Friday, March 2, 2012


Since Monday night i have been under an evil spell. The spell of Downton Abbey. Officially seven lectures behind. All i managed to do this week, was go for my mandatory H&P session, write the report and listen to lectures. I haven't actually studied anything. It's 2.46am and i just finished watching the last episode of season 2. Thank you Jesus! Now, the fear of the lord and of failure is upon me. This has NEVER happened in my med school career (lol, career indeed). I usually study everyday and I'm hardly ever behind, but by noon tomorrow, i will be 9 lectures deep.

I can't believe myself. I'm my defense, i am mentally exhausted and want to run away. Too much going on- avoid and suppress. Both are coping mechanisms, one good and one bad. But the thing is, you can't do either forever, you have to face reality eventually. I'm just glad i'm done watching the show. That thing was sent to me straight from the devil. No more TV shows for the rest of the semester and until after boards. I think i had my fill. I most definitely had my fill. I really liked the show though, and it was a good escape while it lasted. Now if only these people wouldn't torture us by making us wait 9 whole days for our pharm grades. They are just trying to give me hypertension. I don't like it at all. This is the only course we have to wait for grades. Mschew!

Good night and Good bye. I think i might hibernate for a bit. Tired in every sense of the word.


  1. eyah pele, prison break did that to me when i was pregnant, i would watch till 2 am, go to bed and wake up at 5 30 to prepare for work..imagine..happens to the best of us, hang in there ..all will be well

  2. It was 24 that hooked me like this, during my masters... I had season 1-4 so you can just imagine how I was so behind with school work...


    happy weekend

  3. Oh mehn, easy babes. Season movies always do that to me and you'd think i'd have learnt my lesson by now smh4me

  4. Dame abeg dont runaway oh.. Take it easy. When watching those shows or movies while in school, the way i snap out of it was by asking myself if the actors are graduates? making money and how? do I want the same? then it can wait. Naso e work for me..

  5. hang in tight, you can do it...ko easy! I am facing the same stess and sometimes need a big vacation. You will be fine at the end of the day. hugs!

  6. So many shows have done this to me.

    I've been unlucky enough to watch a few that I stayed up for only to loathe them at the very end.

  7. Im not really into Downtown Abbey. it just looks weird... howevr I have stayed up to watch all 3 seasons of "Misfits" The show was awesome and i teared up at the end of season 3 because it was the final episode..
    SO sad!!

  8. lmao!!!!! *hugs* at least you procrastinated well. I have no idea what i did to procrastinate. I just remember realizing when time wasnt my friend, and rush, panic, and the reality of failure and embarrassment hitting me into pulling an all nighter.


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