Monday, December 16, 2013

Innate Atheists?

If children understand that beliefs should be substantiated with evidence, as opposed to tradition, authority, revelation or faith, they will automatically work out for themselves that they are atheists - Richard Dawkins
This is hands down my favorite quote of the year!!!!!!

For the majority of people, whatever religion you are born into is the religion you practice and followers of other religions are wrong and you are right and your way is the only way. Hmmm......... Early indoctrination. Catch them young.

If i had kids right now, I would be uncomfortable with raising them in a particular religion. If they end up being religious, i want it to be something they found for themselves, because I don't believe half of these religious stuff and the only reason it's even in my consciousness is that i was raised in the church....well from the age of 9. I guess certain things stick and i don't particularly like it.

I think being religious has made our country worse. I honestly think so. A lot of people voluntarily take leave of their common sense all in the name of christianity. We now have terrorist groups, with SUICIDE bombers in Nigeria. I remember when Mutallab first tried to bomb a plane, people said no true Nigerian would be a suicide bomber. Well, I guess religious fanatism would turn the most self preserving Nigerian into a holy warrior. Sad all around.


  1. im an agnostic, im a believer of facts and common sense.... i havent yet been able to take the plunge and accept that there is no God. i agree with all your points about religion, though i think the only thing is might prefer my kids to be raised on a religion, but i would always encourage my children to question whatever it is that they believe. i would want them to come to terms with a religion and the idea of questioning a religion. So when they get older, they can decide whether they want to be religious or not. there is usually nothing a man wants more than something he cant have, so i wouldnt withhold religion from my kids.

    (i hope i made sense, well kinda)

  2. Yes, it is the religion, we are born into that we practice but as we grow older and begin to reason and make decisions for ourselves, we are free to choose what to practice.

    One precious gift I know God has given we humans is free-will and a conscience.

    I remember watching a movie and I liked a particular quote that I wrote a post on it.

    God is simply LOVE!

    Whatever religion we choose to practice, it does not teach us to do evil. Rather to love and be kind to each other.

    No matter the pro/anti religion discussion, we humans know that there is a greater force higher than us that controls the world we live in.


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