Friday, August 15, 2008

Wahala don wear shoe

Forgive my absence people, i have been working like a fool. Boy, do i have gist for u guys. Remember that job i asked you guys to pray for me to get....... Well, it was only after i started orientation and had to take a one day training class on self defense and handling aggressive/combative patients that it sunk in that i was working in a MENTAL hospital. I don't know what my brain has been registering all this while. I mean..... i was aware that it was a psychiatric hospital but i don't think i was AWARE.

Today was my first day at the unit (ward) and i woke up at 3am cos i couldn't sleep. I had heard different stories of how people would walk up to u and just sucker punch u or give u a hot slap for no reason. Fear catch me. Coupled with the fact that through out the orientation everyone just assumed i was so young, they all assumed i was between 19-21yrs. How would i evoke any kind of authority with those patients. Today, I even had a patient ask me my age and then proceed to tell me he was older than me cos i was 18yrs old. See wahala. When i told them to come in from their smoke break, some of them didn't even blink. I'm supposed to be in charge of these people oh! The second time i had to say it, i had to inject some authority into the voice abeg, i no fit shout. The director of nursing in the hospital had earlier asked me if i was scared and i said no (partial lie, at that time i had talked myself out of most of my fear). The dude told me i should be scared. He was like, he was scared too on his first day at a psych ward. He just told me to watch my back and be on alert always. Yeah...... that was very helpful at putting me at ease. Just ignore the rapidly beating heart and the regular back and forth glances over my shoulders.

They were going to place me in the hard core schizophrenic unit today, but the girl who was supposed to train me refused cos she had been punched in her neck on Tuesday and she said she wasn't feeling up to it. That's how i escaped it, but everytime i entered that unit, na so my heart dey beat. They had a divalicious gay dude on that unit, and he was quite a character, flipping long hair that he doesn't have.

I have to be at work at 7am, and anyone who knows me knows i am not a morning person. I feel like i'm being severely tortured. I have had to show up for orientation all weekat 8-8.30 am. I don't show up at my regular job until 10am. This is hell, but i suspect i will get used to it soon. Extra money doesn't hurt. Let's just hope i don't end up with a black eye or some loose teeth while earning it. You guys keep praying for me abeg, i don't want to be given a beat down by any patient. I highly doubt that that one day self defense class would do me any good.


  1. Drum roll please...
    I am first!!!

  2. ROTFLMAO!!!

    No be small shoe dis ur wahala wear o! My friends doin their psych rotations always complain abt the patients, but to be stuck in a ward with them, o gaa o!
    I no fit shout.
    Don't worry i will pray for u , u hear, make dem no rearrange ur thousand dollar dentition.
    Come to think of it, maybe then u may not need the retainers no more.

  3. grrrrrrr 3rd!!!!!!
    make i go read

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  5. lmao... omo dis no be small gist!!
    flippin long hair dat he dsnt have?? LOOOL!!

    i feel lyk workin in one of these placez.. 4 a day at least. It wud give me a gud laugh.. not to be mean or anythin. But they're quite entertainin.

    I go pray 4 u.. make u sef no kolo go join dem!

  6. you didnt say the job was in a psych ward, or else we would have added it to our initial prayer.

    Anyways, we'll still pray for you. Goodluck though, you're a naija babe, I'm positive that u can make this work!

  7. lmao....u suppose dash them small slap every now and then...i promise they wont hit you again....not that i have done it
    Seriously careful....them pysch patients can be hella violent!!
    Good luck.

  8. For real...wahala don wear shoe... One day of self defense might not be enough but your wits should help you some...Pele...Please be careful ohh...

  9. this kind wahala, na akpola e wear ooo.

    LMAO @ the gay guy.Na serious prayer blogville go get to pray ooo.

  10. o ga o. I don't even know what to say but please be careful. Take extra self-defense classes if u have to. You sound like the type who can handle anything and I think everything will work out well for u.

  11. chai..soweeeee!

    just be careful, pls!

  12. Chei. im horrified and amused. a psych

  13. LOLLL @ "divalicious gay dude flipping long hair that he doesn't have..." I had to stop and laugh at that one...

    Don't be scared of those people jare......nonsense and ingredients. Lol. :)

  14. na were-work u told us to be praying for the other time?

    omo oyo lo wa o!


    It is well..stop fearing joo and take ur beating like a man [I know say u be woman] At least thank God u wont know what its like in a Nigerian Psyche ward...[e.g. yaba left]

  15. o yeah and this wahala no wear timberland winter boot e wear

  16. Wow, this is no retail juob to earn a few dollars, is it?

    I'll be thinking of you and praying for your safety as you do your job. I think as long as you continue to be professional and authoritative when you speak, the people will eventually come to respect you.

    And maybe make sure you go to bed earlier so you're nice and alert (and ready to dodge punches!), just in case

  17. Chei this one don pass be careful!
    I will have to put you on my prayer list now...

  18. wow, that some scarey place to work...but you'll be fine love...

  19. wow. sounds scary but i know u'l be fine tho

  20. I'm impressed! You're doing great. I'd probably have wet my self with fear. But punches ke? no no...please be careful.

  21. A psyche ward?! You have heart. I would have totally lost it on my first..second...third...days. And hearing things about people punching you unexpectedly?

    You are in our prayers...Wow.

  22. Hmmm not envy ur kinda job right now but I know u will be fantastic. BTW, I am not a morning person tooo. I see ur point on that

  23. LOL

    Babe, just do me a favor. When you DO get the black eye, please take a picture and post it. I wanna see. Cause you know you'll definitely get that black eye.

  24. lol!!wahal wear covered shoe o!!LMAO..wait u where not aware b4 you took on d job!!LMAO!!sting you funny o!!abeg watch ur back o make dem no throw way punch at you!!this post has killed me!!

  25. *shaving head* eh ya. my dear, pls be careful o. na only money after all. no go put urself 2 unnecessary risk. eh ya. i totally feeling 4 u right now o

    another thing, no b pinky b dat wey jus comment b4 me? pinky, where u dey since na? u come return 2 blogville? say it's so, pls

  26. lmaooo..u have killed me!

    may the force be with u!!

    'flipping hair he does not have'..kai!!!!

    dont worry nothing will happen to u...and if anyone sucker punches u..come and call me...they go know sey craze man get oga (my mum says that alot)

  27. ROTFLMAO! as in seriously! even the title is hilarious!

    lol! okay, lemme calm down now, omo we gats to organise prayer meeting for u ni o babe, cuz i dont even know what to say! i only had to picture the wackos u'll be dealing with to start shivering.

    "no weapon fashioned against u shall prosper..." while making money...

    he he he

  28. Ol girl. no be small shoe dis wahala enter so o, but i'll pray for you as well. I only hope my prayers would help you roll with the punches when they come. Really i salute ur courage. U dont sound at all scared or shy to me. Good work!


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