Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Peds 101

I have a 10 yr old patient that absolutely refuses to talk to me. HA! These people are after my life. He put his hand up to cover the side of his face i was on. Explicitly told me to leave him alone. Anyone have any tips on how to win a 10 yr old kid over? I have asked all the questions imaginable, the poor kid started crying after a while. I got him tissues to wipe his nose, and he flicked it off the chair. I said Jehovah! I almost want to bring a bribe next time but i don't know what or if i'm even allowed. He is too old for stickers.

Residents and doctors in the house, help a sister out. Lollie, shey u r a third yr peds resident (so u are officially my senior resident in blogsville), what would u do? My resident can't even get him to talk to her, yet she left me there to act like a fish out of water. I like kids but i really have zero experience dealing with sick kids. I'm not a sing song, baby talk, make kiddy conversation kind of person. I guess talking to my niece on the phone aka talking to myself, prepared me a bit for today.

I will be presenting on him tomorrow during rounds as he is "officially" my patient but i've never presented before cos we didn't round in Anesthesia so I am a bit nervous. There is a Nigerian resident on my team. I think he is good looking but my friend doesn't think so. His accent is right in between american and nigerian but he still says a lot errrrmmmmm, exactly how a Nigerian would say it. Americans say ummmmm.

Okay, good night. I need to read up on my patient.

Med school makes me feel dumb(er) everyday.

Today was a good day. I was scheduled from 6am to 8pm but we got to leave at 5.30pm. 

UPDATE: I guess he was just hungry because he has been NPO but he got to eat dinner last night. This morning i met a different child, not completely out of his shell but a lot better. 


  1. Lol, try talking to him like a small adult, kids that age dont like to be treated as kids.
    Ps: I hate (sick) kids, Goodness knows that I would be tempted to pop a child who gives me grief! Lol

  2. Try and imagine how difficult it must be for a child to be in hospital...I bet he is frustrated and confused.

    I find kids open up to me when they feel they are having a conversation and not been patronised.

    Try walking in, saying hi and just talking about something you feel he might know a lot about i.e.
    - Tell him your nephews / nieces were talking about how one TV series is better than the other ...OR ..
    - That one niece/nephew thinks Harry Potter is great and another disagrees
    - Or some people say basketball is not as interesting as american football.
    Make him feel his opinion is valuable.

  3. hmmmm "a Nigerian resident on my team" would b looking forward to read/hear more about dis lol...

    on a serious note: do more of listening then talking... let him talk, (say anything both related n nt related to ur job) even let him say "i dont want to talk 2 u" n start a conversation from there.

  4. Aww I hope it was just hunger, he'll warm up to you with time. And no to bribes cos he may want a different thing everyday. And how would u even think u are dumb at all? I know your type. You are one of those that get 98% in a test and start crying. Hmmmph. Woteva!!

  5. I'm so sorry... just saw your message. I would have given you some tips/tricks but I see you got it all figured out!... Are you loving peds more now? :-)


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