Tuesday, November 25, 2008

It continues

Remember this guy? He sent me a message this morning and i don't know what to say, think or do.

I want u to know that i never stopped thinking of you and i still want you to be my girl.
when i was at home my dad asked a vital question about me and u that got me thinking....why should i give up on you????
i should still keep hope alive cos its clear i love you and i want to spend a very long time with you,like eternity.
Sting,i want u pls
sorry, i told my dad we are still on cos of the way he sounded.
he wants me to marry u when we are both ready
pls i cant leave you
i am willing to be patient
i've missed you dear

The main problem is there's nothing in me that wants to embark on a long distance relationship. Someone needs to just arrange a marriage for me and let all this be over with. As for Mr. Don't fall in love with me, i haven't done anything about that yet. After receiving this email, i am going to have talk with him, so i can figure out what the hell to do. Maybe i should go be a nun even though i'm not catholic. What do u think?


  1. what kind of obsession is that guy into? cant he look for someone else? telling his dad u guys are still on because of how daddy sounded? now that is the kind of guy no one needs. he's exhibiting all the wrong characters and they choke.

  2. i don't know o. if its between mr dont fall in love and mr i adore you i think the choice is very clear. but you cant get back together over phone sha, its too weird, me i dont know anything apart from im on team sting

  3. Hmmm this is a tough one...honestly PRAY, becuse it looks like no matter what you think, what every one says, you'll still be in this dilemma.
    what ever you decide, Make sure you are happy deep down inside of you.......
    What's up with life anyways, the moment you think you can completely forget about somethings they peek up at you.

  4. na in dad u wan marry?shuo...wetin dey do all these guys of nowadays....confused lots.....but u knows he also might feel something genuinely...but wht a way to put it

  5. hmmmm...so this would be a LDR??Gosh, he does sound a tad bit desperate and acting on what his father said to him...

  6. wow babe, drama, drama, drama!
    i think you should realllllly take ur time....
    this guy suddenly realising he's fallen in love with you...talk to him sha, but words can move u deeply and sound sincere and all, but does history support his proclamations??

    maybe u should consider a convent... at least for a few months :P

  7. That Convent Idea is GENIUS. I think we should do it together. Come on Sting. We can style our habits and Wear super high heels and pray all the time and NO MEN!!! Ummm you dont need to think about anything. Do you love him? If yes, then, you need to find a way to arrange for both of you to be in the same place for a week and then make your decision after that. If you dont love him, then WTF, tell him that. And then move on. Goodluck. As always Kisses.

  8. does he love you because he loves you, or does he love you because daddy wants him to?

  9. Marry him and the day daddy sounds angry, there wouldn't be any honey for u. Being a nun wouldn't be a bad idea. Lover man will just lose u to God.

  10. Sofly my lady. Dont rush to make a decision

  11. Hmmm, oh! that relationship issues was as easy (or seemingly hard to some) as sudoku. At least, you will know without (any iota of) doubt when you begin to veer off track.

    Short of which, we need (extra) patience not to make that descision in a haste.

  12. this is jamb o..becos i have tasted long distance and it had a bitter after taste...however it might be different for u hon! if u really like him would distance spoil it...

  13. yeah, like Wordsmith, I'm team Sting.

  14. hmmm. well, if u ask me oh, i'd say no have any talk with mr don't-fall-in-love-wit-me. somehow, i feel it won't end too well


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