Saturday, August 2, 2008


I've been noticing how people refer to their husbands over the years, and i have come to the conclusion that they are some words i would never address or refer to my husband as

  1. Hubby
  2. Hobby (I have seen that spelling and i was like WTF, hobby?!)
  3. Hussie (Now, that just plain ol' reminds me of a prostitute)
  4. Husby (You sure know how to combine don't ya!)
Please, if nothing else just say husband.

To those of u guilty of the above offenses, pls tell us y and for those who have been able to escape it, tell us the more imaginative and creative names u have come up with.

This doesn't necessarily have any bearing on the what i just wrote, but it reminds me of one of my bestfriends who just go married in Dec. Before she got married she would call her boyfriend's name whenever she referred to him. She never even referred to him as "my boyfriend" she always said his name. As soon as they got married, all she would say whenever she talked about him, was "my husband". I was left to wonder what happened to his name. Is that a requirement after you get married? Someone help me out here, i don't know these things.


  1. lemme claim 1st place and then go read

  2. U know I don't get it either, u get married and ur name just disappears, especially if u r a woman. From the wedding day, they address u as Mr & Mrs [husband's name].

    one thing I could never call my bf or husband is boo- i just hate the word.

  3. i feel you jare. the husby one peeves me the most. Husby? Really???

    the only name i could stand is baby, all that boo, honey, sugar, wifey crap sounds ridick to my ears.

    i have a name darn it, and so does the spouse.

  4. @iwalewa: I have a good mind not to change my name at all. My sister didn't change her name for 5yrs after she was married, then she added the guy's last name to hers. I think my name, both first AND last is a huge part of my identity. All the guys i have talked to about it don't get where i'm coming from, so i ask them to imagine them having to change their names. They still don't get it.

    @onydchic: More than any other one, i hate boo with a passion. It's so fake. I think it should be left for the african americans, it just doesn't sound right coming from the mouth of a nigerian.


  6. I think girls do the "my husband" thing to let all the other single girls KNOW that they just got married, just incase you didnt see the ring, lol! or maybe to reassure themselves?
    lol! my mom calls my dad MD or My dear

  7. i agree with bumight...who knws why they do so?? i just hate when ppl change the spelling of love to luv, luve, lve or things of such, isn't love short and simple enuf??

    thnx for coming by my blog though :P

  8. dunno either. wish i could help.

  9. Never heard husby one to me. Eeew.

  10. am so clueless...when it comes to those namin issues me I sha know I will wooze the head of any woman that starts callin me hubby or any of those silly wtf?

  11. I think its d excitement of being married that makes pple start saying husband.

    I just say my husband or use his name.
    Husby, hobbie.. I think its a generation thing. or do 21st century peeps say that???

  12. I am a HUGE fan of nicknames. If I love you, I will give you a nickname. You don't even want to hear the silly things I call my parents and siblings.

    That being said though, nicknames are usually used only with that person (in smaller, intimate circles). I don't know what I'd call my significant other, but I suspect I will probably have a version of his name (if I don't use his full name) that I will address him by.

    In some oyinbo blogs that I read, some of the women refer to their significant other as "The Boy" and I find that annoying too. Husby makes my skin crawl.

    (And guess what? I'm back a day early! :( )

  13. I think Hubby is cute, especially if he thinks it's cute to call me wifey. It's a term of endearment really.

    Oh was that you lil nephew in your new pics? He's a handsome lil fella!

  14. Eww to marriage crazed girls that want to shove their newly married status down everyone's throat by force.

  15. lol @ all the hate for married folks...allow them now...the first few months are exciting.heheheh..i wouldn't know tho.
    yeah...def not feeling the husky, hubby or calling him by name

  16. @bumight: MD is cute. I like that one.

    @tears: Luv, love.... who knows y pple do these things.

    @naijalines: I'm glad i could introduce u to the word husby, i've been hearing and seeing it all over the place.

    @chari: u r a clown. Don't be woozing any chic now oh! I no support that one.

    @oluwadee: Hope u r getting excited about ur wedding. Yes oh, pple still say hubby in this day and age. I attended an all girls high school and we have a forum on yahoo groups, so i see it all the time.

    @GNG: What are u doing back a day early? Don't tell me u packed up and ran. The boy?! That is annoying.

    @Abbie: I don't like hubby, but i like wifey for some reason. I think that is cute.

    Yes, that's my nephew. I've never seen a child that just loves to smile for the camera as much as that kid. All the kids were my nephews and nieces, from different sisters.

    @sugabelly: I can imagine how u feel cos it's baffling to me.

    @Elle woods: I'm not hating, just trying to understand. Husky?! Now that's a new one.

  17. Well, in my own house, my mother always refers to my dad by his first name, and he like wise.

    But i think the worst "endearments i've heard btween a couple are mummy and daddy!!! As in WTF! How will u be calling each other mummy and daddy just because u are married.

    Ver razz and unsexy in my opinion!

  18. The Husby one is quite razzzz
    Hubby doesnt bother me that much
    How is Mr.Sting? Last time I checked he was giving u cavities with all the sweetness:-)

  19. yep, 'husby' irritates me too...

    my parents call eacother by their 1st names..all the romance seems to have vanished..i dont want that for myself!!

  20. Hmmmmmmmmmmm. I am still using my surname. Just added his. My name is my identity. If my guy did not get it, then I wont have married him. I have my right!!!

    I agree with Abbie, if he calls me wifey, they he’s hubby. I only use hubby, or husby in my post or when talking to peeps that don’t know us. I call him by his initials or first name. He calls me by my praise name (Yoruba oriki). I prefer referring to him as partner than hubby but some peeps just don’t get it.

    One blogger has done a post similar to this once. I remember cos I am almost repeating the same thing. Though her own centres around calling him daddy or using the first child name or something

  21. my parents call themselves Nkem (my own) in igbo...we grew up thinking mum and dad were namesakes;;;LOL

  22. People think all those names are cute, but I think they're quite tacky, lol. I have a friend who almost doesn't say her husband's name anymore as well. It's always 'my husband', olowori mi, my lord, etc etc. it just seems to me that she's uber excited to be married.

  23. @mizchif: Mommy and daddy Ke?! God forbid.

    @NDQ: Can't stand hubby. Mr. Sting? I tire for myself.

    @buttercup: Were they calling themselves something else in the past?

    @Standall: He calls u by ur praise name? That's sweet.

    @doll: Nkem.... that's really cool. I like that. Very original.

    @isha: My lord ke?! In this century? Nonsense and ingredients.

  24. so razz.....i like MD....or better still we'll jus use our first names.

    and on the boo part, a friend of mine is so use to saying 'my boo did this', 'my boo did that', 'ooh my boo', it just sounds so irritating. i think she needs to read

  25. New to dis blog and lovn it...

    I hate that girls go "my husband" as well. Like WTF!!This guy was "Ayo" to us all when you were dating and all of a sudden una done marry and it's now "my husband this and my husband that".

    I feel na babes wen no believe dem go marry dey talk that one.

    As for what to call ur husband, personal preference, u like call him salt, sweet, whateva flows ur boat. I dey call my own by the name and my mum hates it... she says it says disrepectful and "a young couple(newly weds) shld be endearing"...mummy na u know oh!!!


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