Monday, December 23, 2013

Sitting Duck?

It's the end of the day/beginning of a new day and i am exhausted from doing nothing. I did manage to clean my apartment, wash dishes, pack my bags and study a little bit (someone has CS this week). Jetting off tomorrow once again, I don't particularly like flying, but hey! I spent the greater past of the last 48 hours watching shows on ID. I have scared myself to the point that i am convinced someone is coming into my apartment in my absence. I'm not even kidding. When i came back from Thanksgiving, i noticed my Lilac colored towel was missing. I was bit baffled as I live alone and i enjoy a neat and tidy environment (a little bit of OCD might be going on there), so i know exactly where things are, and if they are not there, there are not a lot of places to look before i find them. It has bothered me for the last two weeks but i put it out of my mind because it makes no sense. I have pink, black, brown, green and lilac towels and the lilac was my favorite and now it just disappeared.

I have come back home and noticed my hand soap had been moved from my kitchen sink to my bathroom. I thought i was going crazy because i have no recollection of moving it there, but i just said maybe i did move it but don't remember. Then a few weeks before thanksgiving, one of the maintenance guys who lives in the building, had come in with the manager to work on my heat. The next day evening around 9ish, there's a knock on my door, i was on my phone, asked who it was and he mentioned his name, so i continued talking as i arranged myself, told the person to hold, then opened the door. He said he just wanted to make sure the heat was working fine and didn't mean to disturb me. I thought that was a bit odd but was too upset with the conversation i was having on the phone to give it much thought. 

Now after watching all these crimes shows, i am scared and feel like a sitting duck, just waiting for life to happen or not happen with no ability to defend myself. I'm not referring to this dude, just generally. I'm like, i have to go learn how to defend myself. I don't know what situation i might find myself in the future, i would like to be able to know what to do. I think a lot of those stories might have turned out differently if those ladies had some sort of self defense training. I'm not even kidding. I have always been safety conscious ever since armed robbers came into our house and robbed us when i was in Nigeria.  That experience was a blessing in disguise because none of us were hurt and all that was lost was money and jewelry, but we learnt a lot from experience. As a young female who lives alone, i have never taken my safety for granted and i don't walk around in la la land oblivious to my surroundings. Everyday as soon as i get in my car, the first thing i do is hit lock. I never assume just because i'm in my apartment complex i'm safe, so you won't catch me going to the laundry room after dark. All this was before i watched those shows yesterday and today. This is why they shouldn't let me watch TV. I actually don't feel safe anymore. 

So i decided to write a bucket list and number 2 on my list was to become a black belt in Karate which came after becoming physically fit/strong. I need to be able to whoop some ass if need be. My friend's 10 yr old daughter is a year away from reaching the first level of a black belt in karate. I'm jealous. I'm not even kidding. I think it's awesome when girls have skills to be able to defend themselves. Bad things happen everywhere. Too many sickos given free reign to roam the earth committing crimes against poor defenseless people. I'm not watching those shows anymore. I can't live like this. 

On that note, since i might be gone for a few days from this blog I was thinking of asking you guys what you think i should keep or ditch in 2014 in regard to anything. I would have allowed anonymous comments but i think some people get unruly when they are allowed to speak anonymously. I know some readers would like that option and i did make that available but less than 24 hours after i did that, someone was already talking out the side of their face. While we are at it, i think i should speak on that. I am aware of the concept of turning the other cheek and being the bigger person and being mature and all of that good stuff which sounds good on paper, but i don't necessarily subscribe to that, especially not on my blog where i answer to no one. This blog is not a democracy. I am the alpha and omega, the president, her royal highness and the queen of and if you come on my space and say what i don't like, depending on the way the sun is shining that day, I might just decide to slay you. Like it or not, i run this!

Damn! I just sounded like a narcissistic bitch. LOL. But hey, you can't ever say i never entertained you. 

If I don't blog before Dec. 25th, have a Merry Christmas.
Thank you for reading my blog

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