Friday, February 25, 2011

Snapshots of a depraved mind

People, pls I'm using God to beg you. If you see me on blogger, chase me with a cutlass or a machete, u can use a broom too, just chase me. I'm playing with my life o! I have been studying but not with as much dedication as i need to. So I'm placing a self imposed ban on myself until March 10th. If i comment on ur blog, ask me why i am not studying, If i put up a post, ask me questions. As you can see, Physiology is telling its secrets and it's juicy. Really it is. This block deals with renal physiology and it's been really interesting so far, i hope it stays that way.

Ok o! I don jogodo.

P.S. If you recognize me from these pictures, sharrap! You don't know me, it's not me :)


  1. LMao!!!! I KNOW THIS FACE JOO!!!SO it is u ehn?...lmao...m
    my friend, get back to studying joo!!!

  2. I hope you're not here reading the comments? LOL...I'll recognize your hands and feet anywhere, lol...

  3. Hahaha.... Honeydame took the words out of my mouth...

  4. I wish there was a way to track whenever you log on to your blog so i can jolt a little bit of electricity down that your stubborn head! My friend go and read so won't get annoyed because you are "not comfortable" with the material! I don suffer!
    The all nighter begineth NOW. Join me.

  5. lool! i sooo Know u! (jk)
    i'll chase u away with cutlass if u so much as leave a comment on this post :p.. u know ur wish is my command :)

  6. hahahahahaaaaaaaaa...ok ooo...nah broom i go use pursue u! by the way, if you reply any comment here ehn??

    *i go set trap for you* #wicked grin#


  7. want to read this book, good luck

  8. auuw babes, read ooo. you've got all your holiday to blog 24hrs a day. We'll miss yah

  9. i lyk the length of ur hair.

    PS, go back to studying jo!

  10. Please read your book oh, I take God beg you.

    Love your hair by the way

  11. I laughed so hard reading this! Renal Physiology! Hardest part of physiology to me. All the absorption and reabsorption and the ultrafiltrates of proximal tubules and loop of Henle and distal convoluted tubules. yay! I remember!

  12. Go and study ohh!!!
    Sting biko go and study!!
    *carries cutlass*



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