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Hi, my name is Sting, and i am a weirdo. Pheww.... load off my chest. I can continue blogging. I'm having a blast. My sister, her 3 kids and her fiance are here for an extended weekend and it's being fun, fun, fun!!! Ask me what we have done so far. Nothing! Except, have a huge blow out quarrel that lasted for all of an hour, and yes... help my other sister pack up her store. So much fun packing up boxes. Despite the lack of fun filled activities, we've been having fun just hanging out.

OMG.... let me tell u guys. I have issues. It seems like i don't want a regular ol' relationship where the guy is really into me, and i don't have to worry if he likes me or not. So Mr. Sting has been Mr. perfect so far. Your regular ol' dream guy. In fact, i think i need to slap myself for not scooping him up all these while cos he's been there 4ever. But.............. I think i hate having a boyfriend. I feel trapped. It's too drama free. Too much love, too much attention. It's like too much sugar..... it causes cavities. I'm bored. He is robbing me of all the fun of being in a relationship. No opportunity to practice my mind reading skills. He has taken the excitement out of looking at the phone and willing it to ring. Have you guys ever tried that? Trust me it works. Just look at ur phone without blinking for 10 minutes. Holding ur breath while staring at the phone cuts the time in half. However, if u pass out from lack of oxygen, do not say Sting told u to do that. You are on ur own.

I feel weird, it feels weird. I'm not used to a guy being this sweet to me. The guy is such a sweetheart, which was one of the main reasons why i didn't date him when i was in Nigeria. A guy shouldn't be that nice, abeg. Where's the freaking mean streak? Abeg, man up jooh! Usually when u first start dating someone there's the honeymoon period, being the cynical Sting that i am, i spend that "honeymoon" period waiting for the other shoe to drop. Surprise, surprise..... it drops not too soon after. With Mr. Sting i don't have to worry about that cos i still relate to him as a friend and he sometimes acts like me being with him is a prize. You need to hear some of the random things he says. How much worse can it get? He has even taken away the anticipation of when things are going to go downhill. I can't even worry about that. I'm not joking oh! I'm freaking bored with this. This is unfamiliar territory and i'm not sure how much i like it.

I don't think i have any psychological issues. I'm just generally bored with relationships. Oh, b4 i 4get let me put this out there. Hopefully the "internet waves" would let this float to the appropriate recipients of this message. To all u guys out there, is it written anywhere that the only place to take someone on a date is to go to the movies and go eat out? What's the point of going to see a movie with u if i just met u? I can't even get to talk to u. Don't be asking me to no movie, when on a regular day u won't even spend 10minutes on the phone to gist with me. Yes, i said gist. How hard is that. As for eating out, that's all well and good but i think it's really mean and sadistic to ask someone with braces out on a date to go eat. Thankfully those days are over, so i'll say no more on that. Point is, there are a million and one things to do on a date besides dinner and a movie. That shit is tired.

P.S. Whoever invented retainers needs to be tied to a tree and flogged.

Clarification (cos of some comments)

I'm not actually complaining about Mr. Sting being nice to me. This post is basically about me trying to deal with his "niceness". ALL the guys have i had dealings with (toasters, boyfriends and otherwise...... don't ask me what otherwise means, u no go school?) have been one disaster after another. This is a really refreshing change. He is perfect FOR ME. I have a very strong personality and most Nigerian guys have a problem with it cos they love RESPECT aka lick my feet and kiss my ass. I don't know how to be submissive ( their favorite word). However, Mr. Sting doesn't see anything wrong with the way i am. If i just met him, i would be highly suspicious of his motives. He has seen me at my worst and has been a recipient of many angry tirades and outbursts. I remember one time when i was yelling at him in Uni back in nigeria, and one of our chemistry professors had to come pull me away. The next day in class (private tutorial class) in front of everyone, the professor said "Look at her looking so innocent, she almost killed this guy yesterday". I was so embarrassed and i bet he was too, yet he still continued to like me. Valentine's day 2002, after going through heaven and earth to get stuff for me, i got mad that he came late and abandoned him in front of the dorms. I had no idea he stayed out there waiting for me for 3hrs, while i was in my room sleeping. Still, oh boy no gree go. I decided i didn't want him to be my boyfriend cos he was too nice. He wasn't a hard man, as they say. Besides, i had tons of guys asking me out then, so i didn't have patience. Too many fishes in the river. I laugh at myself now.

