Monday, September 10, 2012

Kicked in the Jaw

Ehen......So i have to threaten you people before you say hi to me abi? No be so o...  Today was an eventful day. It's 8pm and my bed is calling me. The thought of getting to lie down on my soft bed with my soft blanket is the happiest thought i have ever had in my life and yet, i'm blogging because i'm a sucker for pain.

So today, i got kicked in the jaw. This was 12 hours ago and my jaw is still aching. When i was holding this kid down so she could be put in restraints, i was like, come o, this is supposed to be peds not psych, wa gwan? The next thing i saw was a long leg straight on my jaw. I saw instant stars. On top of that, i got pinched and scratched. I worked in two different psychiatric hospitals before med school and i never once got hit. Most staff were injured or at least hit but i knew how to stand back from the fracas. No be me kill Jesus. After escaping all that, hand done meet me today. I had to fill out an incident report and all that. One of the residents (the nigerian guy) got a good laugh out of it when he heard the story. He made me laugh too so it was all good.

Thennnnnnnnnnnnn................i saw the most beautful, beautiful, beautiful man i have seen in a long long time and i was in instant crush. Gorgeousness. I first saw him yesterday and he smiled at me and said hi. Today while he was talking to my team, i didn't even respond to his hi cos i was busy trying to see his name on his white coat. Come to find out he is a Nigerian neurosurgery resident. The guy is just a fine human specimen. Some people are just blessed. It's not just fair. I found out exactly who he was this evening and i will just continue to think he is gorgeous and leave it at that. He is fineee sha.

That was just the sole purpose of this blog. I had to tell you guys about how this chic almost took out my jaw and this fine human being i saw today.

Thanks for all your comments (i enjoyed seeing new commenters, u people should stop hiding biko), i had fun reading them at the unpaid labor i called "work". As we don't go to the classroom anymore, na to say work na, but instead we pay them thousands of dollars to be tortured daily. My presentations were better today, thank God and i presented to a much larger group. I had to calm myself down and just talk.

Off to bed. You don't understand how happy that makes me. Waking up at 4.00am is not a joke. On the day i push it to 4.30a, i'm always running late and i don't like being frazzled in the morning.


  1., that reminds me of Lagos life.

    the kick in the jaw must have been really painful, i don't even you rara with this your work.

  2. Lol...reminds me of when my little girl was throwing up a stubborn fracas when I wanted to take her to the bath and she kicked my laptop of the stool making it fall to the ground...

    I felt the pain of the laptop...yeah...the pain of how much it cost me. I have to threaten you to holla on my blog too? lol

  3. ...a little eye candy to fix the jaw jabbing ;)

  4. HI5 on better presentation. You've got this jor

  5. *smiling* at the most beautiful beautiful man, hope you got him to collect your number, maybe one day when you both are not so so busy,you can hang out.

  6. You're talking like the fine guy is taken? Was looking forward to some Mcdreamy sturvs :)

    1. He is not taken as far as i know, i might be wrong but i heard about him a couple of years ago and it seems like he is hot cake and everyone wants him. I don't have power for all of that.

  7. Pleaseeeeeee if you see anymore fine human speciMEN, send them to NY for me. jk. But iz like d fineness don reach another level for this man matter.


  8. must have been an adventure with kicking girl.
    oooo keep the crush. i lurv crushes, they make you do stuff you can only 'blame it on the crush'
    @myne, she not having the power to fight back may actually cause some mcdreamy sturvz to erupt


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