Monday, June 24, 2013

28 more hours and the lies women tell

One more day on Surgery -- I am so excited. For most people it's two more days, but since i am on call tomorrow, i am post call Wednesday and i get to leave after grand rounds which ends at 8am. I am SO happy to be done with this rotation. Bad enough as the service i am on this month is, it was made worse by my partner. E remain small make i hate that boy and there have been moments when i have actually hated him. I have no desire to have certain kinds of interactions with people.

A lot of people are so FAKE. They dislike/don't care for each other but you can hardly tell because they have mastered the art of smiling in your face and talking shit behind your back. I get an F in that regard. I am working on it but i don't know if i want to be like that, ever. It disgusts me. Such a malignant environment. 28hrs then you can stick a fork in it cos i'm done.

Switching gears to happy things. My sister just got promoted and she is now a senior chief petty officer (E8) in the navy. I told her i'm going to brag about her. Here i am bragging. I am very proud of her and she is one of my coolest sisters. I have shared her picture on this blog before when i asked you guys to guess her age. The next and highest rank (pay grade) is an E9. They already call her Chief, and now she will be called Senior Chief. I guess i should have joined the military, somebody needs to be calling me Chief.

Little side story. I have one brother and he is the last born, he also has a twin sister and let's just say i have  plenty sisters :). When my mother was giving birth to girls, one of my paternal uncles said that she was just giving birth to prostitutes. I am very proud of my mother that none of her girls turned out to be prostitutes and she managed to raise a son who is not spoiled rotten because he is the only boy. She did good.

I am going HOME on Friday. Something to look forward to. I's happy. Years ago if i said home, i would be referring to Nigeria. Not anymore. It was such a silent transition. There are mornings when i am marching (literally,cos it's never a leisurely stroll when you are trying not to be late) to the hospital, there's this cool early morning breeze that takes me back to Nigeria. It's always mixed with a certain nostalgia and sadness. It will be 11yrs this year. Time flies.

Was i the only one who saw that Rick Ross landed in the "beautiful country of Africa"? An involuntary gasp escaped me when i saw that. This is 2013! Whew lord! *Taking deep breaths and raising fist to heaven in supplication*

I'm too hungry to continue and blogging takes too much of my precious timeeeeeeeeeeeeee.

You guys need to check this guy out. He is FUNNY. I am a fan! I think he is giving foxy P a run for his money. lol. But they are a different kind of funny. I really think this guy is talented and i had a good time watching his videos yesterday since i couldn't study.


  1. If you joined the military (navy) as a doctor, you'd be a commissioned officer, starting at Ensign (but most probably lieutenant, since you've been through a boatload of school). :D

  2. The video is funny. Congrats to yr sister

  3. Big Congrats to your sis,you could still join the army tho I think their med ish..And that No mind Rick Ross wey dey call the whole of Africa country yeye man..

  4. Congrats to your sis, that's no small feat!

  5. Your sister is doing great. May your successes keep confounding that misyarning Uncle. Hope his kids have done as well.

    Smiling when you dont like someone...thought it was ehh civility or something.

    Prayer stereotypes was too funny. lol

  6. congratulations to your sister, and happy celebration of your 11th year here in yankee. Since all your loved ones are here, it is home to you.
    Humph! these giving birth to gals wahala...prostitutes abi? mama and sister no be woman? he would be biting that is tongue!

    I wish you, your mosie and siblings the best of everything.

  7. Congrats to your sister.

    And you can still be called Chief in your profession,no?

    And to one who said you mum was giving birth to prostitutes...SMH.

  8. LOL... that video has me #done.
    Congrats to your sister.. your family is doing great things!!

  9. Congrats to your sister, that your uncle na wa oh.


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