Thursday, February 9, 2012

Miss me?

You know you do :)))

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By the way, sleep is officially my enemy. She's so uncooperative. Winch!

Real quick, cos this is something that bothered me. Linda Ikeji is in America on vacation and wrote about it on her blog. A few people were mocking her for talking about it, asking if it was an achievement to come here. She seemed excited to be here, but i don't get why that is a problem or how that makes her bush.  I plan to tour Europe in the future. Poverty is worrying me right now plus lack of free time. I've never been to London (specifically, before people think i don't know London not equal Europe) and really want to go. I know it's not a "big deal" and all my friends there think America is better, but that's not the point. I just want to make the rounds and visit places. Bucket list sturves. So if i get to London or Paris or whatever European country i end up in, am not allowed to be excited because that makes me bush? What happened to the excitement of visiting a NEW place? I don't get some certain Nigerians. Even if i go to my village tomorrow, i will be excited sef. So i now have to pretend to be posh and tush, not saying i'm bush (that totally rhymed. lol), but seriously, seriously, i don't get it.


  1. Pissed me off too that people were so myopic, and I'm pretty sure most if the people saying that have never left the country themselves.

  2. I was beginning to wonder. 6days and no post. Anyways, people like to form unnecessary posh jere. You gotta love Linda tho. Babe is rocking her vac and is as real as they come.

  3. we missed u..

    people will always beef no matter wat..just sad,...

  4. You know what I think is even funnier? the fact that if like you your case, you got from "Melika" to London, people won't mock you as much as they will mock a person going from Naija to "Melika".
    It is the mentality. Cos as far as they are concerned, Linda move was an upward move, while yours would be a lateral move.

    I don't know how much sense that makes.

  5. I love travelling and people who have a sense of adventure. On that score it's awesome when I hear others doing the same. Like HoneyDame, I also think it's a mentality thing about how we consider naija against other countries.

  6. I rarely read comments on LIB cause I get tired of commenters whose main purpose is to type first, second and then those who are so negative that even if they are multiplied they will never be positive. I read that particular post though and I was also shocked that people were saying she wasnt "posh". Traveling and seeing new places is an education and an achievement. It takes courage. Shame to bad people.

  7. one thing i love abt Linda is, despite how much ppl come to 'run their mouths' on her doesnt stop her from having fun and enjoying her life. all they can do is talk trash..simple!! lol

  8. simple jealousy! some of those people are prob typing from a cybercafe in naija and the ones who are in America mocking her can"t even afford a ticket to jamaica sef leave alone jealousy be that serious envy........

  9. @lateral vs upward movement. definitely a thing of the mind.

    i like okeoghene's gist o jare! if i can find one thing to excite me each day then i'm the world's richest person. as we no get 'am' for naija nko?

  10. na beef joo. I'm sure she's grown a thick skin by now.


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