sleep, 2 get ur rhythm back.

    i think i likey dis Mr. Sting. if ur family is giving u good feelers, den long distance na small thing. it's not like u pple will not seek ways 2 change dat arrangement. but b prepared 2 make sacrifices, cos long distance relationship can b demanding of commitment. best of luck, dear

  9. Mr Sting...i like that and gudluck to u gal,
    then i to ur question, i will go with u being attached to bloggina n def ve not lost ur

  10. lol@Dude is into me 1000%
    Goodluck wit Mr.sting.i pray it wrks out 4 u guys.

  11. I think that book is one of the best things that could have happened to today's woman! If a man ain't into you 100% infact 1099% what are you hanging around for? I'm all for Mr. sting oh!

  12. You've got a blogging addiction, girl. U and me both. HA-HA.

    I'm so happy 4 you... you've found someone you really like plus he's cute and your mum likes him too! I've not mentioned this b4, but my mum knew Mr Strong was right 4 me b4 I knew. I won't say mums are always right. But when they do get it right, it's bulls eye aka jackpot. 'Mr Sting' ehn... let him hear you!

    It's sensible to ponder over the LDR. I'd go with Ms Sula's advice on this one.

  13. Im liking the sound of the new Mr.Sting!!!
    Im not writing to much because I want you to go and read for your MCATs. Oya stop reading comments-GO AND READ NOW, BECAUSE I SAID SO!

  14. My dia, I feel your pain about long distance somebody who's feeling you, and you likewise, but you don't know what to do... I know long story. s'all good.
    I've done my share of long distance relationships and I just might do it again, but I've been advised not to. we'll see sha...

  15. long distance...... ive had my own share and time difference really sucks but it all comes down to u two, if ur willing to make it work, u will as long as u have no insecurities, ull be fine.....

  16. long distance rltnshp isnt that a bad idea...and since he mite leave naija soon for his masters..y not give mr sting a chance.

    good luck on the new job!

  17. hate long distance...arghh.. but it works for some... goodluck gorgeous

  18. For your mum to approve of him it must mean he is a correct guy! But long distant relationship tend to get quite complicated.

    As for red bull hmm ive had a panic attack as a result of drinking 2 or was it 3 cans!? But that was combined with lack of sleep sha!

  19. jare..why are those people playing with u like that..anyway, hope to know more who stinging u bad,lol

    log distance relationships...i dunno, na book i go write if i wan start

  20. i have long distance wahala too o! sucks...but ur own don pass my own..if u guys are willing to make it work..go ahead u for 2 days without bloggin..ive gone 2 weeks

  21. Tried distance twice...failed woefully but I still believe it can work. It costs a lot of money though. The phone calls and traveling up and down. But doesn't love conquer all?


    sting we appreciate ur support-pink-satin


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