Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Shuga - Love, Sex and Money

My favorite Kenyan (HIV awareness) drama is back.

I wrote about the previous season HERE

Sound track at the end of Episode one (Just because i heart Banky W)

This is the West Indian version of the show. Thanks to Mrs. F. I haven't seen it yet. That will probably be my spring break venture.


  1. Shuga is really interesting. There's a lot to learn from it too.

  2. yay proudly kenyan!!!!

  3. @Jesse's wife: Really? I love Kenyans with their lovely accents.

  4. thank you! you should visit sometime very beautiful country with great people and we love nigerians and Nollywood!

  5. oooo I love this show!!! Did I tell you how during my finals last semester I carried out my procrastination by watching season 1 after your blog post about the show instead of studying? LOL, it's okay, I still passed the final. lol.

  6. I love love love shuga been looking for season one do you know where i can find it,i need to share it with some people

  7. @My life: Click on the link where i first wrote about it.

  8. i'm not getting your updates in my feed

    this has made me extremely unhappy

  9. Tega: I didn't do anything different. Maybe blogger is acting up.

  10. this is the west indian verwion also done by MTV STAYING ALIVE CAMPAIGN

  11. You!!!!
    Missed you sha oh..
    Bye now..


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