Monday, July 8, 2013

Who is tired of being negative?

I am! 

Alright, let's wrangle some positivity and beat it into submission.
Since it has chosen to act like livestock, 
We can treat it like one. 

I'm fucking tired, mehn! 
But wait......
That's not a positive thing to say, Madam. 
I guess we can start this positivity thing tomorrow

My niece just sent me the nicest text.
Dark clouds, dark clouds, I need light.

Can we please show Ms. Joie some love....
I wanted to blog about her last year, but never did
She left me a comment yesterday and I found her blog again
I read her last post
And my heart just ached.....
Literally, ached.

I just wish I could give her a hug,
And shower her with blessings and good karma
I know a lot of you read blogs and don't leave comments but
Please if u get there, take the time to read her blog
And leave a comment.

Back in the day when there were more humans than animals around here
This used to be a place of support.
I am not complaining too much
because I think I have awesome readers (commenters)
For the most part
But still,
There are people who need to be flogged, multiple times and
Sent to the principals office
Really, really, really.


  1. I most definitely am tired of negativity too
    Jeez....Ms Joie,.....that lady is amazing. Just went over there on your recommendation. Didnt know what to expect but it was worth it.
    Let me tell you a funny, never mind!

  2. *sweeping the gloom away and bringing in sunshine* Ms. Joie though...

  3. Thank you guys. Love you MS.

    I like the ring of Ms Joie, very classy and demands respect. Well all I can say is the positivity came slinking back, tail between its legs. Let's be happy, jare. Life is short.

    Light and love

    Miss Joie

    1. Hi Ms. Joie! New reader... Just came across your blog through Ms. Sting. Stay strong! I went back to read your first post but I'm curious re: your diagnosis as I just started reading your blog. Did you have a previous blog before that? Blessings.

  4. That was such a sweet thing you did Sting. Everybody needs a hug sometime. Even e-hugs. The world can be so hard atimes!! We just have to keep striving though.

  5. There was a time I stopped reading newspapers and watching the news cos there was just too much bad news everywhere. But I have also learnt that in the midst of the bad, we can create our own good. We may not be able to solve all the world's problems but we can share some love and be happy.

    Found Ms Joie and gave her a virtual hug too. Thanks for sharing.


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