Monday, July 7, 2008

Blogville Idol 08

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Voting started today. I was torn btw GNG, Abbie and Charizard. First of all Charizard got me thinking he would sing like a frog but i was pleasantly surprised. Since we are only allowed one vote, it was a tough decision. Don't bother asking cos i won't tell u who i voted for. But the three i mentioned were my favorites for this week. Geisha wasn't bad also.

Now to today's scheduled rant. People pls tell me how much u think ur mouth/teeth is worth. $10,000? Tell me. I don't think i should have to spend that amount oh, unless i'm deformed or something like that, but as my life would have it that's what i'm going to be spending on teeth they were okay in the first place.

My dentist instructed me a couple of yrs ago to go get braces cos i was missing one premolar and two molars and in order for him to do a bridge, my teeth would have to be shifted to their correct spot. The empty spaces in my mouth had cause my teeth to shift over the years. How did these teeth leave my mouth in the first place? Thank u for asking. Incompetent Nigerian dentists. Yes, i'll say it once and i'll say it again. Two of those teeth were pulled off because their drilling machine or whatever they call it was not working. The cavities were not bad at all. I kid u not! The last one was a milk tooth that i still had at 18. When i had a cavity on that tooth, the idiot dentist figured since it was a milk tooth, he might as well take it out instead of fixing it, even though it was clear from the X-ray that i congenitally did not have a permanent tooth that was going to grow out. That, my people is how i lost all those teeth.

So i got the braces, which cost me $6150. Unlike some of u lucky pple, i don't have anybody paying my bills for me. Now the braces are off, time to get the bridge that made me get the braces in the first place, and i was initially told it was cost about $1000 after my insurance paid for it. Only for me to get there today and i was told that since i lost those teeth years ago b4 i got that insurance, the insurance company will not pay cos it was a pre-existing condition. Thunder fire all of them! I had to cough up $3337.50. I wanted to die. How i managed to keep a straight face, i can't tell u. They don't do payment plans or anything like that. Thank God for credit cards, that's all i have to say.

God punish all those idiots dentists in Nigeria that caused me to go through all this nonsense. I'm not even talking about the pain i'm in right now. Just imagine, i had to pay someone over $3000 to cause me this much pain. I'm in serious pain right now for real. I need those hugs and kisses thrown abi na blown this way.


  1. Your teeth must be looking really beautiful right now...I envy you dearie...

    Sparkling white beaurrrifulll smileeee...lolll.

  2. I hope after all that money, your teeth are now able to chew raw meat!!!
    Thanks for the shout out, even if I didn't get your vote, I'm still honored to get the mention.

    How's ur lil nephew doing??

  3. Oh my poor dear!

    So sorry that you'll have to pay triple the anticipated price for the bridge but the good news is you'll be flashing that smile left and right and brightening the day of everyone you come across!

  4. kai!pele wit d whole teeth situation!!!tell us now who u vote for?

  5. "...all those idiots dentists in Nigeria that caused me to go through all this nonsense."
    Now we need to start demanding competence & excellence in our professionals. Funny enough, they actually have these qualities (i believe) but, exhibit them not 'cos.....they're like who cares -the non-challant attitude.

    Anyways, take this for your pains. Cheers

  6. Aww you poor poor thing! pele...don't worry...the toothpaste smiles and flshing white pearly teeth you'll have after the whole effizy will make up for the money...
    Hmmmn meen the money high no be small o! As in HIGH!...but welldone...

  7. cyber hugs and kisses, pele my darling

  8. mwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah, den
    xoxoxoxoxo....... till infinity!

    There, there, now i hope u feel better.

  9. Awwww sorry dear…sending plenty hugs, kisses and prayers over…mennnnn that money is enough for a wardrobe oh…kai…sorry dear..

  10. wow..thats just crazy!


  11. you are so lest u'v gotten it over still deciding whether i should or not...i have an overbite i would love to correct...i have the money but i am 22...i feel old for i dont know if i am up to the pain


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