Saturday, February 19, 2011


I'm still trying to decide what i need right now. A house husband, a boy-boy (lol) or just a plain ol' boyfriend. Hmmmm.....I'm thinking.

I feel like i'm chained to this chair and there are all these things i need to do, like earlier today i needed to adjust my thermostat (or the knob that passes for a thermostat in these parts) and it was at the other end of the room and i didn't want to walk all 10 steps away to go do that and i kept eyeing the knob and wishing and thinking thots. So i settled for taking off my socks and rolling my sweat pants up. Some people would call it laziness but what do they know.

Now i'm hungry after eating like what.....3 hours ago? and snacking on some crackers right before i passed out on my "power nap" which was supposed to last 30 minutes but lasted 1 hour, which coincidentally turned out to be the best sleep i've had this year o_O. Anyhoodle, i'm hungry! I had a salad for lunch and now i want some potatoes and curried chicken, an original recipe (I'm a chef!). There's no way i'm getting up to cook which brings me to my original dilemma, what would serve me well right now?

Let's not even waste time, X out plain old boyfriend. Those "things" are more headache than they are worth. He'll probably be waiting for me to cook for him.

House husband? I don't know about this one. Looks good on paper but i don't think it will translate well for me in real life. First of all, i like my space. Second of all, i like my space. So it will get old after a while.

Boy-boy (lol)...the word just makes me laugh. So technically, a boy-boy is someone who is given to an established business man as an apprentice. The Igbo traders do this a lot. Correct me if i'm wrong. Confession first crush when i was in JSS2 was a boy-boy. I still remember his name, Barnabas. Jesus Christ. How i remember such things, i don't know. He was a FINE boy. E don tey wey i like fine boys and they are still plaguing my life till today.  Now seeing how i'm not a business man and the only one thing i'm into- medicine- i haven't even mastered not to talk to training someone, if i get a boy-boy he would just be a plain old house-boy and that's not cute.

Matter go hard o! I'm taking suggestions.

Shey the time i used to type this nonsense, i should have gone to cook. I'm just a mad woman.


  1. Barnabas eh? Sounds like your type. Wldn't have been surprised if he was Okon too. lol totally jk madam.

    I feel you sha - I was thinking the other day - I need my own temporary gf. All she needs to do is cook, clean etc, and I will settle her anyway she wants. No strings attached. If you know any girls interested, lemme know.

    Hope exams went well o. Take kia.

  2. Ebuka?!!! Have we now been reduced to communicating via my blog? Na wa o! Med school dey do us strong thing. lol. No, i know no girls for u!! They are u fine, u no reach their standards.

  3. chai! see insultation! y u dey embarrass me for internet like this na? I no blame you. Ekaite.

  4. Boy-boy! the name jst has a funny ring to it.
    curious to know hw the potato and curry chicken went?lol.. i also get hungry easily so there's nothing wrong with that,lol (as lng as u dnt mind adding a few pounds) :p
    @ebuks, u need a maid/housegirl not a

  5. LOL....Boy boy? hahahha sounds like a good idea.

  6. also needs to know the intonations of that word...long time since i heard it!

    Barnabas...??? y do all those boy boys have funny names.

  7. Buhahahahahahahahahahahahaha @ Barnabas! See the kain name sef, just because he was fine abi?
    Lol. No go cook u hia? Only you hunger will kill oh.

  8. lol.... @Barnabas. Your right though some relationships are more work than fun, but not all. I suggest you stick to the traditional boyfriend thingy, who knows you could find a good mix of both

  9. Boy-boy, been so long I heard that word, lol. I think it means same as plain house-boy. In Enugu where I grew up, apprentices were just called Boy, I crushed on some of those guys back in the days too, lol..

  10. lol kitkat if you're offering yourself i'm can manage o! lol

  11. Chei, see children of now-a-days o!

    but i like d idea of house husband. it is a bit scary dat there is a bunch of young female adults that seriously think like dis (hands raised). o well, dat is me 4 the world!


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