At that point in my life i didn't know what i wanted in a guy. As long as he was cute, he was alright by me (at least initially cos Mr. Sting is cute). I guess i had to go through the bullshit with other guys to appreciate what had been in front of me all these while. That doesn't mean i'm not scared or worried. The whole concept of "relationship" worries me because it has been something that has brought so much stress, drama, pain and tears to my life. I'm just trying to adjust to something different. I am not being ungrateful. With regards to my "boredom". Ehh... What can i say? I like excitement, Goddammit! He better get ready for some rock climbing, skydiving, bungee jumping and other life threatening FUN activities.

BTW, i like him a lot. He's the bread to my butter. That was so cheesy but na true. COL (chuckle out loud).



  2. Awww...sister time, quarrel time, fun time...make-up time. :)

    Okay you've gone left and right and confused me. So Mr Sting is sweet and nice abi? Then that's great. You're both for each other without the kinks of the first first "getting to know you."
    You don't have issues. You're you! The same labels and iron chains others use to define your relationship don't need to be yours. Shrug them off! Relax, and go with the flow. If he adores you, and you like him...recipe for success.

    Okay reading a second time makes things a little clearer for me. So you're bored. Hmmm, maybe SSD should come and tell you this one because I would say you shouldn't knock it just yet.

    Mgbo, make I dey go bed ohh.

  3. I'll take gisting first before we see the movies...gisting brings about the necessary bonding... Sting sounds nice. But you know what, the other side usually shows up after a every friendship there's bound to be a quarrel that will help you know your friend better. It is better for you to have someone who will give you 99 days of laughter and just 1 day of a hot fight, than the reverse! :)

  4. @archiwiz: I just have issues with relationships.

    @jaycee: We have quarreled in the past, yrs ago. The dude is too calm. He doesn't have a mean bone in his body.

  5. Oh archiwiz...what am I going to do with you?

    Sting darling, you sound sort of like my friend (oyinbo) who will be marrying her oyinbo version of Mr. Sting in two months. She actually said she didn't date him when she met him and he first asked her out (they didn't end up getting together until a few years later) because she knew things would be serious with him, and that there was a good chance he would be the one, and she wasn't ready for that at the time.

    I'm wondering if your boredom is more related to feeling out of your element than anything: a nice guy, who (I'm presuming) calls when he says he will, doesn't make you wonder or guess if he's into you, adores you, treats you well, well, those don't seem to be things that you're used to.

    I guess you have to figure out if you're not into him in that way (which can happen, even when everyone thinks the guy is perfect) or if you're just feeling a bit weird because this guy isn't like the guys you usually date.

    Anyhow, no need to decide anything yet as long as he knows where things stand. Going with the flow is never bad advice.

  6. o girl, u shld be thanking God o.
    Mr sting sounds like a nice person , just like my ...erm ...erm... (omo, u soji na), just maintain ur side o, no go look 4 trouble o


  7. Sting ooooooooooooooo!

    Pls enjoy the rosy period with Mr Sting oh, n stop anticipating sad sturves.

    Its good to be happy.

  8. @ Sting...Ok. I'm not sure I see, but ok.

    @ GNG...What did I do? I was sleeping so maybe I misunderstood. I probably still misunderstand sef.

  9. U shld relax and enjoy the good times. I actually do that too but I'm learning to relax a bit.

    U know, i never thot abt movie on a 1st date like that but now that u mentioned it. My relationship that started with a trip to the movies never did go anymore. I shld av seen that.

    I'm guessing u're not enjoying the use of the retainer but do u want the $6000 work to go down the drain? eventually u're only going to be wearing it at night rite?

  10. Let me see...

    You're actually complaining cos the guy is nice. Way to be ungrateful, my dear.

    Well, if it helps the 'honeymoon' phase will soon pass.

    And yeah, you DO have issues. Plenty.

  11. Well darling am not sure what u want but what the heck u re sting. i guess there s so much craze with relatiionships u shld read my blog to find out what kind. nice and yeah i made top ten thats good

  12. I know exactly what you mean? I mean it's not like am trying to be boy hopping, but it's so much easier 'sometimes' when the man isn't always there breathing down your neck. and if you now ask for space it'd be like you want out or something. i think you can teach your man to be spontaneous, and have an exciting relationship. am sure it's not really anything he's doing. it's what he's not doing right? you can def fix that. all the best.
    hope you're good o.

  13. @gng: You hit the nail on the head. My past dealings with guys has "scarred" me. I'm not used to such niceness. I'm into him that way, but i find it really hard to be excited about being a relationship.

    @LG: He's a real nice person and i'm not really complaining about him. Na me get issues. No worry, i no go look for trouble.

    @oluwadee: What i was trying to say was that unlike with other guys where i anticipate that they would start misbehaving soon, with Mr. Sting i don't.

