Friday, July 18, 2008

Thanks for all ur prayers and positive thoughts. I really appreciate ur support. The exam went okay. I'm not sure whose ass was whooped at this point but it wasn't mine.

I'm having issues with blogging at the moment. I feel the same way i feel just b4 i usually delete my blog or facebook page. It's probably a phase. Will be back.


  1. First!!! (doin my little cartwheels)
    Ok, i'm pretty sure u kicked MCAT's ass, so don't be worried.
    as for that last part, it'd berra be a phase o, me i dunno wat u're talking about!

  2. I'm soooo glad that the exam went well! Praise God! Now we just have to wait for the results!

    Maybe you need a break...I mean the intensity of studying for the MCATs might require a release that blogging can't give you. You need to go out and enjoy yourself! We'll still be here for you.

    Be well my dear!

    (Of course if the right decision for you is to shut down the blog, I have my ways of getting in contact with you so you can't escape me that easily!)

  3. Glad to hear you opened a can of whup arse on your exams!!! Way to go!!
    Take all the time you need dear, just don't go away completely, k?

  4. glad to have u back o...delete wetin...e be like say that MCAT don dey do ur head mona mona...

  5. Hey dearieeee...

    Get some rest this weekend, k? *Hugs*

  6. I'm glad your exam went well. Maybe you can just take a break and not delete the blog? See how you feel. Blogging is a lot of work. I don't think I'd delete mine even if I stop cos i'd feel like all that work has been wasted... but that's just me. It can be left until you want to come back...I think.

    I don't know how long this phase will last, but I'd certainly miss you. Hope you'd be back soon. Take as much time as you need but try not to delete....please?

  7. welcome back babes

  8. Glad to hear it went well!! Im so happy for you.

    Take you time and "do you" I hope you have a good weekend!

  9. glad ur exam went well n ur ass ddnt get whooped!

    eeya..we all go thru phases..u'l be fine..


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