Sunday, July 20, 2008


The one thing that i am absolutely guilty of but i HATE with a passion (even though i still do it while hating it) and it annoys me to no end when other people do it, is writing LOL after a sentence, in the middle of a sentence, on top of a sentence or under a sentence. LOL!!!! See what i'm saying?! Did i actually laugh out loud, NO! I have read a blog post where every other sentence contained LOL. At the end of reading that post, i thot the dude must be crazy or something.

I just read an email from my friend. After saying she'll return to playing tennis after her exams, she wrote LOL. Why?! What if u read or write something u think is funny but u only chuckle, what do u write? COL? Or what if something just makes u smile, is it then SOL........I understand the reason people write LOL, i'm assuming it means they think whatever is funny. However, i can be a very literal person, and usually when i read such i picture the person actually laughing out loud. Most times that picture doesn't fit what i just read. Crazzzzzzzeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!

So pple, we need to come up with another system besides LOL, cos everyone LOL(ing) all over the place is making me think the whole world (including myself) is going crazy. Na only mad people dey carry dey laugh like that for no reason.

Let me gist u guys something funny (or not so funny) that happened during my exam. So we get to write 2 essays on whatever topics are assigned to u. You get 30 minutes for each essay, the computer automatically switches over after the 30 minutes for the first essay is up. So the instructions generally are, explain what u think this sentence (topic) means. Give a specific situation where the opposite of the topic would be allowed or true. What determines whether the first statement or the opposite prevails (i'm seriously paraphrasing, but hopefully u get the picture).

I'm not supposed to "disclose" any part of the exam, but since the writing topics are on the aamc website for all to see, i guess it's okay. My second topic was "The primary purpose of law is to maintain order, not justice". When i read the sentence, my brain actually processed it as "The primary purpose of the law (police) is to maintain order, not justice". My strategy was to spend 5 minutes writing an outline/thinking of opposite examples and whatnot since i can type fast and it's easier when u already know what to write but I could not for the life of me, think of a specific situation in which the job of the police would be to ensure justice not order.

Mind u, u have to write an essay on this thing. It's not like i can just write a sentence. So i decide to go ahead an explain what i think the sentence means, hoping that by the time i finish writing the first paragraph, something would have come to me. By the time i finished, i had 20 minutes left. I still had no idea what to write for the rest of the essay. That's when i re-read the sentence, and noticed that it said LAW, not THE LAW (police). First of all, ask me when "the law" starting meaning "the police" to me. Is it just me that thinks of it that way? I actually started laughing (not out loud oh, i never start to dey crase) cos i felt so stupid and relieved.

LOL!!! (Just kidding)

By the way, Charizard, i like how u have shortened ur name to Chari (sexy). Charizard used to make me think of lizard (not sexy)


  1. Babes, i plead guilty to LOL-ing, lollll *u see am again*lollll
    abeg nor vex, i m trying tio control it, lolllll

    nice one

  2. LOL!!!!!

    Have to say it too, though I know it's not really cool. LOL!!!!

    I'll try saying it less, Lol!!!
    But it seems I just can't stop typing it and 'lolling' at the same time, lol.

    I'm probably one of those rare crazy people who really do laugh out loud when they type lol. LOL!

    I lolled reading through your post and I'm still lolling, lol.

    After reading my comment, I bet you'd never want to see lol in another comment or post again, lol!!!!

  3. not everybody uses "lol" appropriately. I guess u can interprete at will.
    the annoying thing is when some people write something insulting or not so friendly and think because they write "lol" beside it, that makes it cool. not so cool!

  4. My thots exactly on the name charizard! So many times i jus want to type lizard!
    Hope u sha managed to write a good enuff essay, dis one dat u gave urself a different topic!

  5. The LOL thingy bugs me too especially when someone just insults me and then tries to deflate it. eways, i have resolve to least u know i am laughing not necessarily ROFLMAO. I wonder if pple literally stop, get up, lay on the floor, roll around and then laugh there ass out...haha ROFLMAO.

    I hope your exam went well oh...

  6. I hope we're making the distinction between lol and LOL and even lolll o!

    I mean the first one is more of a smile, the second an actual laugh and the third is uncontrollable laughter.

    (um, who's with me on these definitions? Someone please tell me I'm not alone!)

    About your essay experience: it's a good lesson about reading things well. I tend to skim and sometimes a word like "a" or "the" can actually make a difference, while my brain seems to just skip over them.

    I personally cannot wait to read your jubilant "I got into medschool!!!" post!

  7. lol!!!!!!!!

    ok am just teasing u.
    But i agree, lol! has been abused n over used. Its high time it expired.

    Good 2 know ur exam went well.

  8. LOL? what abt LMAO? or ROTFLMAO! hahahahahahahaha. ok, am not actually laughing 'haahahaha' right now but chuckling. how do i do it? 'chuchuchuchuchuchu'? lol. now, am really laughing out loud!

    i understand how u feel sha. i suffered dat, den i immunized myself 2 it. now, i don join dem!

  9. my dear, u hit am 4 head with dat lizard-sounding of charizard!

