Sunday, February 22, 2009

Naija Bloggers Award 2009

Monday, February 23rd naija bloggers award 09 commences. The theme of this year's award is Who you be? Yes oh! Citizens of blogsville, we wan know who una be. Come and represent yourselves.

Meet me there!!!


Here............. I will be waiting.


  1. FIRST!!!!!
    i'l put up the logo on my blog!

  2. Sting, me i came to complain oh!
    How come i didn't see my name on the list of citizens, abi i no qualify ni?

  3. I got ur email..cant wait for it to start!

    Chari n i will put up the logo

  4. kai, una try oh! The video is great and the site looks good. Some of those categories are unique and I can't wait to see who will win certain things. Especially the 'First!" category. Bumight? Afrobabe? or someone else? This is so exciting!

    Will definitely link to this in Monday's post.

    Congrats in advance on what will be an excellent event!

  5. Sounds interesting..
    No awards for newbies though..
    So we'll be peeking from the outside in..

  6. Good stuff. I look forward to seeing the nominations and voting.
    I already know who the first commenter nomination might be. lol

  7. Absolutely beautiful!!! I shall participate by fire by storm. I'm off to sheck the blog out.

  8. Just saw the's on the right hand side of my blog now...yayyy!


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