Wednesday, February 2, 2011

As if i don't have exams tomorrow......

We have some really bad weather in these parts and our exam that was scheduled for 8.30am this morning was re-scheduled to Thursday morning. That should tell u how bad the weather is. We haven't seen this kind of weather in 11yrs. I looked out the window and can no longer see the hedges that were at least a good 6 inches off the ground. The snow is bumper high. Ope o! I don't know how i would have made it to school if they didn't reschedule the exam. My school never ever does that. I guess they feel as physicians, you should learn to risk your life to get to the hospital at all costs. Oti o!

Anyhoodle, that is not what brought me here. So you know the video i mentioned in my previous post about those lesbians who were caught. It has been bothering me. For some reason, i can't get it out of my head and the crazy thing is that i didn't watch all of it. I probably watched like 3 mins out of 13 mins. I clicked from the beginning, to the middle and then the end cos it was just too brutal. The first night after i watched it i couldn't sleep cos it kept replaying in my head. When i told my friend, he asked me if i was a lesbian. Funny. You don't to be a lesbian to have issues with such madness. Facebook and youtube took the video down. But i did some googling and come to find out it has been on naijapals since December. It seems it happened early december or late November in Ekosodin. Funny enough, when i showed another friend the video, he knew at once that the dudes who did that were cultists (which i suspected from jump) and it was in Ekosodin. Anyway, his assumption was correct according to what i have been reading on naijapals.

The problem now is people are not sure if these girls are really lesbians or they were just being forced by these blackaxe members to do this. Maybe one of them toasted one of the girls and she didn't agree. Who knows. There's a debate about that. The crazy thing is that the people who are against homosexuality and say how bad it is, think what the boys did was even worse. People who were in support when they heard the gist, quickly changed their minds after they saw the video. That is someone's daughter, sister, that was just assaulted (both physically and sexually)and humiliated. I am appalled.  Even if they are lesbians as accused, they did not deserve what those boys did. This is crazy!!!! It makes so much sense now that these dudes are cultists cos they are the only ones who would be bold enough to do such in broad day light. That's how bad it is and to think they there were people around while this was been done, but fear no let anybody talk put for the matter before dem naked you join. Nigeria no dey hungry me go again o!  So here i am, instead of studying for my exam that i'm not ready for, i'm on the net searching for that video and trying to find out anything i can about it.

A comment i found interesting....the typos are not mine :)
"my fellows that video is been done under false act.......the guy that put on the master planner...he lives in that same hostel with them...he has been trying to sleep 1 of the girl that owns the room the rest are her friend....those guy's are cultist..(AXE MEN) they actually slept with those girls before taking that video clips...THOSE GIRLS WERE HUMILIATED they are not lesbians...during that incidence they ask them not to shout...if they du raise their voice they will cut off their breast...I FELT SO SORRY FOR THEM.....PLEASE FELLOWS HELP ME RENDER COURSE ON THEM............THEY WILL NEVER SEE THE MERCY OF GOD.....THEY SHALL DIE A MISERABLE DEATH.....those girls are innocent....may god help them in their carrier"

I finally found it here.
The topic on Naijapal is Ekosodin (Edo State) Lesbians Get Punished By Concerned Naijapals Members 

Watch it and tell me what you think. One of my friends said she threw  up after watching it, so watch at your own risk. I warned you.


  1. Fear no go gree me watch am...i'd pass!

    i remember a similar event that happened to me last year. a video of 2 chics fighting over god-knows-what. Fine chics. The smaller of the 2 took of the hair piece of the other chic and eventually floored her on paved road - hitting her face repeatedly on the tarmac plus full face-punching (of course it was bloody).

    No prize for guessing who was videoing the thingy! Some biggish guys-it was disgusting to me, terrifying and caused me sleepless nights. So once again, no thanks! Your description is apt enough. Enjoy the extra 24hrs the weather granted u for ur exams.

  2. I am confused. THe only video I could find was with some girls groping each other. And what I saw there was crazy anyway. I dont know why people would post a light porn video there, but either way, the comments below bugged me off with their judgements.. I am not a person to mind lesbian and gay people and I think its a backward mentality to hate on them.. man as long as no one forces me to do anything i dont want to do i have no business what other people do in their bedrooms. All that being said, reading ur posts reminds me of a recent avaaz case ( where we were called upon to sign a petition against the hate crimes in SA - several times lesbians have been brutally raped in order to "rape them right" (turn them straight) and some brutally killed afterwards. It's atrocious :(

  3.'s not porn o! It starts off with the guys commanding them to do that, then they start beating them. I don't think u watched the whole thing cos u should be able to hear the male voices.

    @Onyi: Thanks. Unfortunately, i really don't have an extra 24hrs to study cos i also have an exam on friday, so now i have to study for both at the same time.


  5. What a bunch of hypocrites. They are the same boys having premarital sex and stealing people's money, yet two girls kiss or whatever and they're suddenly Jesus. Nonesense!!! The most annoying part to me was the charade of the entire thing. The dudes were slightly turned on by what the girls were doing. Their fantasies come true...


    If I was any of those girls, I would try to spin this thing to my advantage. I'll try to claim asylum in a developed country, the video would be my evidence. Relocating is never easy, but once they settle down, they'll at least have a shot at moving up the economic ladder and living the sexual orientation they choose....

    This really annoyed me...

  6. I can't watch it, sounds way too traumatising. I agree with Prism,they should go down the asylum route. I can't see the getting redress of any sort in Nigeria. All the best in your exams, you'll ace them by God's grace.

  7. Disgusted isn't even the word. The one thing I know in this world is KARMA is REAL and No Evil Deed goes unpunished on this wicked Earth. In one way or the other they will get what they deserve. I just do not understand how these SICKOS can find it justified to beat them and at the same time encourage them to perform the act they are disciplining them for. Who are these Axemen, anyway, second time today I have heard of them.

    This world is something else, I just read else where how the GOP Republicans are looking to redefine what can be charged as RAPE now! Only rape with physical force will constitute as rape. Statutory and Coerced Rape will be allowed Get out Jail Free Card. So Sickos like this will get away, with this even in America If the House pass this bill.

    Its really Scary.

  8. See i knew there was a reason i refused to see the video. the story has been going around on blogsville. its just sad.

  9. Blessings....

    Acts of violence is never acceptable and should never be tolerated.

  10. You've been tagged. :P Go to my blog jo!


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