    @Iwalewa: I only wear the retainer at night but it's so uncomfortable. I can't tell u how many morning i have woken up and found the damn retainers on the table. Apparently, i wake up in the middle of the night and take them off. Most times i don't even remember doing that.

    @Onydchic: I'm not actually complaining that he's too nice and yes, i agree i have plenty, plenty issues. Na small, small. They shall be tackled one by one.

    @Jayjazzy: Long and short, i want to be happy. Relationships scare me. I dey try to try with this one.

    @Isha: He's spontaneous, but i'm not used to such positive attention from a dude.

  14. you should relax and enjoy this time, maybe its an extended honeymoon period. you guys are still going to quarrel and fight (no be curse), but the make-up will be good. very good. Mr sting sounds like that kind of guy!

  15. cavities from a good stress free relationship is not a bad thing oh! But, if you aren't feeling him, then you aren't feeling him and stringing him along is no good.

    However, if he treats you well and you treat him well, then... maybe some mini stingers in the future, eh????

  16. @bumight: That's true. I'm trying to relax.

    @SSD: Auntie, y now? Little Stingers, please don't scare me oh! I'm not ready to be anyone's mother right now oh!

  17. let's go do a DNA test right now because you might be my sister. I get bored easily in relationships as well. But one thing I will say is that maybe you don't know how to enjoy the moment, so to speak (and I say this to myself too). Just relax and take it all in!And I promise, once I can get my neck back from my job, I'll do my black in america post. I just hope I don't forget what I have to say!

  18. LOl @ ur relationship being so perfect. I can see how that can be a problem. *rolling eyes*

    I am going to watch my phone for ten minutes - wait, did u say without blinking? Anyway, if it doesn't ring ehn, ur ass is grass.

  19. heeeyyyyy!

    Its funny cos as am posting this comment, there is a guy in front of me who i believe would be nicer than Mr. Sting! We dated, and i broke up with him cos i did not know how to be his girlfriend... i was too used to mean guys!
    Now he wants me back, and i would totally get back with him cos i ENVY you right now, but he is NOT nigerian....and am not sure i can deal with that either.

    Luv ur post!

  20. My dear, Mr. sting is a gem o! Hold on to him fast.

    Although i kinda feel you on wanting some excitement at times. Maybe you should talk to him about how you feel but trust me, you dont want Mr. Mean.

  21. 21stttttttttttttttttt, i'm sooo excited... i love u, u're so crazy. Enjoy his loveies k.. he sounds too cute.

  22. This comment has been removed by the author.

  23. Sting you are starting to sound too much like me! Infact I would classify myself as a weirdo

    The last guy I was seeing was wayy too nice. He was sweet & all but after a while I did get kinda bored! As in, what happened to being all After a short while I eventually ended it sha but not becuase he was overly nice. I was just going through some "issues" at that time and I needed to take a break from guys.

    Hope you are okay. :)

  24. P.s- I dropped my old url and its been hijacked by some dodgy loan company. It would be best if you just remove it from your blogroll.

  25. Lol

    Babe is full to the brim with Love...she doesnt know what to do with it

  26. babes careful dnt let someone snatch Mr Sting o...its not easy finding nice guys this stick to what you've got.

    bin a yle...op u are good?

  27. I've been here...thought I'd left a comment...oh well...

    I think from what you've said, your unease is kinda symptomatic of your trying to adjust to something new and someone different. I'd say give it time and enjoy being loved. All the best, dearie.

  28. COL??? Col????

    Chai sting...d@ was teewww drraiii ahnahnahn!!!

    Ok let me first give Mr. Sting One thausan gbosa...chai the guy try...I dont put his stuvvins beside maself buh he still try chai!...buh for u...what can i say....eni to lori oni fila...simple!

    In ma mind sha if y'all are that open and he's so quick to please yarn the bobo say u don taya na...make e add some smart wonders I tell ya...stop dropping hints and hopin he can read u and jus tell ma guy abeg...

  29. hold on to Mr. Sting o! u put him thru all that and he still stayed with u? There's something there o!

    lol @ ur COL

  30. i understand wat u mean by sayin its unfamiliar territory for u...i think u shud let him know how u feel so that compromise can come in...

    i love the bit bout him being the bread to ur butter!

  31. Men are like a pack of cards
    you need a Heart to love them;
    a Diamond to marry them
    a Club to batter them; and
    a Spade to bury the bastards.
    Joel Osteen actually said that? Men offended him or what? Lol

    Anyways, back to your post, do u need to clarify anything? It’s ur call mi-lady. Mr. Sting sounds like my partner. All the best mi-lady.

  32. maybe u dont really love him.....cuz when someone is in love with you and you ae feels overwhelming


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