  10. Am so guilty of using lol and laughing out loud all over blogville! But how else person go explain the feeling now?

  11. Best not join some others already & start with lol. Some people use it 2 keep conversation light...others just they do follow follow. Thanks 4 your comments @ mine

  12. We have a phrase in school, "Reading is fundamental." And we usually use it when someone misreads/or misunderstands an instruction because of not reading it properly. Thank God you weren't too far off sha... And congratulations for kicking the mcat's butt.

    But what if I actually laughed out loud? Like now when you said Char-lizard....

    I actually thought the same thing about the name...LOL...

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  14. ummm, I know you aint up in hur talkin' 'bout me!!!!!! Don't make me get all up in ur gruiiil nah. lol
    I just can't help it, I'm always in a great mood when I get the opportunity to comment in a post, respond to a comment and just talk to folks period. I'm lonely these days. Gimme a break, will ya. K. LOL.
    Seriously, I sometimes use lol to diffuse a statement when I feel it can be taken the wrong way. You know it's hard to gauge someone's expression via email.
    Okay, I'm done being serious. I got a bone to pick with you. WHODAHELLAREUCALLIN aunty?????

  15. i missed u lol... i'm just kidding, but i did miss u and i'm glad u're back ... SOL... but how do i Smile Out Loud, now that's a real Slol ( silently laughing out loud)

    but the truth is really, we are a breed of lazy ass people who use 'lol' to:
    cover up a bitchy statement u'v jus made,
    cover up for when you really didnt understand what was said,
    fill in the blanks when u really have nothing to say,
    lighten the mood,
    indicate that u've noted present humour,
    turn a dry ass statement into a funny one,

    that's all for today's lesson.
    next, i will go into the descriptive characteristics of smileys... my one vice - after 'lol'ing.

  17. lol.

    and i really have good eyesight, but i can hardly read through this, cos ur blog template is darker and the words are green.

  18. Just to annoy you, forgive me:

    lol, lmao, wtf, brb, bf, bff, omg.

    couldn't resist.

  19. Okay so im kinda guilty of the lol thing. lol is like a lil funny..chuckle, LOL is actually funny, and when u ROTFLMAO I literally laughed out loud
    Sorry, just had to do that! Im glad your exam went well. Now begins the painstaking processes of waiting for your results. Must be nerve wracking! So its computer based? The LSATs are still paper based..kinda glad about that. Have to do an essay to but its unscored, so Im not loosing any sleep over it.
    Well, Good luck! Let me know when to pop the champagne:-)

  20. lol!!!!!

    do i love lol or wot?

    i sure do. and culdnt stop lol(ing) while reading this post.

    am happy you decided to read the question again. otherwise it would av gone so wrong. thk God.

    about chari and charizard. yep! i do agree. so many times i av just thot lizard. happy we av chari now.

  21. madam i understand your 'lolling' issue and in truth the world is one mad circle so i guess its typically natural for people to express themselves 'lolling'

    Eya you know understand simple english.....CHUCKLING and then....LOLLING

  22. First of all lol...lolling up and down.hahahhaha..ok I am guilty as charged I like loling in the middle of sentences but to my defense I am actually loling inside...hmmm, if that is possible...

    ok now I am serious laughing my head off at Free flowing's chuchuchuchuchuchu...hahahhahahahha

  23. Ah, you have no idea how happy i was to discover "lol". It's better than HAHAHAHAHAHAHA. or "heeheheheheeehee"



    no vex...


  24. i will not use the forbidden word in dis comment abeg...
    but i am totalllli guilrt of it!
    itz my most used phrase online!

    But i THINK i can control it small o..and start usin :p in place of it.. so :p!!!!!

  25. Dont we all mis-lol?!

    bone joo!

    c ya head...blo'y Pharisee like u...

    uh...gee thanx for the shout out o...shey u woulda told me that the previous name wznt sexy...

    wow I cant believe it I jus made a whole comment without using the forbidden word...

    sting, no I wont join the crowd to annoy sir...

  26. LOL!!!!!!

    u didnt believe I would resist teh urge did u?

  27. Lolz..... (ok, I smiled at least)

    Been a while, but I always enjoy reading your posts and I'm really glad your exams went well :)

    I agree with you though with the whole 'lol thing'. Way back then when I was still a chatter in chat rooms on a mobile site it used to bug the shit out of me when people used it inappropriately.

    I later became so addicted to chatting myself though that I actually caught myself saying LOL out loud after saying something in a conversation.

    That was when I realized it was time for a serious reality check hehe ;)

  28. COL! Lol. yeah, that bothers me sometimes cos am like that wasn't even that funny.
    But for real yo, thank God you read teh question a second time, and you still had enough time to show them what you're made of!
    Hope the exam went well o.

  29. ok so im gon make sure i dont use lol with u unless i really laughed ok?
    i think the law means police also
    glad u figured out the mistake before it was too late

  30. Nice to meet you Sting…about the guys it seems like a small hang-up based on your past relationships…it certainly isn’t any sort of neurosis. Take your time & enjoy it

  31. for real this post made me LOL!

    gudluck wit the result of ur exam!


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