Saturday, September 29, 2012

Bad parents

If you let your already overweight/obese 7 yr old eat 4 slices of pizza and a mountain dew for breakfast, then i'm happy to tell you, you are a bad mother. So what he ate a banana, oya clap for yourself. You are still a bad parent. I can understand if he has been so sick they are trying to get him to eat anything, but no, he has asthma.

It's sickening.

I don't think little kids should be fat especially since they don't buy the food. You should be able to control what goes in your kids mouths. If you don't buy it, usually they won't eat it. What is cute about a kid with oversized cheeks at 7? *rolls eyes*

I really don't enjoy peds for many reasons.

My initial post was my pure unadulterated thoughts. I realize that it could be offensive to some so let me try to be politically correct and clarify a bit. This post is not necessarily referring to chubby kids or parents of chubby kids. Not everyone is meant to be slim/skinny and i understand that. I am talking to parents of overweight/obese kids who make no effort to promote healthy eating in their kids. I think that you are setting that child up for lot of future health problems when you continue to feed them crap. A LOT of health problems are linked to obesity

Kids will eat what is available to them. My nephew and niece at one time claimed that didn't/couldn't/wouldn't drink water. That could only fly because they had juice, soda and what not available to them. If they only had water at home, would they have mouth to say they don't drink water? If you as an adult is obese, then that's fine. You are making that choice to keep eating what you are eating to remain that way. You will be dealing with the consequences sooner or later, but at least make an effort to get your kids to eat better. You owe it to them.

4 slices of pizza and mountain dew for breakfast will never be okay in my book.


  1. Hmmmnn, I read you well, however we must give some thoughts to households with unfavourable genetics, if you get my point. Yes, I wholly share your views on how children should be fed, but not all parents with a big child could be blamed is what I am trying to get across. Thanks for highlighting this problematic issue.

    NB: it was a challenge to get this post published...just to let you know.

    1. Got ya! Not all parents. Most parents. Not sure why it was difficult for u to comment. Could u pls tell me more about that?

  2. I can understand your frustration...there is a thin line to giving your child good food and over-feeding said child.

  3. Once posed a question to a mother with an overweight 10 year old child as to why she kept feeding him junk and she replied what do you want me to do if he wants them, i will not be accused of starving my child? It took a lot of willpower for me not to slap the living daylight out of her!

  4. I love junk-food, but I can eat healthy as well.. as for my kids...
    They will never know what candy is until they are 13!!!

    Personally, I think it is the society in which we live. What sucks is that a Box of Pizza and a liter of Mountain dew can feed a family of 3-4 and still cost under $6. That same $6 would not buy a enough fresh/healthy food for the same family of 3-4. It's said but the processed unhealthy stuff is way cheaper.
    As for parents that can afford the goodstuff and choose not to, big shame on them.

    1. Oh i totally agree with you. Eating healthy is way more expensive> It's a struggle for me and my student budget so i know. That's also a factor to consider but that's not the reason a lot of people eat crap.

      Junk food is everywhere, easily accessible, portion sizes are huge. i had NEVER seen people as big as these until i came to this country. Your gut is as big as a small child. That's just wrong. It's gluttony plain and simple. Oh, i meant to say it's food addiction. *rolls eyes X10*

      My friend says they are a different species of human. Homo sapien Americanus. Quite sad actually.

  5. I feel your message.
    I made the decision to avoid junk foods when i saw obese people for the first time in this country.
    I picked up my jaw several times from the ground!
    Pizzas ought to be once in a long -while thing, as for soda. no way!
    MODERATION is the key.

  6. Children at that age should be taught how to eat to stay healthy. You let the child know that over eating is bad and soda isn't water.A 7 year old eating pizza and gulping down soda isn't a good picture really.

  7. Four slices of pizza and a mountain dew...this makes a brilliant title for a nutrition book. Lol just saying but Jheez, I can't even have that on my most hungry anytime of the day. That's child abuse if you ask me, there's no way that child can function properly throughout the rest of that day and to think there is still lunch and dinner and here and there snacks; I foresee a very dull child with an appalling IQ.

  8. I usually find that this is a lifestyle issue, usually you'd notice the parents of children like this are also obese themeselves, but I hear you though that if they want to feed themselves junk fine but not their children, only you can't give what you don't have right.

  9. My body is shuddering. I just cannot process the diet. I can't. UGH!


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