Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Look @ him!

Look @ my husband oh! D'banj is too razz, no amount of money can change that. I love him for that.

Love the song, love the video. Love D'banj. Timaya has been trying to steal my affections, but i no gree (for now).

By the way, Can someone please tell me the reason for this website Gossip girl naija? I linked the website o! So i'm guilty of reading it. I don't know any of the people, but every time i read it i feel so repulsed. I hate everything that site stands for. EVERYTHING! I bet it's a really young female running that site. She doesn't even have what i would consider gist plus she has to beg people to send her gist. Of course that would constitute people sending her gist of people they hate or want to get back at. It just reminds me of secondary school days. Very, very petty nonsense.

Kai! I feel bad for all the victims of that site. Everyone makes mistakes. We should be allowed to redeem ourselves (or not) and move on, instead of having some petty idiot put our business online for the whole world to see.Her latest entry has an email some chic sent to her dumbass boyfriend. I don't see what is so wrong with the email. Why does Ms. Gossip girl have to put it on her site? Today is the last day i venture on that site. The sheer pettiness and vindictiveness of it makes me sick. What a hateful person.

P.S. You guys did very good on the totori test. Like a lot of u guessed, it means to tickle or be tickled. LG was the first person to get it. She is totally my right hand lady for Pidgin. If i remember correctly she knew the meaning of Melu melu also.

Thumbs up to the 80% of you who got it right. You guys have redeemed yourselves.

P.P.S. I read some of my old posts today and i realize that i sound really razz on this blog. Very interesting to note. Let me venture to say, this is different from my real life persona. I guess i have multiple personalities. I act different at home where i'm a loud, feisty, silly goose as opposed to outside the house where i'm quiet, sweet, gentle, innocent looking, can't hurt a fly, Ms. thang. I guess i'll just add i'm razz on my blog to that list.

P.P.P.S. I finally decided on which med school i'm attending today. Yes! i had choices believe it or not. When i remember the loud, hysterical crying the day i got back my MCAT score, i can't believe how well this application cycle turned out for me. After my last interview 2 weeks ago which i drove 4 hrs to (and was scared shitless cos of the winding roads and steep mountains) i decided no more interviews. I picked a pretty awesome school which is in a place that is unlike any other place i've ever being in terms of weather (God abeg o!), people (na oyinbo full there, unlike ATL where depending on the neighborhood, u might not even see any white person), and did i already say WEATHER?! Fun times.


  1. lol, as long as u stay away from my boo, all is well!

    you can struggle with guierriranigeriana over Dbanj!

    how've u been babes?

  2. You better not be talking about Wande Coal, cos he's my baby daddy. Don't play!

  3. of course LG must get the meaning of Totori...

    LOL @ ur love for D'Banj

  4. Cant believe your whole medical school thingy is already happening. God is simply amazing!
    As per the gossip naija site I guess they ae high school ids. That’s te only explanation for such joblessness and sheer ridiculousness.

  5. i think im the only one that doesnt get the hype about d'banj..i've honestly tried to understand it but i just cant..

    i havent bothered with that gossip girl site..

    awww congrats on choosing ur school..u must be so excited!

  6. Carry go...
    I dont share ur passion for Dbanj!

  7. Princesa...... why?!!! How can u not be tripped by his razzness?

    I didn't like him until last year when i saw a clip of him and Wande Coal. I like his personality a lot. He's very real and down to earth (me thinks)

  8. I do not get Dbanj, He's an entertainer no doubt but he's so hyperactive.Creative but no, I do not think he can sing.He's at times too raw for words, This 'ori yato sori' song makes me cringe evry time. And is he really that hot? Loved 'Fall in love' though. First time here, nice post!

  9. Ah, great. I just love D'banj. And this song is my favourite. I think though that this video concept has been overflogged.

  10. I am definitely a kokolet! Congratulations on getting the school you want. We shall be hailing Dr. Sting very soon. Yay!

  11. sola: I don't understand so i can enjoy the song without cringing. I wish i did though cos sometimes i want to know what he's saying.

    Love of me: guess i don't watch naija videos cos i LOVED the beginning when he drank the koko water and the end when he burst into flames and said gbono feli feli. That was so cool.

    LusciousR: No Dr. Sting, just call me Dr. Quacky Malpractistein.

  12. D video has disappeared oh!
    But i totally love D'banj's razzness. It is so unique to him.
    Sting, make up ur mind, u can not love D;banj and b saying W Ceezy is ur baby daddy!

    Goodluck with med sch!!!

  13. You and this your husband! lol...i was on that blog only once! And i never went back! It's so uncool! I think...I gas better things to do with my time than snooping on others!

  14. u r not alone on that gossip blog..the whole thing disgust me..like geez"get a life"
    i am a certified "Mamalet"

    Razz is the new cool...ask Oladele

  15. That site is tew funny. Razz is the new cool, accept it, love it, embrace it. It is the way. hehehehe

  16. Razz is fantastic o. Don't get it twisted baby! lol.
    Congrats on your med school selection o. God will see you through it all. Amen!

  17. lol @ bumight...anyways I found myself going over to the blog and hmmm interesting.

    thanks for stopping through

  18. I hate the site already.

    Congrats on choosing a med school to attend. All the best.

  19. Hello Sting,
    Have I been stung b4? I doubt it.

    * I like your compound - blog

    * No, I will not even bother about the gist site - even though this bad publicity is good publicity for the site.

    *D'Banj, aside 9ice, is a Nigerian talent I am very proud of. Saw him at the Ovation Red Carol. He is definitely an entertainer.

    *'c u soon'

  20. Oh sorry.....

    * Congratulations on your selecting a Med School.


  21. Congrats on Med School. May thee excel abundanty



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