Thursday, February 17, 2011

My View

Original art and penmanship by Madame Sting :o)
This is my "view" when i study. Only the strong survive.

P.S. You've seen my handwriting. Never say i haven't done anything for you. I know, i'm nice like that :) You can thank me later. I will accept thanks in cash ONLY!!!!
P.P.S. To the person who sent me that message on formspring, you are sweet. Thank you. I appreciate the support. You made my day.

#Okbye! Physiology is calling my name.


  1. haha.... your handwriting is neat and orderly, hopefully it translates to how you are as a person...hmm about the cash, would you mind taking unemployment benefit checks?

    *lol, dont judge, its still a recession. haha.

  2. hmmm...not bad. But all i see are those stacks of books! i bet you need those words a lot!

    cash? erm...will get back to you on that.

  3. You inspire me so much with your dedication to your studies... no i won't be a med student but i love how you strive to stay encouraged and motivated. Good Luck on your exams :-D

  4. goodluck with ur studies girl! i can only imagine hw stressful this period is for u.
    dnt worry sha.. the cash wld soon start flowing in :p

  5. Very inspiring view, i must say...but your handwriting is very nice...I am sure you have never had challenges with teachers/lecturers reading your work :-)

  6. Smart girl with nice hand writing. Where you like the class captain in sec school? Well done... continue to study

  7. Nice and neat handwriting...I am jeloz.

    All the best with your studies

  8. lovely writing, you managed to evade the curse of the awful hand-writing most doctors have.

  9. How come your writing is neat?
    I thought one of the requirements of med school was that one should have terrible writing? *smile*

    Anyway, keep going.


  10. lol my trifling ass translates that as , the tough with escape the situation. though logically i know its not. lol but the play on words could be they go elsewhere.

  11. i recommend u get a sugar boy... :) and yea d time u used in writing all this would have been used to cook something...

  12. Why did i take one look at this picture and think "My what a tall QRS complex and this is definitely not a sinus rhythm" :)

    You are strong, therefore you shall survive.

  13. lol @ Mschif. I was where in God's name did she see an EKG in the picture, then i looked at the "grass". Too funny.


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